Rants and Weekly Raves #238 (RAWR)

JoAnne: Did everyone have a lovely Easter/Bank Holiday/Regular Ol' weekend?  (Edited to add:  Sorry for the delay in publishing.  It was not because of the holiday, but I did get distracted.   Thank you for your patience, dear squee-ers.)
kakashi: Public holiday galore, I'm so tired and it's so hot. I'm also off on a cruise, bye. Oh, and still crushing on Kakashi Hatake. I found Fanfiction. It's very bad. I might have to write my own. (It's somehow kinkier if it's a manga character) 
(Update: so I started to write one and I can tell you, that fandom is something else :) Won't publish it on the blog though, it's on Ao3 and as an afterthought, on Wattpad)
Panda: Regular ol' weekend, it rained all through, and I got a cough and cold. Watched a lot of soccer for some reason though... Hmm
Trotwood: I did nothing much but chores and some work and read fanfiction and reread the BG recaps for nostalgia's sake. It's going to be a week of 10-12 hour days, so I wanted to rest up.
SakiVI: no energy for rawrs or rants. Have my new fave song by these nugus instead:  https://youtu.be/CdlqPQY7LIM 



Almost caught up.  Jung Il Woo is the king now, but he still cries a lot.

He is Psychometric 

Precious babies are back together and we have found out Handsome Hyung's back story, which is FAR more horrific than I was expecting.  I still say he's not a bad guy but there was a twinge of something there at the end of last week's episodes....

Welcome to Waikiki 2 

I'm sorry, I just can't get it into it this time around - which is too bad because I would kind of like to see the romance develop between the one guy who insists he feels nothing about their first love, and their first love.

My Fellow Citizens 

Still haven't gotten here.  I'm sorry Siwon!

Special Labor Inspector Jo 

Haven't gotten here either but I don't particularly feel the need to apologize to anyone about it.


All caught up!  My heart breaks for these two, who love each other so much and yet 'can't' be together because of her obligation.  I hope for a twist but don't have much confidence.

Doctor Prisoner 

The longer I go without watching, the less I care.

Big Issue 

This one, I still kind of care about missing.  Obviously not enough to watch, though.

The Banker 

Bad Dad, I will make time for you.  Some day.

Her Private Life 

Oh, I'm into this now.  So many misunderstandings!  So much awkwardness!  Near kisses!  We need to come up with a couple name.  KimPark?  JaeMin?  WookYoung?  YoungWook?  Whatever.  I love them.

The Fiery Priest 

Done! For all my gripping about the circular plot, I thoroughly enjoyed this. Honestly, it provided more laughter than a lot of "kdrama romcoms". Loved our unconventional found family, liked baddie Hwang and yes, liked that he got his just desserts. Though he didn't directly kill the Father, he was equally guilty (plus numerous other BAD stuff). I was equally quite sad that bobbed hair actually disposed of Father, however, they were the bad guys no matter how cute his friendship with Song Sac is. Anyway, we got our HEA, even the NASA guy (LOOOOL) and it seems there is a season 2 on the cards! Bring it.

Beautiful World 




Kill It 

I think I did?  Was there anything new?  I can't remember...

Mother of Mine 



Detective L

If you are a fan of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot mysteries, you will like this drama. Set in 1930s Shanghai, Detective L (played by Bai Yu) is apparently modeled after, Sherlock Holmes, but the whole tenor of the show makes me think of Agatha Christie rather than Arthur Conan Doyle so far. The drama airs Thursday and Friday nights with two eps each night, but it looks like each case is going to be take up three episodes a piece. We enter into this world not through Detective L's eyes, but through the eyes of Qin Xiao Mian, a rookie police officer fresh from the academy with the highest marks in all subjects in her class. She might be young, but she's smart and fights like nobody's business and ends up living in an apartment across the hall from our (in)famous detective. But I would be remiss if I didn't mention the quality that has been put into the set and costumes. Such richness; it's almost like it a character in itself. So as much as I love Bai Yu and now Una You (the actress who plays Qin Xiao Mian), my illustrations this week are going to be all stills from the set of the first case.


HIStory is a Taiwanese BL franchise. If you read our review of Love By Chance, you will have noticed that almost all of our lists of top BL dramas included some segment of this series. The first series included three different stories. The second two, and this new one promises two as well. Trapped is the first one to be released. The production value has increased with each series, and I think the popularity of the series has encouraged the producers to put more time and money into each. If you follow me on twitter, you will know that a group of us have been really anticipating this drama, and the result has thus far not disappointed. This particular story is about a cop who has been following a supposedly reformed gangster for four years because said gangster was a witness to the death of a police officer who was clearly his mentor. It appears that the gangster also has revenge in mind about what happened four years ago. The first three episodes have been subbed by a fan (eps are about 20-25 minutes each), and we are at the point in story where cop and gangster have been kidnapped together and must work together to escape. I like everyone that I'm supposed to like in the show so far. It's pretty much a squee fest. The pics below are of the two leads (top) and their sidekicks. We already know that they will be the two main couples.


He's Coming to Me

More reveals. We only have one more episode to go, and I can see this could be wrapped up net week, but I can't think of a way that it is not going to end in heartbreak. There was nice forgiveness all around, partly because Than's mom can SEE GHOSTS, too!!! Thus, not only does she believe Than but she sees Met and can talk to him about how she doesn't blame him for what happened before.  We close this ep with part of the gang finding the room where Met dies, which is in Plai's house! Grandpa and the servant are acting sketchy. But most worried about Than. This face is like a ball of sunshine, and I know he's going to cry a lot in the next episode.



We're so slow watching this, lmao, I'll be a granny by the time we finish. There's Burrito too! (No, that's not his name but whatever)

Kinou Nani Tabeta/What Did You Eat Yesterday?

After I watched episode 2, I decided to try to recap this drama. It is exactly the kind of calm, soothing show that I need right now because work life is so busy and stressful. We get more shopping by Shiro and more evidence that Kenji is super insecure about their relationship. We get introduced t new characters as well, neighbors who become allies. People, I think will be good for the couple because they accept them right away like they are just regular people--hopefully breaking down some of the fear that Shiro has about reaction to his relationship with Kenji.


The Magicians S4 (Finale)

Season 4 ends with the Scoobies saving Elliot (and the world) from the Monsters. They also end up saving the Hedges (and the world) from Everett, which results in a world fully stocked with magic. Perhaps even overstocked. It's a world without Quentin, though, because he fucking dies to make sure these things happen. I'm not going to lie: I cried. Especially at the very end, when Q is reunited with Penny 40 in the underworld and they go on a bit of a 'Wonderful Life' tour of how things are for everyone because Q had been part of their lives. I'm still feeling a little emotional...I mean, Penny is a guide in the underworld, and there's Penny 23, too, so we still see him all the time. But Q stepped through a door and disappeared. He went to whatever's beyond the underworld, so he's dead dead. Gone forever, and I feel sad about that.