Rants and Weekly Raves #234 (RAWR)

JoAnne:  It's still pretty cold out there some days but I don't care, I can smell Spring.  The ground hasn't thawed nor have buds begun to swell but the light is changing and that's enough for me right now.
kakashi: Spring has sprung in many ways here and we've had our first "T-Shirt only"-day.
SakiVI: What is this in the picture below? If it's Chen Kun, I would like a clearer picture, please.  And yes, we have some cherry blossoms now. I'm not too happy. They are a poison for me.
Hell yeah it's Chen Kun! (But I'm sick in bed TT______TT)
Trotwood: I'm pretending that it didn't snow this weekend and opening windows for at least an hour or two each day. With the sun through windows, it can get 80F (26.6C) in apartment, so I pretend it's spring.
Panda: Get better soon K! Spring has sprung indeed. I am so happy *breaks into a foxtrot* I have so many dramas on my list- Confession, Kill It, Doctor Prisoner and I will watch them; but I have been bingeing Bond Movies, re-watching King's daughter Soo Baek Hyang, and reading LOTS of books instead. Quite soothing.


Spring Turns To Spring (Finale)

Another show that was so good this year and that I am so sad to see end.  I think I might even download all the episodes, if I can muster the energy.  It was so funny, well-acted, and well-written and the outfits were cool.  I want to watch this every year.  Lee Yoori, always do comedy!


I liked it but I have two questions:  Why did her doctor look so much like her husband? and Is Kim Hye Ja going to make a career now of playing Alzheimer's patients?  She did this in that drama about the older friends, too.

He is Psychometric 

I have soooooooo many questions.

Touch Your Heart 

They chucked the creepy stalker and then covered a potentially career breaking court case in two episodes. I should be angrier, but I'm not. Why?

Dr Prisoner (New) 

Oh man, I'd be willing to go to prison in order to make that nasty rich kid eat some dirt. This looks like it's going to be GOOD.

The Fiery Priest 

I have a feeling Honey Lee is now fully Team Fiery Priest now.  I'm not super into this show, but I do enjoy it when I watch it and Kim Nam Gil and Honey Lee and the rapper-fighter chica are all rocking their roles so that's good enough to keep going.  I hope KNG stops being a priest and hooks up with HL.
Only drama I am watching. Plot is nothing special but gosh this drama has its laugh-out moments, and I mean some real belly laughs. It's my comfort food. It seems Prosecutor is now on our team! Yayyy! I keep shipping her character and Father Kim but how? *sobs* It doesn't make it easier as its's clear that she is jealous of the cop and Father's closeness. Det Goo and Father Kim just have this awesome bromance and yeah I am super enjoying the show. My one hope though is that it's a 16 ep-er. It really doesn't have enough plot to be a 20 ep show.

Kill It (New)

Kill what?

OUR HEARTS.  Between Nana and Ki Young, I'm a goner.


Golden Eyes 

Barely watched.  I'm getting bored. I think it's time to drop this.

Plough Department of Song Dynasty

Babel Fansubs picked this up, and they are ploughing through it!  Geddit?  It's got Xing Gui and Eagle from Ice Fantasy playing special investigators this time who break odd cases and punish evil people.  It's actually a nice light watch and I keep pressing play on the next episode without even thinking.  Both boys are looking cute, too.  Actually, the cast is all very pretty, and I also love the opening song, OMG, another pun! 


New things out-even one with Weir sort of acting like Indiana Jones. Instead I'm reading fanfiction with characters from old shows that we can't let go or which have incomplete endings while waiting for follow-up shows.

TAYNEW Meal Date

Speaking of which, I know we don't usually talk about other genres of shows here other than drama, but I bring this show up because it is a show with two actors whom people Thai drama fans can't let go, especially International Thai drama fans: Tay Tawan and New Thitipoom. Their characters, Pete and Kao (respectively) have appeared in Kiss: The Series (2016) and Kiss Me Again (2018), a prequel to the other show the first show that gives the back story to their minor characters in the first show. They've also had their own spinoff special (int eh Our Skyy series) and will have their own show in Dark Blue Kiss, scheduled for September. In this show though, they basically travel around together eating their way through Thailand and it's really a feast. What I like about this show is their funny friendship but also they eat at places I'd actually want to try and that aren't so expensive or exclusive or fancy but really pretty nonetheless.