Rants and Weekly Raves #252 (RAWR)

kakashi: I was efficient this week at work but it was way too hot. We're all gonna die, aren't we. But I love Love & Destiny.
JoAnne: It's okay.
I gotta extra love things I spend my precious hours recapping on. 60 episodes. 2-3 hours per episode. 180 hours.  
That is a very real commitment. I always end up loving (even if it's love/hate) the things we work on together because it's so much fun. So it's okay that I just think it's okay right now, right? Remember how much I hated Jang Bori until episode 20? And that Wife one. God, what was that called...well anyway, that one I hated beginning to end. But it was fun to hate it.
Trotwood: I'm here. Struggling with the idea that summer is almost over and all the projects that I was supposed to complete before the students come back are not going to get done. However, I'm enjoying recapping, too, although it is slow. Glad to hear that it also takes you guys a long time, too. I will NEVER do a 60 episode drama though. My hats off to you. I also seem to, once again, be watching a lot of shows no one else here is watching. Thank goodness you're back, Jo.
2-3 hours per 45 minutes is pro-speed, Trot. Depending on the level of detail that's important, it can easily take much longer
No, no - just dropped in to say hi.
Come back, we miss you.
We definitely do.


Search Query:WWW (Finale)

I hope this drama was successful in Korea because I would like more shows about successful, professional women, who weren't at each other's throats over a guy. Note to the world--women have other things to do. It's not like there wasn't romance, and ironically the main OTP was the least interesting of the group and somehow I was fine with that. It also had one of the most satisfying finales I've seen in a long time. I'm pleased with the take down of the supremely evil MIL. I love seeing their professional triumphs remaining the focus of this story which isn't often the case with stories focused on female characters. I also really appreciated what they did with their male partners, all of whom had the potential to be stereotypical characters but ended with multiple layers of their own (although Park Morgan could've used a little fewer layers). This is a group of women I will miss. And if I were still young enough, I'd say when I grow up I want to be Scarlett.

Doctor John

This show is pretty ridiculous. Don't watch if you are one of those people that gets annoyed when medical dramas break all sorts of protocol and logic stuff. However, Ji Sung is a masterful actor. Who knew when he was a newbie in All In that he would be just sooo good? And he is really really good here despite the crazy premise. He plays a doctor who is able to do complex diagnosis in ten seconds, but was put in prison for three years for euthanasia. He does all sorts of crazy operations with just some hand sanitizer (those stocks should be going up in Korea now), but he is eating up these scripts like they are juicy steaks, and I'm in for the ride. Also, he's incredibly hot in this show. I mean he is a genuinely attractive man, but he is smoldering. Remember his portrayal of Se Gi in Kill Me Heal Me? It's as if Se Gi went to medical school and became a brilliant pain specialist and cared about people. πŸ”₯ Other people are good, but I will talk about them next week.


Eagleflag Novoland 

Still not. Maybe never. I like reading tweets about it though.

Before We Get Married

Now that the annoying fiance is where he should be, Shanghai, we are getting more time with Weiwei and Kehuan. The offsite visit provided opportunity for Weiwei to really begin to grapple not just with her physical attraction to Kehuan but also the fact that the kind of emotional support she finds in him is something on a completely different level than what she has ever gotten from her fiance. Yes, their chemistry was off the charts, but I'm glad the phone call interrupted them. If they had finished, I don't think they would have been able to get to this "friend" stage that they are in. I know lots of people are frustrated with her--even dropping the drama because of it--but, I understand her dilemma. And her decision doesn't just involve them but so many other people both personally and professionally. She needs this "friend time" with Kehuan to know that their relationship isn't all about the heat. She also feels sorry to his ex-fiance and their 10-year relationship. Her character reminds me of Raine Yang's character in Drunken to Love You because she doesn't want to take something that isn't hers.
We all want to know this Kehuan. Be patient.
No one can face ANYTHING with your shirt undone, Kehuan.

Love & Destiny

Kinda glad they're subbing this so slowly :P Nothing worse for a recapper than a deadly schedule.  



I basically laughed and laughed throughout this episode of snuggly cuteness and understandable misunderstandings. Our leads are two snuggle bunnies that ooze sweetness, but we know that creepy stalker is on the horizon. Still, this arc is going to have my favorite trope (because it's rare) when a couple faces hostility together rather than let the trouble rip them a part. Many people are complaining about how Kit treats Ming, but I'm not. Ming is gorgeous but clearly young and used to girls falling for him. His pursuit of Kit is annoying and pushy and why would Kit believe he's sincere when he's already had 13 ex-girlfriends at the age of 19? But it's this face that gets them every time, and the scene at the shop where the cashier could do nothing but stare was hilarious. Seriously, people, just because someone looks like this, doesn't mean he should get a free pass!!
Yeah, but...wow. 

Theory of Love

We get the repercussions after Kai's motorcycle accident. It's great to see Third defy all drama cliches by still being his I'm really over you self rather than fall for sympathetic Kai, despite the dramatic blood stained apology. I like this Kai trying to be a grown up and think about what Third wants and what is best for Third; however, the drama diverges from the book by having his pain mirrored in Too because Too likes the same guy that Kai thinks is after Third. Third also finds out the truth about Kai's biggest lie to date, so I'm interesting in seeing how the show deals with it. The ask how many lies do you forgive if the person was doing it for a good reason? Note: I ff thru all the Bone/teacher plot. Boring. so don't ask.


Attack on Titan

Didn't get to watch a minute of this! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah, but I'm on holidays soon. May it rain heavily, so I can't go on hikes and have time to watch a lot of things... :)

Watashi, Teiji de Kaerimasu/I Will Not Work Overtime, Period

I had been warned that there was a cliffhanger at the end of the last subbed episode (ep 6) on twitter, so when I got the surprise twist (remember I kept asking about who her mystery online sources person was?), I thought that was it. But NO! The very end made a turn I didn't expect. I knew that her ex still loved her. Who didn't? But I didn't expect it to come out this way. I'm not generally a person who wants characters to get back with their old loves in dramas. I'm always the hold out because I think people should be allowed to move on, and I find the first love being the only true love thing pushed in dramas really annoying. But I was never really buying her comfortable relationship with her fiance. He, to me, was more like a good friend rather than a boyfriend. The visit with his family was a warning as was his visit to her family. But this is going to be tricky, especially now that they have moved in together (in an apartment beyond their means) and the word is out about their engagement. Also, am I the only one creeped out by their boss? He is so manipulative. 

Anata No Ban Desu/Your Turn to Kill

I'm still on vacation, but I need to do chores. Instead, I just want marathon this so I can finish it and find out who is behind all of these murders! So many, and the obvious people aren't even the most obvious people. I was wondering why Nana wasn't telling her husband about the murder game, but now I'm wonderin why people at her job think she is married to the creeper guy. Is he why she won't register her marriage to Shota? Is she still technically married to creeper? And why couldn't that horrible MIL be the one that was on the murder list? How do they fit so many illegal immigrants in Miho's apartment? Why does Yoko not want her kids going to Reiko's English language classes anymore? Who put the head in Atsushi's dryer? More importantly, who took the head out of the dryer? Sigh. I even looked up the cast listing for season two to see who survives, but I've already been trolled once.