Rants and Weekly Raves #256 (RAWR)

kakashi: Let's all fondle a cactus.
JoAnne: Kakashi likes getting pricked.
Trotwood: How did the two of you make this seem X-rated in two lines about a caryophyllales?
It would be a sin to hide our light under a basket.
Well, there's Mark. It helps.


Dr. John

So is everyone dying in this show now? Yo Han isn't well; his dizzy spells are concerning and could be dangerous if they occurred if he were doing surgery on someone, but I can't see why just having his disease would make him unfit to be a doctor like our crazy nurse is claiming. I'm finding Prosecutor Son's character intriguing, not because he has cancer, but because of how he reacted to the Ri-Hye case. I was ready for him to just assume that Yo Han was guilty because he's been after him for so long, but he does do things by the book and insisted on the real truth. I didn't see the twist with the son coming at all. Now I'm wondering if the big bad really is really Lee Won Gil not Son. I already feel badly for Yo Han because he's going to feel so betrayed by Lawyer Kim. Thank goodness it seems like he now has other friends. I found all the docs in pain center showing up at his house more touching than his romance with Si Young.


Before We Get Married (Finale)

I was worried that we were being trolled by the trailer for the finale, but I shouldn't have been. It was misleading, but I really didn't care. I was so mad at 321 in the beginning of the show with his crazy forced date to the hot springs, but he did learn. We got our great bed scene with our OTP, but their ending was much more realistic than we usually get and much more fitting for Weiwei's character, too. If there is anything that I found unfortunate about the ending is that we had to find out that bot only is 321 already married but that Kehuan's crazy ex is also dating someone else. Who cares? Are we supposed to believe that this is the only way we should feel comfortable that Weiwei and Kehuan can be together? Although I did find it funny that they were all talking during the wedding.


Nagi no Oitoma/Nagi's Long Vacation

Nagi is really growing, and I like what I see. I like how this show has her start to read herself as much as she has been reading the atmosphere, which makes her act in a way that is specifically to Nagi and what Nagi really needs. She recognizes that she was falling into a trap with Stonerface--whom henceforth I will call Pullapart Bun. I like how she has a real conversation with him about why she can't see him anymore as anything but a friend/neighbor and how this finally has him maybe feeling something more than interested kindness towards someone else. Shinji still can't stop from being mean to her, and now he's dating someone who reminds him of her? Pfft. But the true hero of this episode was Urara; she really showed those mean women who her mom really is and Nagi how to be loyal to herself. This little girl might be the best role model for Nagi of all.

Watashi, Teiji de Kaerimasu/I will Not Work Overtime Period

This was a painful episode to watch because it wasn't just about how the manager is completely undermining his team to make his own inroads with the higher ups and that if they fail, he will not take any blame, but it also shows how difficult it is to manage home and work and for most people this balance only works because no emergency happens. All it takes is one family illness--this time it's the parent of a spouse--that can unravel that delicate balance. And shall we talk about inlaws while we are at it? Everyone keeps talking about whether Yui should choose between Kotaro or Takumi, and I've made it clear who I like better; however, this ep made me really think about her relationship with her fiance's MIL. Her voice makes me crazy!! I was surprised that she was supportive of Yui still working after marriage, but the way they have taken over the wedding w/o thought makes me cringe. Not a good sign that he's already siding with his parents over her. He also needs to get over his jealousy before he pushes her back to where he doesn't want her to be.


2moons 2

If last week's episodes had a ForthBeam focus, this week was all MingKit. No really. It was all MingKit. Wayo and Forth weren't in the episode at all. I don't think that many people minded because we got such sweet scenes between the two and Kit's accidental admission of how he feels and how tired he is of keeping up pretence of trying to stay away from Ming. I don't know how his family will take it, but I liked his gruff brother.