Rants and Weekly Raves #236 (RAWR)

JoAnne: This was a good drama week. You want to know why? Because it's the LAST week of OUR LIVES that we will not have had Kim Jae Wook, that heavenly creature, as a leading man. I am pre-empting Kakashi's usual ChenPic. See that? You know what that is? That is proof, dear squee-ers, that if you love something long enough, it will make your wishes come true.
kakashi: It was brought to my attention last week that Chen Kun doesn't wear anything at night. I'm severely challenged ever since. And there wasn't even any ChenPic in the last few weeks, Jo!
I guarantee if you put a bed time pic up I will remember it.
Panda: My job really sucks and it actually made me really down last week, but, BUT, hopefully I have drama fluff in way of Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook to cheer me up :)))
SakiVI: Still sick and watching Britcoms with mom.  We are on Keeping Up Appearances and No Job For A Lady now.  I also accidentally sent a half-naked Jaehyo picture to a barn mom when in the process of sharing pony pictures.  It was kind of funny, really, especially since the pony in the following picture was totally grinning.
Trotwood: Is this my punishment for commenting late? I have to follow a grinning pony story?
Think of it this way: you were the closest to Kim Jae Wook. (oops)



Trust wins!  The king and the crown prince have restored all brotherly ties, and fucking Milpoong is well and truly acknowledged as a crazy serial killer.  I will admit to some sympathy for little boy Milpoong, though.

Item (Finale) 

Was that final scene real or did they pull a Sang-Doo on us?  

I thoroughly enjoyed this drama, even if I don't really know if I believe the ending.  Kim Kang Woo was spectacularly evil; Ju Ji Hoon was the broad shouldered, handsome, devoted hero of our dreams; The Broom did not entirely suck, although her crying did introduce laughing fits at the MOST inappropriate times.  I'd have liked some explanation for the supernatural aspects but will just tell myself each item absorbed its owner's passionate wish to change their sad outcome.  Again, I felt some sympathy for Se Hwang - a LOT of sympathy, actually; his father was a monster - but I felt none at all for the demon he became.  

He is Psychometric 

We are full into romance in 50% of our couples.  Well, 33% of our couples, because I'm getting invested in Gas Station Boy and Day Care Mom.  People are still talking about how Hyung might be evil.  I just don't see it.  His DAD was the bad guy.  I'm putting my fingers in my ears and not listening to any other options.

My Fellow Citizens (New) 

Oh, I saw this.  Honestly, the girl who is playing the gangster is actually the highlight and I usually don't like her in anything.  Here, she's rather awesome.  And of course, Siwon is cute.  But so far, his character has yet to rock. 

Possessed (Finally Available) 

Detective Kang is a smooshy lovebug, but it takes a little while to see it.  It also took me a little time to figure out (4 episodes) why he seemed familiar - he was the youngest brother in My Ahjussi!  I am glad we see him again.  This is enjoyable just because of the interactions of Kang with...well, everyone, including ghosts, but I have to admit I'm not fully into the story yet.

The Banker 

I want to start this, but I'm so busy this month that I just don't think I will get to much of anything, especially since I need to save space for Kim Jae Wook. SO if anyone is watching it, please comment below.

The Fiery Priest 

I love the gang, I absolutely heart them. Sang Sok beat-down of that bobbed hair gangsta was gold. I love that the prosecutor is now fully on our side, and that cat fight was hilarious. Drama does a very good job with letting everyone shine. Mr Hwang is an ass but he is a really hot one, and a part of me wishes he could be slightly redeemed. However, however I wish this was 32 episodes!
Hwang is a murderer, so unless he willingly goes to jail for his sins, nah, no redemption.  I was very happy Song Sac turned out to be a Thai Royal Bodyguard, even though I kind of expected it, seeing how this show was going.

Kill It 

Wait so the girl is his daughter?  And he doesn't know it?  And I still think maybe Puppy Doc/Assassin and Nana are siblings, in a test tube-y kind of way. Come to think of it, if the girl is his daughter that must be a test tube kind of thing, too.

Mother of Mine

Pretty relaxing weekender.  Can that CEO really not recognize her own daughter?  Faces don't change that much.  And I love how the bad MIL is getting told off at every turn.  That's quite refreshing.
I agree - I'm a week or two behind but this is an easy watch and it is lots of fun to watch everyone tell that MIL she's selfish. Although I do sort of agree with her: she raised her family. Why does she need to raise her son's child, too? I don't think the other grandma should be doing so much for her daughter.  It's one thing to help out in an emergency but she's cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and raising the grandchild - that's nuts.
I think that useless husband needs to step up and do his part around the house and with the kid, and I think that kid should be going to daycare. They both work, they live in a nice enough apartment- daycare is practically free from what I hear. Raise your own damn family! The bad grandma would probably relax and be willing to spend time with her grandchild but she's holding a firm line so she doesn't end up working herself to death when it's not her responsibility.


I keep watching even though I'm annoyed that our hero is still hung up on the girl he works with who has moved on from her crush on him. I like her for that. I like that she can be friends with him and even talk calmly to him about their past relationship. But I don't like her, and the show hasn't made me believe that they really belong together. She actually does seems to fit better with her current boyfriend.  It is unclear if he has just fallen for the idea of the girl who really liked him before he went to the army, he went to the army, thought about her for two years, and then fell for that memory. This pic is not of her and her boyfriend though. This is her with the co-worker, who she doesn't have chemistry with either; their just friends, but it's more than what she has with our hero.

The Ordinary Life of Ms. O

Thanks to a recommendation from one of our readers, Medusaspeaks (who also watches Playlist web dramas), I started watching this show, and I love Ms. O. Initially, the "trailer" was a play on the Truman show where she was being watched and set up for adventures until someone warns her and she runs away. I'm not sure if they are still doing this, but she does have a narrator commenting on her life. It is ordinary but so relatable and leaves you wanting more since each episode is around 3 minutes. I'm surprised at the high production value. I watched dailies that have much lower quality. I just want to be her friend, and I hope something happens with her boss.


He's Coming to Me

It is a problem when you can see a ghost and you insist on talking to him when you are around other people or when you lie to your friends that you want to stay home but you really want to take your ghost out for a walk and then have to run and hide. Our giant golden retriever hero, Than, is in this predicament. He is so involved in helping this ghost friend that he doesn't notice that one of his friends, Prince, has a crush on his other friend, Plai, and that she has a crush on him. His ghost friend notices and gets jealous. We all know that a love square that involves a ghost will probably result in someone dying, right? I am really invested in the relationship between Than and his ghost friend, Met. It is clear that Than is falling for him and going to have a crisis recognizing that a) he is gay and b) the guy he loves has been dead for 20 years. This is complicated, and we are headed for angstville.


I've been watching The Wire, and completed the drug kingpin season and the corrupted dock workers season, which still includes quite a lot of drug kingpin stuff.  This is totally absorbing.  It also tickles me that I actually picked a car up from that port, when I returned from Germany.  I remember being there and have spent the entire weekend trying to remember how I got there.  For the life of me I can't, but I left driving a car so I couldn't have ARRIVED driving one...