Rants and Weekly Raves #253 (RAWR)

kakashi: I'm hiking! *waves from a mountain top*
Trotwood: That looks lovely! I wish I was there with you! Looks like even my posts are going to be shorter this week, so for some shows, there aren't any updates, while for BWGM, I don't know if the subbing will be complete in time for me to watch and review for this post. Several subbers are/were on vacation. I wonder if they are also hiking in Swiss mountains. Wouldn't that be funny if they were, and you all accidentally met at some chalet?
I don't know - I prefer not to meet anyone when on hikes :)
Panda: Hiiiiiiiiiii! Not watching anything so byyyyyyyyye. 


Dr. John

Hospital safety procedures continue to be ignored in this dram, but the characters and situation continue to be very compelling if heavy handed. We get more backstory about what happened to traumatize our heroine so much and why her sister hates her. We also find out why Dr. Cha became so interested in pain. We have more bonding with team and the philosophy of our antagonist who believes that people should be kept alive no matter what and that doctors shouldn't "choose" when to keep someone alive or not. This has to have a personal story to it and not just because he didn't triumph like he wanted in this case, right? Also, as I said in twitter, the show has done a good job in switching up who would have been the stereotypical rival and turning him into a hilarious fanboy of Dr. Cha, even having him take notes of Dr. Cha's sayings? We also know that his, Yoo Joon's warmth is going to soften up SHi Young's cold sister.
Dr. Cha and his fanboy


Watashi, Teiji de Kaerimasu/I will Not Work Overtime Period

subber is on vacation

Anata No Ban Desu/Your Turn to Kill

I am going to copy here what I posted on twitter after watching episodes 5 and 6 because I really really really want to talk to someone about this show. I don't anyone who watched it, but it must have some popularity because they already did a sequel and a special even thought the original just finished airing this spring:

"People in this show never respond the way I think they are going to respond. The cliffhangers and previews always troll us. I have yet to figure out all the layers to any of the people's secrets, including the dead people. I find myself shaking my head and saying things like "Don't look in the dryer, his head i going to be in there" or "Better open that golf club bag in the presence of someone else because we know your wife's body is in there" or "was that blood or strawberry sauce on the cake?"

I thought that Nana's secret about her "ex-husband" was a humdinger, but I'm completely in love with Shota's response. No one knows how to deal with his determined good cheer and faithfulness.



Another squeefest because Ming has broken through Kit's resistance, partly because of his devious ways and partly because of his sincerity. But things aren't going to be easy. One cute kiss doesn't keep Kit from literally giving him a swift kick out of bed for lying, but it all has taught him to learn restraint and the need to honestly woo. Pha and Yo continue their sweetness, but the creepy bathroom stalking guy now believes that Yo fools around with every cute guy just because he's dating one Moon while the new Moon has been his best friend for years. Clearly, he is a scary stalker. Every view not only is channeling the Fujoshi Cake, but we are also getting really impatient to see how the ForthBeam storyline is going to go. I feel like the show manufactured the tiff between Forth and Pha this ep just to give Forth some screen time. 

Theory of Love

We ended last week with a confession and we begin with a continuation of that confession, which brings up all sorts of other reveals. I read the book, so I wasn't surprised by this confession, but what really intrigued me was how this confession pushed other characters to make certain steps that I was hoping but wasn't expecting to take. What do you do when the person you've had a crush on for over four years becomes available and might even be interested but now you seem more worried about someone else? This is the first time that a show or movie has been made from a novel I enjoyed where I'm more interested in a plot that wasn't in the original. And it's not just because this new 2nd lead is played by Earth Piripat. Really, it's not.


Before We Get Married

As of 7:38 PM EDT, subbing for this week's episodes hasn't been completed anywhere. It's almost worth it because people on twitter are having fits and are being funny about it. It should be done tonight, but not in time for me to watch. Maybe someone else has access to a completely subbed version and will comment. Otherwise, I'll comment on it next week--maybe even two episodes.

Love and Destiny

Subbing is ultra-slow, but Bunny has discovered a FB group (private) that subs. I guess it's okay to put it here, disguised! Just delete all the numbers and you've got the name, you go to ask for permission to join. P1C2C3D4-b5ac6k Up