Rants and Weekly Raves #235 (RAWR)

JoAnne: I sat outside for a little bit mid-morning yesterday. It was sunny and I only had on a sweater, but was quite comfortable. Even if nothing is green and the bulbs have only just started sending up leaves (no flowers or tree buds yet)...It's SPRING. Suck it, Winter. We are over you.
kakashi: I'm still under the weather but it's indeed and most definitely SPRING.
SakiVI: Out Sick. See you all next week.
Panda: Still can't believe it snowed on Saturday. When will the cold gooooooo? 🎡🎡 let it gooooo🎡
Trotwood: I'm still wearing turtlenecks and sweaters and gloves. As I make this update, it's 24 degree F (-4C). But it's supposed to get up to 45 today, so I'm going to risk it and take my collapsible shovel out of the car, but I will leave the snow pusher thingy in there until mid April.



Am I the only one watching this?  I need to go check some past RAWRs.  It's a bit of a sleeper, I think - I liked it but didn't think it was anything all that great, and had actually fallen behind.  Well, I caught up this week and watching several episodes in a row really played up how much of a theme trust is for the story.  It features between all the groupings, really, and the writer plays up some unusual pairings - people who reach across the aisle, so to speak, because they believe in a principle even if they don't much care for each other.  But what really stood out for me, and has been hurting my heart, is the relationship between the king and his half brother, the crown prince.

The king is not well-suited for his job,and he knows it. He's not a bad man at all, just not right for the position he holds, and he lives in fear and self-doubt and shame because of it.  The crown prince is one of those people who was born to lead:  smart, just, caring, able to attract the right people to help him.  He treads a narrow path with his brother, wanting to help but not wanting to make him feel insecure, and things eventually go wrong between them, of course.  I hope the king comes around, there's enough time left in the drama for that...but that's not how dramas go,is it?


The battle rages between good and evil, and Mr. Old Priest/Young Cop is dead.  We're heading into the final countdown..

He is Psychometric 

I heard people were speculating that Handsome Hyung was the bad guy but I don't think that's it.  I'm pretty sure it's his estranged father?  We'll see.

I'm not watching, but I would like to say that the female lead got her major break in one of Playlist Global's best web series, A-Teen. Watch it. You won't regret it. And it's really short.

Welcome to Waikiki 2 (New) 

Just as silly as the first one, but might actually be more entertaining.

What's Wrong, Poong Sang? (Finale) 

After what felt like a really long time of everyone being mad and everyone feeling aggrieved - the whole drama, really - they wrapped it all up pretty neatly in the last week of episodes.  Everyone got a happy ending that should have gotten one, nobody died, inconvenient people just sort of faded away.  

I did like how they kept revisiting family events over the life of the drama.  People would bring things up over and over, trying to make themselves understood.  Sometimes you'd actually have a flashback and get additional information, too.  It was a good way to show how events shape us, even if they seem small, and it was also a good way to show that those events aren't always what they seem.

Another point well made was that families make mistakes.  We make them from inexperience or lack of information or just being overwhelmed by life, but they're rarely made because someone just doesn't care, and they're often made because the person thinks they're making the right choice for everyone. 

Over all I'd say a really well done story about a family coming to terms with itself, working through old hurts and learning to rely on the ties of blood and affection.

Touch Your Heart (Finale) 

Another one I did a mini-marathon to catch up, and lord have mercy, the couple hours of sad Lee DongWook and sad Yoo In Ah just about did me in.  I was SO happy when they got back together, so much so that I don't even care how magically it all worked out for them.  When you're made of sunshine and puppy smiles, it SHOULD work out magically for you. Someone tell me - has there ever been a drama where YIA didn't have chemistry with pretty much everyone appearing on camera?

I know. I know. I shouldn't be greedy. There were so many couples that got their happy ending, but I'm surprised that I was so disappointed that we didn't get a Lee/Yang pairing. Our OTP was a given, so to me there wasn't much story there even though I enjoyed the ride.I actively adore Lee Sang Woo, but I'm tired of him getting themilquetoastast roles and his whole plot with his girlfriend turned fiance was not necessary to the story at all. You could have taken both of them and all of their people out of the show, and nothing would have really changed, which always make me annoyed but I think he's just wasted. I also think it would've made more sense for Choi to beg a lot longer and him and Dan be the couple that had a question mark at the end. Still, the drama was sweet, I'll rewatch eps when I want to watch people in love doing stuff together.

Doctor Prisoner 

My favorite Namgoong Min is the one where he is a good guy but pretends to be a bad guy - he's great at both and why deprive us of one?

Big Issue 

Major catch up done here, and really liking this sort of anti-hero defenders of the downtrodden.  Just when you think (name) is a cold bitch with no heart, you get to the end of the mini-arc and see that everything has worked out as it should - wrong doers are punished and the weak are protected.

The Fiery Priest 

Scooby gang is finally, finally all together. So,what is going to happen with all that chemistry between Hot Father and Hot Prosecutor? TT__TT. Nothing beat that xouple trying to outdo themselves while "swag-walking" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

Kill It 

Oh shit.  Are they siblings?


This is a new Playlist Global show about a guy who gets a part-time job at a cafe where a girl he regrets rejecting works. The actors, once again, are good, but I'm not as sold as I have been by the other shows, partly because I don't blame him for rejecting her. Her character is really annoying, and though she has grown some since that time, she is still annoying. Sigh. And it's making me miss Broject, the last show, which has mysteriously disappeared from their site as if it didn't exist. It wasn't even finished. They had set up more mysteries for the friends to solve. I wonder what happened to it?


Never Let You Go 

I don't think I will ever catch up on this because I'm tired fast forwarding to get to the the people I care about which are our two leads who spend less time together than any two leads I've seen in all my drama watching.


He's Coming to Me

I'm pretty sure that I'm going to cry because show opens with death of lead who remains a ghost at his grave which no one visits until he discovers a boy who can see him. Boy denies it until the boy's father dies. Yup. Both deaths in first episode. I question myself for watching this; I avoid such things like the plague, but I will be continuing for now.


The Walking Dead 9  (Finale)

We spend 3/4 of the episode with the Kingdom crew abandoning their rattletrap strong hold and planning to move in with the Alexandrians.  It's cold and distinctly Fall-like when they leave on their 2-day trip.  Along the way, a storm moves in and they are soon fighting blizzard conditions.  Zomb-icicles occur, which is awesome. They cut through Whisperer territory which looks like a success until the next day, when Alpha promises that the hard part is about to begin while her boyfriend whips her with a vine in the middle of a lushly green forest.  I don't know why he's doing it but it was at her invitation and it didn't seem like playtime.  I was too distracted by the green leaves which didn't  exist hours before, but maybe the Kingdom folks can time travel.

The Magicians 4 

I never really care for the musical episodes.  We have a bunch of weak singers, sorry.