Rants and Weekly Raves #250 (RAWR)

kakashi: Summer time! Almost holiday time! Can't wait to go hiking. I'm already hiking in my mind.
Trotwood: I'm scheduled to only do one hike this summer because I have piriformis syndrome; it's literally a pain in my ass. No really. Look it up.πŸ˜– Is it still hot there though?
Not hot and ouch about your ass pain, I can relate, I've had the occasional sciatic nerve pain. It will be hot again at the end of the week but not as hot as before.
Panda: WT..? Blogger ate my previous post πŸ˜¨πŸ˜•πŸ˜• Sigh. I am behind on everything but I also want to watch everything! What's a girl got to do to have 60 hours in a day? Need to continue with Designated President Jeonhaaaa and SearchWWW. Need to start Chang'an, Hotel De Luna, Watcher, Love and Destiny (not hearing good things about ep 1 though, but it's Nini and Chang Chen!!!!), NEF (heavily rumored to start tonight), GoGo squid, and Young Bloods (when subbed). So yes, I do need 60 hour days as you can see.
He's like: They're airing my drama THIS FAST?


Designated Survivor

Too far behind. Don't Know if I will ever catch up.

One Spring Night (Finale)

I know people will probably be happy with this finale because neither Jung In nor Seo In got back with their loser partners. I also loved the meeting of the Jung In's female family members with Ji Ho and his son. That was really lovely. I also liked how Jung In found out about the abuse, which seemed very realistic to me. BUT and this is a big but, I really feel the show flaked out on the serious issues it had raised. Ki Seok and Shi Hoon were psychological and physical abusers, and they were turned into jokes at the end. Seo In was abused by Shi Hoon and was afraid of him for most of the drama, but now we're are just supposed to see him as a sorry man regretting having to divorce his one true love sitting alone in a restaurant making up ineffectual schemes. Ki Seok was a supreme manipulator who was ready to drag Jung In down the aisle just to beat Ji Ho, but he gets to have a date with a very nice and pretty college professor with marriage in mind? And the dads get to have a "comic" drunk brawl scene and be best buds because they just want their kids happy? Really show? Pfft. In any case the real star of this show was the relationships between the women in Jung In's family I'll remember the show for this.

Search Query: WWW

I was never so happy to see previews for next week's episodes in my life because even if the end of this week's eps makes it seem as if noble idiocy is in the air, the previews give some hope that isn't the case. Not that this show hasn't trolled fans with previews.  I'm still more invested in the secondary couples and in the friendship between Scarlet and Ta Mi than in our OTP, but maybe because I don't really believe that they won't be together and also because I don't really believe that if they don't end together it would be as much of a loss than if Scarlett doesn't get with Ji Hwan. It's so painful watching her be in denial and him not wanting to press his luck. I also got lots of satisfaction watching Jin Woo telling off Ga-Kyung's parents. he may not have been a good husband, but man he's going to be the best ex-husband EVER.

Hotel del Luna

Anyone watching? I want to give it a try, but didn't have time this weekend. I hear the ratings were really really good.


Love & Destiny

This got a time slot about 4 weeks after we first heard about it, lmao. It's going to be brutal, two episodes a day. Please, somebody not me recap it if it's good... I'm tempted. If we get subs.
P.S. I watched two episodes unsubbed. 

Before We Get Married

I know. I know. I said that I was going to wait until the show was complete, so I wouldn't have to take the stress of waiting from one week to another, but I got sucked back in by the discussions people are having about this show! Episode 6 had a major reveal about why CHK can't stand his crazy now ex (thank goodness!) girlfriend, which I can't believe no one spoiled on any of my internet communities! I was gobsmacked. I really couldn't stand Wei Wei's best friend, but she redeemed herself to me in these episodes by taking a hit for her friend and calling the guy that likes her and really wants to be her boyfriend for being sanctimonious and interfering. He's a good guy, but he needs to learn. I think losing her and losing CHK as a friend AND boss is going to wake him up. I hope he gets forgiven eventually though. Jasper Lui is burning up the screen here! And the younger sister of the ex-girlfriend should be a life coach.
More people would be happy if they were independent like her.



So the point of this new season is to be able to portray all three books rather than just book one like the first season or rather the first try at this story did. They have been able to accomplish this, by cutting some scenes to cover sections of the book, but it's still soooooo slooooow. They need to fire the editor because there is entirely too much time between lines as if the actors are forgetting lines and need to remember, but even though this would explain why the eps feel soo sloow, it's not an excuse. They could either add some things back or skip ahead even faster if they didn't have such lengthy pauses. They have been successful in one sense. I think people for the most part are completely sold on the new cast. And despite all this, I am still watching and will watch till the bitter frothy end. It's like a drug.

Theory of Love

Doesn't look like this week's episode is going to get subbed before this comes out. None of the GMMtv weekend shows were subbed this weekend. I assuming their subber is sick.


Attack on Titan

Seriously. Season 2? I'm traumatized and only on episode 3. 

Kinou Nani Tabeta/What Did You Eat Yesterday? (finale)

We have come to the end of the road for this show full of love and food and I feel full and sad. The ending was another treat, focusing the New Year's visit with Shiro's parent and the deepening of their relationship because of that. I feel Shiro feel a bit more free now because of what happens and he acknowledges very openly  how he wants to do things that make Kenji happy. I am going to miss spending time with them, but it's probably going to be great for my diet since I won't want to eat so much by not watching people cook delicious foods in this show.

Watashi, Teiji de Kaerimasu/I Will Not Work Overtime, Period

In Kinou Nani Tabeta, Shiro takes all the "boring" cases that no one else wants as long as he gets to go home promptly at 6/ However, that is one small piece of his character. In this show, the premise is all about our heroine and her consistent practice of going home promptly at 6. This is completely different from Japanese culture, but she was excited about working for this company because of this. They can't fault her because she gets all her work done because she is really efficient and knows how to utilize her team.  In fact, there some indication that some others who put in the extra hours spend a lot of time fooling around. I find it interesting that her leaving on time even though she gets her work done makes so many people uncomfortable. I've watched 2 episodes, and the 2nd one makes interesting commentary about parental leave and working mothers. There is looming trouble with a new manager who doesn't seem to know how to buy into the company philosophy about leave.