Rants and Weekly Raves #246 (RAWR)

JoAnne:  I want Keanu Reeves for my boyfriend, but I want the version that doesn't look homeless.
Trotwood: HAHA! I read the first part and thought "I hope she doesn't want the homeless version" and then read rest of sentence. Not watching or doing much but trying to survive this wedding I'm in for my friend's sake. I did finish HIStory3 though.
Ha! That's why we're friends :) A wedding - is it your teacher's wedding? Congrats to her and I hope you make it through alive. Please tell me you don't have to wear stockings.
kakashi: Stockings in the summer is torture and should be forbidden. 
No, I didn't have to wear stockings, but I did have to do the chicken dance in French. So many stories about this wedding.
Panda: Jo, it seems you will have to fight all the (wo)men on the net for Keanu! he is having a major resurgence and I'm. Here. For. It.
This is not Keanu.
STILL not Keanu


Heartless City Rewatch

Can you believe it's been 6 years?  I'm going to rewatch, but with no particular schedule at least to start.  No new recaps, but I do provide twitter commentary as I watch.  Here's a link to the episode recaps from when we originally watched, if you want to re-read, and some thoughts below.


So many beloved characters to greet!  This time, we have the advantage of knowing who we love right up front, so we can spend longer loving them.  

On our good list:
Baksa Adeul
Cutie Soo
Dead Girlfriend
Eun Soo
Soo Min
Soo Min's friend Yoo Jung
That Cute Driver who became Crazy Milpoong in Haechi
That cute young detective who works with Dead Girlfriend, and the short boss

On our bad list:
Min That Fuck
Meth Kim
the other detective
Prosecutor Ahn

Neutral at the moment because I don't FULLY remember their role:
The woman with Tooth
Korean Colonel Sanders
Thigh's Dad

A whole lot happens in these early episodes and this time around, knowing what I know about Min, I have serious questions about a lot of them. What was in his HEAD?  He was basically pitting two of his groups against each other.  And what was Baksa's goal, really?

NB:  Many of the locations drew as much as excited happiness from me as the first sighting of some characters did.  The filming made as much of an impact as the story, clearly.  And the music!

Your tweets almost make me want to watch Jo! My books though won't release me. That and the million other shows I want to watch.

The Secret Life of My Secretary 

As expected, Min Ik's discovery of the truth was crushingly painful for the poor guy, and for us.  But also for Gal Hee, because she does care very deeply about him and feels so guilty for his pain.  All the way around, a miserable sadness.  And then on TOP of that he gets handed info that takes us back to thinking that Dae Joo is secretly plotting against him?

I mean, it's for sure that Dae Joo is KEEPING something from him, but working against him?  I don't think he could.  We've seen ample evidence that he's a good, principled guy.  I'm very curious how this particular plot line gets resolved - especially since now we know that the murderous driver actually works for Dae Joo's noona, the one permanent secretary at ...whatever the name of that company is.  What on earth is going on? 

Save Me 2 

My God, this story can be chilling.  How easily Choi turned those villagers into a raging mob bent on punishing someone just on his say so!  How callous that man is, how utterly evil.

Bright spots:  The pastor and the police chief BOTH know he's lying now.

Angel's Last Mission 

If you had told me when this started that Myung Soo was going to hold his own as a romantic hero, I would have laughed.  I love the guy - he's cute, and he's not bad when he's given good direction - but that doesn't fit him in this show.  In this one, he's simply good.  As good as anyone else, and completely believable in his role.  I'm happy about that.

I spent the first half of the week's episodes thinking that okay, they've shown us twice now that angels who fall in love with humans are doomed, and Kim Dan clearly loves Lee Yeon Seo, so he must be doomed.  This will be one of those 'sad but ultimately love-affirming' endings, I guess, even though I really, really want them to be together and happy.  But the second half is Kim Dan not simply rebelling, but stepping back and questioning.  He even goes hunting to find out what his dreams are about, and the minute he realized that it was his former life I felt reassured - it must be that they are allowed to be together, somehow.

