Rants and Weekly Raves #220 (RAWR)

(This space apparently reserved for Chen Kun, although Wang Kai IS in a drama again...)
kakashi: Oh, is this an invitation to post more gorgeous pictures of Chen Kun? My infatuation is reaching dangerous levels, I tell you. And there are SO MANY gorgeous pictures of this man!
This is a safe space, Sersei. Ha! I like my typo and I'm leaving it there.
Cersei is one of the worst women in TVentertainment, but I'll wear the crown gracefully :D
panda: Currently watching and enjoying very much Yanxi :)))
SakiVI I calmly accept Chen Kun.  
I will apologize in advance for the sea of black below.
Not to discriminate, Wang Kai is cute too.


Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter 

Come on, Fairy. You love Kim Kim, and you know it. He loves you, and you know it. Both you guys, your hearts are crumbling to pieces because you think the professor is your reincarnated husband and that you have to go with that, and on top of it you feel really sorry toward the guy because yes, he was an unloved child. But you can't do this!
For someone almost 700 years old, she is amazingly un-self-aware.  Kim Kim is her true love, and she knows it, and the egg knows it, and the cat knows it, but she keeps denying it and confusing everyone and herself.  It's so annoying and yet the show just works so well despite everything.  I really enjoy watching it.  

Less than Evil 

We all think she's not really Yeo Wool, right? And that fucker, Jang. Why'd he have to go and be such a dick? Actually, I hate that detective even more than I hate Jang.
If you think "kakashi is very quiet about this drama!" then you're right

Just Dance 

Kids can be such monsters. I like that this show gives us just how shitty kids can be and why, without any of the really over the top histrionics that we would normally see in a KDrama.  Poor babies...they're trying so hard, and they don't know any better, and they just want to have their lives matter.

My Strange Hero (New) 

I wonder if all the funny is gone now that we understand what the situation is, here? I hope not. It doesn't really matter though. You give me Yoo Seung Ho, Jo Boa, and Kwak Dong Yeon and I will let you drag my soul through hell.


This show feels so fragile - as delicate as the beauty of our leads. Such small, simple moments for these two. My heart is all for Song Hye Ko, here, as she takes those first cautious steps into a personal life that belongs to no one but her. She's got vultures all around, tiny little mouse, but she's also got that shiny boy standing just off to the side, holding out his hand. I want them to survive. I want them to flourish. I want those mothers to burn in hell, and I'm watching her ex-husband and a couple of his co-workers and maybe even that girl he's pals with VERY closely.
It's not confusing to me at all that she can be a capable businesswoman and yet be conditioned to fear scrutiny in her private life. Her whole life, she's been treated like a pawn whose only value is in making others look good. The hotel was the only place she could ever be herself - I hope she takes more control.

The Last Empress 

I am so into all the craziness of this drama - this royal family is bonkers! But I'm sad that halmeoni is dead, she was awesome. I think it was her daughter-in-law, not her grandson. He did not look like he was acting when he saw her lying there, but then again...he IS an actor so who knows.
I've really gotten into this!  What a pity about halmeoni, though.  Unfortunately, she had to go, because she is the one person who really could have put things straight, even though the emperor is crazy.  After all, they are still following old Confucian rules, and that means the Grand Dowager can decide who is Emperor.
All I want is for Sunny to destroy them. Every one of them, even Na Wang Sik at this point. And I might just set up a gofundme to collect money every time Min Yoo Ra gets slapped by someone. One, because I want to encourage people to slap her and two, because that actress might need plastic surgery after this drama.
Actors have ways to slap that make noise but don't actually hit full on.  
Oh my God I did not know that.

Children of Nobody 

Ah ha, the plot thickens. Even more than already. It still seems possible that Woo Kyung could be behind all this without even being aware, like if she maybe has a split personality. That possibility is strengthened by what was revealed this week - everything she thinks she remembers about her early childhood is false, and was fed to her by her father. Why is that?
This woman is not Woo Kyung OR her sister.  She's a cop. But at this point, I'm willing to consider that she's the bad guy, too.
Here's a crazy idea I'm going to throw out there: what if she caused her sister's accident and the sister ISN'T really in a coma, and she's actually the one behind everything?

Fates and Furies 

No episodes this week!  All because of some soccer game and Korea wasn't even playing!

Memories of the Alhambra 

I actually really enjoy the time in the game because I have so many questions about it, but as the story develops I'm too convinced of what everyone around Jin Woo believes - he's nuts.  (That should mean it's the wrong choice, by the way.) 
They don't even know what he's seeing and they haven't seen him 'fighting' Hot Dead Friend, but they've seen enough to think he's not right and I gotta tell ya...some of that stuff he's seeing isn't in the game. He's not even wearing lenses for some of it, so how could it be? But the show wants us to believe he's crazy so he can't actually be crazy, right?

Sky Castle 

I started this to fill the gap left by Fate and Furies but probably won't continue because I don't care that much about the characters and the kids and their college ambitions. 

Top Star Yoo Baek 

Will get back to this whenever Plex will play episode 3 for me.
I saw 3 and 4 this weekend - the site I'm watching is behind, they should be on at least 5 and 6 by now, maybe even 7 and 8 - but it's okay - just means I'm less behind.  It's as cute as can be, and I enjoy it very much.


Ashes of Love 

Yes, I'm still recapping. Phoenixes Chen Kun got in the way.
this one is for 3headed who likes him better in modern gear

Rise of Phoenixes

On episode 23, this is by far my best drama of the year (yes, Ashes is good too, but this is better and yes, I haven't watched Yanxi or any other one). Both Ni Ni and Chen Kun are people I would stalk if they turned up near me. Talking about Wang Kai up there made me realize that's a special category: "people Kakashi would make a fool of herself for".
Chen Kun is an amazing, delicious, awesome man. He is manly and something about his profile promises you a deep, smoldering passion than can erupt and take you on a wild ride. Yes, I stan. And K, I am indeed gonna re-pick Phoenixes this weekend.
this is from Saturday. kyaaaaaaaaaa, look how handsome he is! Uncle Kun, don't cut your hair!


Our friend Caitlyn is in Taiwan and she's collecting visits with her boys like some people collect Pokemon.  We are all cheering her on madly, of course.


Just generally, after Switched, I started on a spiral of Japanese school dramas on Netflix, and they are perverted! Remind me never to send a child to school in Japan.  In fact, if I ever raise a kid, they are so getting home-schooled.


Midnight, Texas 

Oooh.  Creek is dead and everyone thinks it was Kai but TURNS OUT Kai's wife is actually NOT good at all, in fact she's very very evil, and Kai has been duped by her?  Can't wait to see what happens next!