Rants and Weekly Raves #226 (RAWR)

JoAnne: Our fearless leader is back from her big trip, none the worse for wear but maybe a little tired, and also sick of really rich people. We are all scouring the internet looking for clips of her presentation, because let's face it: at heart we are all Kakashi stans, and she looked faaaaaabulous. Trot, our US bias, our go-to expert for all things disastrous or glittery, is also winging her way home from Seoul. No more news of Mr. Peanut Heiress, but give me a minute and I'll think of something. (On Twitter, though.) Meanwhile here at home, Saki, Panda, and I have been braving stupidly cold weather. Seriously, why should it EVER be -15? Who needs that? No one!
kakashi: I feel destroyed.
Trotwood: I'm barely back. It is really cold, but Facebook reminded me that 4 years ago, at this time it was snowing so much in my town that the snow was nearly as high as my car. I am very thankful for the cold since there isn't three feet of snow on the ground. I only watched one show and that was last night. Last week was all about cramming for my final exam.
Panda: We are going to have a windchill which feels like -40F on Wednesday. So, that's how my week is going I guess.
SakiVI: somehow this weekend passed. I don't know how. And I didn't watch enough Minglan. I did watch old episodes of Yes Prime Minister because family visiting wanted to see it and Gosh, so funny! 


Less than Evil 

How is that I can be so entertained while the episodes are airing and then at the end of the week, I can't really remember what actually happened?

My Strange Hero 

Pretty soon these two will be brawling in the cafeteria.  My money's on Bok Soo, of course.  And yayyyyy for Grumpy Pants for being the #1 in the SCHOOL.

Neighborhood Lawyer Season 2 

I haven't started it but it's already on a delay because the lead's leg went numb.  Maybe I'll begin.

The Crowned Clown 

I knew Dal-Rae was going to investigate further!  Last weeks episodes felt like a nice lull with the growing attraction between Our Faux King and Queen but the shit is really going to hit the fan in this weeks episodes. Can we give a standing ovation to Yeo Jin Goo please? Just look how his expressions shifted to 3 different moods in the last scene of episode 6 when Lee Hun saw Ha Sun holding! the Queen's hand. Just wow.
Love. Love love love. Not a thing to not love. Not one thing.  Love ALL the things.  One of the best moments this week was the old eunuch rolling around on the ground and flailing his legs in the air like some little old yoga dude.

Boyfriend (Finale) 

I'm satisfied with the ending because I got what I wanted (and I was not really certain they'd get back together) and LOVE WINS.  Love must always win, of course.  Except for when it doesn't then I just have a good cry.  Speaking of which, they sure hurt me enough on the way to the happy ending, though. Watching Park Bo Gum melt with pain is the closest I will ever be to knowing why my chihuahua howls if we cry.  That sight needs to come with a warning for viewers that his cry face might just break your heart.

The Last Empress 

Good lord, these people.  I've decided I'm okay with them rehabilitating the emperor if it means his mother pays double, and they can even have him get together with Sunny if they throw Min Yoo Ra in the same cage with the old bat.  Ha, as if.  Sunny cringes with disgust when he touches her.s 

Sky Castle (Finale - NOPE, those fakers)

We only got 1 episode this week cos of the football game. Ep 19 was so emotional. I had tears but not at expected scenes. I almost shed a tear during Su Jin and Dr Kang scene at the police station. Woo Joo's family reunion was sweet too but didn't quite grab me in the throat like the Kangs. Anyway, I am just so happy Yeh Suh didn't betray my trust in her (LOL). As I have said all through, she's a brat no doubt but not a bad kid. And besides we needed her rudeness in finally giving that Grandma a good talking too.  Suh Jin also redeemed herself and I have some hope that family is able to restructure themselves into a healthier unit (if ep 20 doesn't make my eyes pop up). And poor Prof Cha, I swear that scene where he called his wife in his study and she hung up even when he was still threatening her made me laugh so much I shed actual tears.
So emotional! I agree, the Kangs are going to be okay. 4/5ths of the Chas will be, too, but that little pain in the ass is going to spend the rest of his lonely life wiping down his fucking pyramid and whispering 'precioussssss, preciousssss'  Maybe not, maybe he'll change but..ha, yeah, no.  I liked finding out why Teacher Jo's driver/assistant was so devoted to her despite knowing how wrong she was, (I did too!) and I was also glad that at the last minute she couldn't go through with killing her child or herself, but then in prison she seems to be just as smirky as ever so...I hope some big mean prison mama wallops her good.

Kingdom (New) 

Downloaded it for husband. Can't watch. Zombies and I.... we don't like each other. 
Hate Zombies too but love everyone in cast plus screenwriter so I couldn't resist. I loved it. Apart from judicious ffd-ing of zombies, it was so good! It's a typical sageuk but just so well done. Right from the opening credits which are bloody (haha, all puns intended) fantastic, you can see the production quality. Ju Ji Hoon looked so lush and HAWT in that gorgeous wine. Oh la la. Excusing my drool though, all the actors brought their A-Game. I mean we have Bae Doona, Kim Sang Ho and so many fine others. Infact, one of my favorite characters was Gonorrhea Man :) By the time the 2 twists showed in the last episode, I was desperate for s2. Highly recommended.
P.S. Ryu Seung Ryong is a Fantastic Bad Guy. Chilling.
Those were GOOD twists. REALLY good. When do we get Season 2?

Babel (New)

I think Kim Ji-hoon is in this one, right? But there's also this other dude.... I once really liked him before the rape allegations (he was one of my first KDrama drugs), but I can't get myself to watch anything with him nowadays.
Nope its Park Shi Eww. Also can't watch his face in anything again.
I have plenty else to watch, and my dislike of his mouth began long before questions about him came up for us.




The Story of Ming Lan 

I think I want to watch but then I remember my to-do list... 
I love this so much. So much. I forced myself to stop on 40 so I don't run out of episodes but I have rewatched 30 - 40 2ce! I love it. And this drama has made FSF sweet, adorable and even sexy for me. That's no mean feat. If it ends on anything but a happy ending for my 2 lovebirds though, I will fight someone. 
I was forced to slow down because of family activities this weekend and this is a Good Thing because if I am a little bit behind, then I won't cry when subs are slow over Chinese New year, right?



I was reminded about an hour ago that this show has only one more episode. How is that possible when there is more drama this week and no sign of satisfactory resolution. I am hoping that all of the original couples stay broken up. This is the first time I think I have said this about any show, but I'm saying it here. I want the only true friends in this show, Earth and Boom (that's them below having a late night chat about the four guys who are breaking their hearts at the moment), to move to a different town, find an apartment together and find each other new boyfriends outside of the toxic circle of friends, but I know that isn't going to happen. Also, why does everyone assume that just because someone gets pregnant, the two people who made that baby should get back together? As I said on twitter, it's a mistake to assume that a newborn needs parents who will be crying more than it will.


New Amsterdam 

I can feel the show winding up to some big showdowns.  Still really like it, so I hope there's a season 2.

Siren Season 2 (New)

Ooooh, Saki, there's a BUNCH of mermaids in that town now. And Rin is the boss of them!

The Magicians Season 4 (New) 

Everybody got a new identity and a memory wipe of their former magicky selves when magic disappeared into the Library, but they're starting to piece together some bits.  Santa makes an appearance, sort of.  

A Discovery of Witches Season 1 (New) 

Pretty true to the book, takes us right up to when Michael and Diane go time walking back to the middle ages.  Very nicely done.  Looking forward to season 2!