Rants and Weekly Raves #255 (RAWR)

kakashi: I'm back from mountain holidays, it's always really tough to acclimate back... did 5 hours housework this Sunday and sweated so much I could have filled a swimming pool.
Trotwood: Now that Kakashi is back from the mountains, and the student staff are trickling back to the 7 colleges and universities in my town, summer can officially be declared over. I didn't do much this week but be in denial about this fact.
I watched zero minutes of anything. But wow... what a first day back at work. Slightly slower would have been okay too
Panda: We clocked in 17+13+9+ extra hours of driving last week. When I got back home I was shattered! But we had loads of fun seeing family and friends. My drama drought lives on... 
SakiVI: Popping in to say that with a lot of hard work, focus and determination, I finished Longest Day in Chang'an and now I can think of other shows.  Phew!


Dr. John

I have finally caught up with the only Korean drama I'm watching only to feel like  they are prepping us for a sad ending. Ji Sung continues to be this driving emotional force, but I also like the way he seems to care for the other actors when he is acting. You can see people performing better with him than with other actors. I can see that the show is setting us up for a sister forgiveness arc, but I'm still not sure where Nurse and the Prosecutor, played by the ever versatile Lee Kyu Hyung (pic below), arc are leading, especially now that it's clear to me that though they may be on the same side, they don't see things in the same way.


Before We Get Married

I was cringing with second-hand embarrassment waiting for the repercussions from Weiwei's lie, and yes the gossip was as bad as I thought, butto know the CEO and your best friend are on your side has to be a plus. Also, because she stays calm while KeHuan's ex turns spiteful, enough the affect the business, was a pleasure to see. I rewatched several scenes because the comebacks were the kind that I'd love to give. Also, they can use secondary characters very well. When Hao Yi's boss tells him that it's clear to her that his problems with Weiwei aren't about KeHuan at all, I cheered. She's supportive of him but also gives him the tough love he needs exactly as a mentor should. Zi Yuan's sister tried to that for her, by ZY is still as crazy as ever. I think she really believes that she is the reason KeHuan is as successful as he is; otherwise, why does hse always seem surprised when he shows himself to be a brilliant tactician? Previews imply some noble idiocy coming up, but hopefully, that is short lived. As always Jasper gets some of the best lines.

Is it because of the dimples?


Anata No Ban Desu/Your Turn to Kill

I am completely confused by the setup of this drama. When it first came out, they promoted ten episodes of season one, then quickly followed with the idea that there would be a season 2 with 10 more episodes, but there are also places that list specials and spinoffs but seem to covering same material. I only mention this because I watched through episode 10, thinking I was going to get some closure on the continuing murders, but instead I suffered from whiplash in a very surprising twist and then watched all subbed episodes up to 15, crying at least once in each episode because of the loss. I have to remember that Japan has no problem killing off main characters.Also, there are more twists and new characters that may have played a role in the murders that now look like were hidden under the pretence of the game.

Nagi no Oitoma/Nagi's Long Vacation

So Nagi does sleep with Stonerface, and she spends a lot of time trying to define the kind of relationship they have now because not only was the sex good, but he makes her feel good. He's comforting and warm and doesn't make her feel horrid and empty even after she finds out that he has lots of women waiting for him because he probably likes them all and thinks they are all interesting.Shinji is still following her and watching her, but the best thing is that she asks to meet him. He thinks she wants to make up (and he's ready to acquiesce); however, she is there to apologize to him for not being that much better than he was. She believes that she really dated him because she knew he ia a good catch not because she loved him. He's stunned and cries over this and even more when he tries to warn her against Stonerface. Nagi is really growing, and I hope she's using these experiences to "train" for when her mother comes. I feel as though she's going to be the most formidable.


2moons 2

Every relationship is progressing fairly smoothly now that Forth is openly pursuing a relationship with Beam. Beam is still in denial about his feelings, but he can't hide his worry over Forth's injuries. Pha and Yo have the sex talk with Pha assuring Yo that he'll patiently wait. However, creeper stalker pops up like a bad penny at a tutoring session uninvited, so we know that we've been given this fluff to pad our landing from the trauma that will happen soon. 

Theory of Love (Finale)

This was a very satisfying finale. Kai still had to work some more to win Third's trust but that is to be expected. In other dramas they would have got them back together based on Third's guilt, which really wouldn't be setting us up for the long-term relationship that viewers want them to have. Lots of important conversations were had at the beach, including Un showing up to confess to Too right when Too was in a panic that he wouldn't be able to stop him from leaving Thailand. Cheesy, but I love melted cheese, and this was as warm and gooey as they come. Look at that smile, people. He's not one of the lead characters, but he deserves nice things. And viewers are starting demand more of this actor.