Rants and Weekly Raves #254 (RAWR)

kakashi: This is a holiday RAWR. Nobody is around. But Mark says hiiiiii.
Trotwood: Not much to say. Not caught up on much because I was sick, but I will always have time to say hello to Mark.  I'm not crazy. However, I have not watched one Korean drama this week. Too sick to have energy required for Dr. John's silly medical stuff or Ji Sung's sizzle.
You're the best, Trot. I was ready to post an empty RAWR :D

Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Panda! 


Before We Get Married

Last week, subs were not done for episode 10 before the RAWR post, and I am happy that I waited until this weekend to be able to watch episodes 10 and 11 together. Wow. People need to just all go back into their own corners to figure out their lives. Like I said, I know people are frustrated with how Weiwei is handling the situation, but I also don't think she deserves the public shaming and humiliation she is receiving because of her public outburst. Ironically, the one time she lies partly because her ex refuses to believe the truth becomes a horrible truth that only she really--as the woman in the situation--is taking the fall out for. The one good thing that comes out of this is that ep11 is filmed proof of why I find public proposals emotionally manipulative. It looks like both exes have hopped on the crazy train. I'm curious to see how they are going to wrap this up in two episodes. If this were a lakorn, I'd assume someone would get shot, but that kind of thing doesn't happen in Taiwanese dramas.


Watashi, Teiji de Kaerimasu/I will Not Work Overtime Period

So the person subbing this show did a poll to see which guy viewers want Yui to end up with in this show, and once again, I'm on the losing team. As I said last time, I usually don't want the heroines to get back with the ex-boyfriends, and she seems happy with her fiance. However, I'm more concerned about her marrying Takuma Suwa because he's the exact opposite from her father and the fact that his parents are scary perfect traditional 50s parents with whom he's never had a disagreement. Sigh. The focus on her parents' marriage in episode 7 not only highlights the changing attitudes about family and work, but pushes viewers to think about how people define work and why, really, Kotaro made the decisions he did and why, maybe, it might be better for her to spend some time alone. Yui is going to be pushed to decide because their hateful, butt kissing boss, is throwing them all under the bus. You would've thought he would've learned his lesson in his old job when all his workers left, and he lost his company,  but  . . .

Anata No Ban Desu/Your Turn to Kill

Well at least we have one police officer in the know about the game, but he's being threatened to keep this aspect a secret by the cop who lives in the building on the pretense that it will hurt his chances ro get promoted. More deaths happen that are frustrating because people actively either don't want them to happened but are getting more threats. And now one of the perpetrators is in critical condition because of a murder that was successful but also had collateral damage. I thought I knew who to trust and not trust, but I am not sure at all anymore. It's like one of those Agatha Christie house murders but everyone starts dying pretty quickly. Still Shota continues to be a bright light of love.

Wait! Could he be the murderer? No Spoilers, Please!!

Nagi no Oitoma/Nagi's Long Vacation

I started this show because 3headed mentioned it in the comments in last week's Rawr, and I needed something fairly soothing while I stayed home sick last week.I wasn't as soothed because the show started me ranting because I feel like the end game is Nani getting back with her no good boyfriend. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. A show based on a current manga of the same name,stars the title character a sa woman who is so full of self doubt that she spends all her time reading the atmosphere to figure out what to say or do.  This leads to her basically being a doormat to everyone around her--sleeping with her boyfriend when she doesn't feel like it, doing work for her co-workers when they want to leave on time. After overhearing a comment her boyfriend makes about only being with her because she's good in bed, she runs off moving to the country to start anew. The people she meets make her realize that she does have strengths.



Many people are going to focus on the cuteness that was Yo being jealous of Pha tutoring Pring, and her look at the end of that scene makes me believe that she is going to cause trouble. However, everyone should just admit that we were all just biding our time to get to the Forth/Beam story arc. And even though I read the books, I was not prepared for their scene, especially not how vulnerable they both were. Even though I know that Yo is going to be facing some major drama in the upcoming episodes, I'm much more invested in how they are going to manage the Forth/Beam story arc with so little time left.

Theory of Love

I still don't care about the Bone plot, but I was pleasantly surprised at the turn it took, All book fans had to have been waiting for the infamous train station scene. Kai really showed that he was trying to turn it around AND most importantly it turned out that the girl was the aggressor, so his lonely trip prep waiting for them all to show up was sad to watch, especially his determined good cheer in the face of their betrayal. He knows. He's done worse to his friends, so . . . I knew that Gun Phunsawat would bring skill to Third, but I was worried about Off Adulkittiporn as Kai. He's perfectly cast as the slightly goofy playboy type because that's what he always plays, but the Kai who has to confront his asshole past is a challenging role; however, he has made me believe:
We have more heartbroken Earth in my favorite not in the book plot with a study abroad twist that's worthy of a kdrama. 😩 Thus, I need to post more Earth Piripat pictures because he really needs to be a lead in more than one drama.