Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 5 (Recap)

kakashi: Revelations! New secrets. A dog. Mr. Grumpy begins to smile. I LOVE this episode.
Bunny: I had mixed feelings. Will be elaborated in rants below. Best part was definitely the puppers! (I don't even like little dogs, but this one sure was cute)
JoAnne: I always said I didn't like little dogs, and then I had one for a dozen wonderful years. Pound for pound, the personality is outsize.

Episode 5

Back in the GoW's bedchamber - she's a regular in here already, haha - Ling Xi further treats his hand with warm water. He keeps sneaking glances at her as she busies herself for him and finally thanks her almost shyly when she prepares a hand warmer for him. All that matters to her though are the faces the other fairies made when he took her by the hand while exiting the Hall. Yes, she's got her priorities right! :D
I so wanted to love their interaction here... but I didn't. This scene was when I started to be bothered by how subservient Ling Xi is to Jiu Chen. I get that she volunteered to come to his palace to be his maid, but the way she's now completely devoted herself to tending to his every whim is starting to rub me the wrong way. It doesn't seem like an appropriate start to a romance that I want to see (maybe I'm being too nitpicky). Yes, we know she has idolized him since she was a tot. It's not surprising that she's developing a crush on the guy now and wants to be near him 24/7. But does she really need to be waiting on him hand and foot without question? Well yeah, that's...sort of the definition of a maid. And although I've been mostly charmed by Ni Ni's portrayal of this young and naive little fairy, in this scene, she was acting so childish in some of the dialogue that I stopped being able to envision a romantic relationship ensuing between the two of them (and this is coming from someone who enjoys a large age gap in fiction). Don't get me wrong, she's still endearing, but I only see him being amused by her in the way that an adult is amused by a funny little kid. If this is why he falls for her then I guess he has a massive Lolita fetish.
I do think that in very many of the dramas I see - particularly 'historical' whether fantasy or not - women have two roles:  evil plotting villainess or childlike ray of sunshine. The villainess role is for mothers, ex-lovers, or would-be lovers. The love interest is always the pure, innocent, child-like woman who of course has reserves of strength and loyalty to support her man. So far I'm not really noticing this being very exaggerated beyond normal here, but I'll keep an eye out. I'll admit I only paid half-attention to this episode, though.
He calls her quick-witted and clever and she says she's always been like this, he was just too busy to notice. And WOW, he cracks his first faint smile when she starts listing all the Gods she learned about. There's a lot! Her point is that even in the Heavens, people fight over positions and are jealous of the successful and powerful. So the GoW shouldn't mind that other people fear him and want to smear his name.
I did like this part, when he looked at her completely taken aback and asked if she was trying to console him. Chang Chen's micro-expressions are excellent.
I'm sorry, what? I want to kiss his nose. And his chin. The eyebrows. Those rather large ears. FINE, YES, ALSO HIS MOUTH. It makes it hard to focus.
!!!! He even snickers when she says she'd go beat up GoL and Granny Yuan if only she had more powers. She notices this very unusual emotion from him and gets super excited about it. (Yep, me too, his smiles make me smile stupidly at my computer screen) Dammit, they are so cute! But old grumpy dismisses her afterwards, I guess all this sudden smiling is discomforting him. Typical stoic-people problems.
I'm enjoying this bun in a box look.
Yuan Tong gets reprimanded by her mother for taking GoW's side earlier in the hall. Madam Yuan tells her if she ever does it again, she'll be disinherited. Wow, Momma Yuan is so full of hate... We don't like her. In fairness, Mama lost her son and thinks this man is to blame. So far, Yuan Tong is not, but could it change? She takes a letter with her (we've seen her read it before) and goes to GoW's residence, closely followed in secret by her worried fiance. He calls out to her just when she's about to enter.
What's he going to say? Please don't sleep with this man who is better than me in every way?