Two surprises this week:  Evil Auntie isn't the murderous one!  It's the eldest daughter!  Kim Dan's boss angel doesn't know that Ji Kang Woo is an angel.  I could see Kim Dan not knowing, but him, too?

Absolute Boyfriend 

Cue the evil weird damaged girl fucking shit up because Boyfriend didn't stay programmed.

Search: WWW 

Happy to report that I love this as much as I did the first week, if not MORE.  They've introduced some interesting little bits and pieces and continue to have our leads dance around each other.  It's very satisfying because most of this is about the main women and their beliefs about the work they do, and everything else is like properly seasoning the soup!

I'm behind.

You should catch up because it's good.

Arthdal Chronicles 

I want to say that I saw the twist in ep 6 coming, but the twist in ep 5 truly surprised me. Brava. The drama has found its footing hasn't it? Warts, 100 min episodes and all. I now wish knetz give it more of a chance so its ratings shoot up in the upcoming "seasons".

Yep. There's a few more Igutu than we expected, and I didn't expect that, but I did NOT expect the twist in ep 6 at all. This show is now pretty good!

Joseon Survival (New)

I want to watch this soooo bad! But I can't find it streaming anywhere and I hate downloading dramas. Urgh


History3:Trapped (finale)

I'm really sad to see this show go. It's a bit of a mess. Episodes uneven--literally, one of the episodes for the week would be 38 minutes, the next 12. They spent more time on things than others which didn't help solve mystery or tell us more about couples. But I really really enjoyed it, and I could've had more and not been sad. I was surprised by the sad twist even here, but I suppose we couldn't be all positive and light with a show about gangsters, but the love between the couples is there, and anyone in their right mind would wait for Tang Yi.
I actually feel sorry for the upcoming HIStory3: Make Our Days Count. They have quite a bit to live up to.


Theory of Love

The continuation of Third's one-sided love torture continues. His friend Too's plan to have the cohabitate to get Third and Kai closer does bring us some cute moments between the two as they shop for household goods at IKEA, but thought they enjoy their domesticity, Third suffers because Kai constantly brings home women. One becomes too clingy and then crazed verbally and then physically attacking Third to get information about Kai.The director knows he has crying gold in Gun. His Third needs to get some sort of crying award. I should be bored or annoyed by this self harm by now, but I find him completely compelling and sad still.


Attack on Titan

I'm slow but woah!


Skipping fillers makes watching this efficient. We're at 77 Naruto Shippuden, which means we won't take three years to watch this all. 
PS: I don't feel weird about lusting after a manga character anymore. There are many sisters just like me :D

Kinou Nani Tabeta?What Did You Eat Yesterday?

Ironically, this latest episode begins at a wedding, and I was in a wedding this past weekend which took all of my energy, so I will not have a recap of episode 9 this week. However, I did finally gte to watch ep, and it really made me love this couple even more. I know some people might be saddened by the fact that Shiro doesn't want to wear the rings in public (well maybe not unless he is at another wedding, so he doesn't get accosted by women when they find out he's single), but this really is such a big move for him. Viewers need to see how delighted Kenji is at the whole prospect of having them and concentrate on that not on the fact that Shiro is still not ready to talk about their relationship with anyone but family.


I watched Season 1 of The Order, did I tell you that?  It was pretty enjoyable.  Fear of the Walking Dead started back up again (Season Five) and our intrepid gang are trying to help people wherever they can find them, plus build a safe home base that anyone can belong to.  It's not going so well yet.  I've also watched a couple episodes of Nos4a2, mainly because Sailor J of Youtube fame is in it.  She goes by her real name now, Jakhara Smith.  I watched her blow UP in a matter of months, and then in just a couple more she had shut down her channel, left her job, and gone off to become a TV actor.  It's not bad, either - I had read the book and enjoyed it well enough, and the tv series is holding pretty true.  I have a soft spot for the girl so I'll probably watch even though I feel like reading the book was sufficient for me, story-wise.  She's a few years younger than my daughter and just so raw with emotion, and so intelligent and brave.  I want her to have every success she dreams of.