He warns her not to do anything to tarnish the honor of the Yuan family. Apparently, the letter can prove Jiu Chen's innocence, but boyfriend tells her to destroy it - because if its contents become public, the Yuan family is over and will be sent into exile! Bastard! Doesn't she understand that the GoW - he knows she has feelings for him  - is protecting the Yuan family, that's why he isn't talking about what really happened - knowing he will survive this but the Yuans won't?
Boyfriend's a smart cookie, and seems like a good person, but someone who's gonna stir up some problems.
oh wait, I think I read that scene wrong.
Flashback to her brother writing the letter, telling her he feels distracted and unsettled, growing more violent and prone to killing. He fears he's been infected by Demon essence (did he say demon snot or am I making this up?) If you just randomly know the Chinese word for snot I'm impressed. If he cannot control this himself, he will ask GoW to kill him. !!! Following her fiance's advice, Yuan Tong burns the letter.
Ok... so he was infected by this Demon disease... why the heck would there be punitive action?? Why would they send his family into exile? He's a victim and a war hero.
Celestials... you know how they are...
oh, whoa...that's what was happening? dammmmmn
We meet the Queen of the Spirit Mountain Tribe Ling Yue! She's unhappy about how the Celestials are treating Zhong Hao (that fugitive). She asks her advisor to write to the Celestials, especially the God of War, who is distantly related (oh I missed this, they're relatives? - yes he said they share the same ancestory), to try and change Zhong Hao's fate. Apparently, he's dying? Is that we he wanted the pearl for?
I mean, how would that work? Do you grind it up and snort it? Swallow it whole?
Looking a little Boy George circa Karma Chameleon, Jing Xue
Ling Yue also shows some concern for Jing Xue's health. He should rest, she tells him and also go see Princess Bao Qing who has been talking about him a lot. (He's a mysterious one, isn't he... later when he meditates, a plant pricks him and he remembers a boy crying because his father is murdered in front of his eyes... wasn't it said that Jing Xue murdered his own father? Was he adopted by this tyrant later?) I assume that's him remembering his own childhood. When Jing Yue bows to his queen, the longevity knot he picked up in the Heavens falls out of his robe and her eyes grow round in surprise. She knows it?! He puts it back into his sleeve, noticing her strange reaction.
Ok, what is up with that blood-sucking plant?! (speaking of blood suckers, I'm being eaten alive out in my backyard as we speak)
That's because I'm not sitting next to you. I'm the Mosquito Magnet.
Now I'm seeing Malificent with  touch of Cher mixed with Celine Dion
Flashback! A crying baby, two injured people running from Demon soldiers through a forest. One of them is her! The other is the baby's father (Mo Huan) and he tells her to take the baby to safety. She puts the child on a rock a distance away. Before she goes back to help her husband fight the Demons, she puts the longevity charm in the baby's bundle! I'll be damned.
Whatttttttttttt. The same one GoW was clutching when he froze over?! Wait.... do we know anything about his parentage? Could this be him? No way, right? 
But why would Tattoo know about the charm?
Once more, the God of War dreams of the battle and this time, we see that a black-smokey Yuan Zheng attacked him and Jiu Chen stabbed him. So he is protecting the Yuans... TT__________TT awwww. Even if it costs him his reputation.
I still don't get why this is a thing. Tianjun seems like a reasonable guy, maybe they just need to talk to him and get him to understand that you shouldn't punish people or their families for unavoidable demonic possession. This is like... workplace injury!
On the other hand, how many times have you seen the movie where the one friend comes back from a trip and says I'm sorry sir all the others are dead I have no idea why but they attacked me, they were crazy- and then turns out to be the actual axe-wielding crazed murderer? Just because these folks pre-date straight to video horror movies doesn't mean they don't know the plot.
The Heavenly Lord is ready to trust Jiu Chen, whom he knows well since his birth, but others are pressuring him to investigate the matter of You Du Mountain further. More unsettling to him right now is that Demon Qi is intensifying there. What is the connection to Jiu Chen's resurrection?
Oi, stop pinning stuff on my bae!
This plot is starting to remind me of the wisdom of some fashion maven's advice who said go ahead, get dressed, put all your stuff on, then take off one thing. Too many plot accessories!
With the help of one of the maids (her name is Hua Yan), Ling Xi is trying to reconstruct GoW's longevity knot, man she has NO talent whatsoever :). Good at running her mouth, that counts. Hua Yan used to be a mortal and cultivated in order to ascend. Ling Xi doesn't think her fate has become much better - she used to serve people in the mortal world and now she is serving immortals.
I know that a shit storm is coming for Ling Xi, but this girl here... has got the most depressing story.
I need to go back and watch this when I can focus. Two AM is not it, I guess.
Hm, those immortals are real assholes, aren't they? So because the God of War was slandered, they're now acting up against his staff, not giving them the supplies they need for the household. Ling Xi is trying to help out the maids when she comes across another maid that puts a mortal puppy into a "meat bucket". They want to feed it to the Sacred Beasts!!!!! Poor puppy is scared after an immortal bird brought it up to the Heavens to play (probably without its consent!) (birds are assholes). Ling Xi says she will take care of the dog that the others consider useless and "not enlightened at all".
We don't need to be enlightened when we're THAT cute!
Being that cute IS a form of enlightenment.

13th wants to eat it too!!! How dare you. The next morning, Ling Xi finds her little dog (she calls him Little White) gone and concludes the worst. But no need to worry, doggo just went to where it's the coziest... GoW's bedroom. He's like: "This is a mortal animal. What is it doing in my Palace?" Ling Xi explains that she pitied it and brought it here. Since he looks vicious as always (it's just resting bitch face)(don't hate, Sensei!), Ling Xi fears he won't allow her to keep it. But he's a big softy, we know it - he tells her it's fine to raise it here but she's responsible for it.
He's hilariously bad at being a grump.
I know a drama where he could take lessons.
Well... first opportunity doggie gets, it runs to the God of War again. Accidentally, it got entangled in a longevity knot that Ling Xi managed to make after many failed attempts. GoW retrieves the longevity knot from the animal - and then, doggo pisses on GoW's boots. I think grumpy people deserve this :D
The guy just never knows what to do in the face of cute things, does he? We're seeing him make more faces though and I'm very happy about it.
We had a little white puppy when I was very small and all I really remember is that dog thought it was his mission in life to shit in my father's shoes. Not on them. In them.

It amazes me how a man can look so manly with Rapunzel locks like those.
I wonder if there's BTS of him flinging the hair like Mark.

Because the dog is not enlightened, Ling Xi says she'll take punishment in his stead. Of course, GoW agrees to that (he just loves picking on her): she has to to clean his Palace every day for a month. But no magic! When he shows her the longevity knot and asks what it is, she lies to him and says it's the one he wants. But of course, he knows it's fake - he does not want to have it.
Poor thing hand made that herself... This big meanie! 
I'm sorry, the dog ATE it. He pulled it out like a steaming pile of dog poop magic. Of course he doesn't want it!
But you know what? Mr. Grumpy is just keeping up appearances. The next time Little White causes trouble and has a screaming Ling Xi chase him through the palace, he grins very broadly. Caught you, GoW!
Somebody's got a mischievous side... and you would never know it without these scenes! Glad they're not portraying him as a solid ice block with zero fun.


So exciting! I thought this drama was going to be predictable at first, but no! So how did GoW get that Longevity charm that baby got from the now-Queen of Spirit Realm? How did she become queen? Why did she think her baby was dead? Who is the baby? (Well, I guess we all kinda know who that baby is, don't we.)
No, no we don't. Am I missing something? That longevity knot tells me nothing except that it belonged to Jiu Chen, but there's no way the GoW is that queen's baby... 
:D - maybe I shouldn't have read the character descriptions on the wiki page.
Logic would have me think the baby must be Ling Xi.

I also didn't guess that GoW is protecting his loyal subordinate turned Demon Yuan by keeping quiet about what happened. I think he remembers everything clearly but is resolved to be the one getting blame for everything, potentially even losing his position to keep that secret. What a noble man. 
Pretty sure it's in the job description for God of War.
Then why all the guilt? He did what had to be done.

It was very well done, his subtle warming up to her. The glances, the "thank you" (his lips quivered before he could say anything, awwww, it was difficult for Mr. Grumpy), the smiles! But how could he not thaw. Ni Ni is so goddamn cute, she's just like a puppy herself!
As I've said, I'm not buying this relationship quite yet. I won't deny that they have chemistry and they make me grin like a crazy person, but when I think about it too hard, I'm a bit bothered by the current dynamics. Yes, yes, I know, just stop thinking too hard and watch the damn show.
Just lie back and enjoy it, Bunny!
PS.  My brain insists that GoW lives in Funyun Palace.