Rants and Weekly Raves #257 (RAWR)

kakashi: What are you doing, Mark? ?? ????
JoAnne: That is the look of a man realizing it wasn't deodorant he just sprayed under his arm.
Trotwood: What could he be spraying that would cause that expression?


Dr. John

I'm very glad that Dr. John's team completely backs him because the hospital seems to be having far more drama about his condition than they should. We've been talking about this on twitter. I agree, now, that having him as a doctor in surgery might be a problem because he is now sick. However, the board played in crazy nurse's hands by getting all hysterical that a person who can't experience pain would be a doctor. Pfft. He doesn't feel pain so can't relate to patients so he can't be a doctor is the kind of logical fallacy for which I would've failed my students. You couldn't see him with poor Go=i Seok and not think he' s a good doctor. But enough about that, we now have Dr. John pairing up with Prosecutor Son against the true problem here--those Cherubim makers. But will either be alive to fight the fight? And isn't anyone worried about the nurse taking care of Yoo Ri Hye?


Arsenal Military Academy

I was looking for a fun drama. The semester is starting and I need fun to counter the stress. Anu from twitter recommended this show. I should have known better than to listen to my Asian drama people for fun suggestions because all of you drama people have a weird idea of fun. I'm actually enjoying the show; don't get me wrong. And I'm grateful to the person who gave me a link to subs since I'm having difficulty with the app needed to watch all of them, but this is not a show with less stress. We have a heroine who disguises herself as a man to enter a military academy to follow in her deceased (perfect) brother's footsteps. This is NOT Hani Kimi but a show about patriotism and the desire to do something more but under the shadow of Japanese occupation and questionable allies within and without. I'm not as interested in the plot with the singer that much yet. I think I'd be less impatient if I wasn't so interested in whether our heroine passes her different skills tests and manages to not have her roommate figure out she is a woman. The two main actors, Bai Lu and Xu Kai, were paired together before in The Legends. I didn't watch that, but fans were apparently clamoring for them to be together again. I'm only on ep 5, and I think 40 have aired (they air 4 eps a week I think), so no spoilers people (although I'm dying to know which guy she ends up with).


Nagi no Oitoma/Nagi's Long Vacation

Despite what Shinji thinks working for Mama is probably the best thing that has happened to her. Mama sees her talent for what it is and understands her failings, too. But he doesn't condemn her for them; he actually helps her. What a concept! This lifts her and ends up helping Ryoko, too. I don't know what I'm supposed to think about Shinji helping her. That was great, but he's such an ass the rest of the time. ANd the way he is treating his new "girlfriend" is shameful and we know the mean work girls are going to have a field day at her expense. They've already stated a rumor about her. Sigh. And her mom . . .I'm already mad at Nagi's mom for expecting Nagi to rescue her from her horrible life. But I will remember this episode for including the most depressing game of Life I've ever seen.
Nagi and Mama

Watashi, Teiji de Kaerimasu/I will Not Work Overtime Period

Seiji,Yui's boss, is evil. We see how he manipulates everyone into working overtime for free so he can get around the company rule about people working overtime. And why? I'd almost understand if he were really worried about getting the project done, but so much of this seems to be about his power and his love of manipulating people. He makes it clear that he doesn't care about getting people's trust. Every time he is on the screen, I just want to punch him in the face. However, this episode was really about Yui figuring out how she can help and mentor her colleagues to be their best selves while countering Seiji's influence not just over them but over her. It is good, too, that she finds out the truth behind her broken relationship with Kotaro and Kotaro learning what his brother really thinks of him. And I'm going to say that though Yui should've said something about Kotaro giving her a piggyback when she was drunk, I don't feel sorry for Takumi at all. I know people are speculating that he's walking out on her because he is jealous, but my bet is in the fact that he probably did something untoward with that divorced colleague of his who offered to go to the movies with him in Yui's stead. I don't care. I just don't want them married. I just her and Shu to be friends forever even if she doesn't get back together with his brother. This precious boy needs a friend.


2moons 2

In last week's RAWR comments, there was much discussion about sex in dramas in a thread about BL dramas, which I find funny because I don't think there is more sex in BL dramas than there is in other dramas. I even made a statement that in traditional BL dramas [verses dramas that have gay men as characters, yes there is a difference. For example, I wouldn't categorize Kinou Nani Tabeta as BL; they are not boys and it's not a story of first love flutterings] there really isn't that much sex and enough closed-mouth eye opened kissing to make Park Shin Hye pre-Pinocchio era proud. However, this episode of 2Moons2 goes beyond that with lots of kissing and upset readers of the novels because the show isn't clear about what really happens after even though we all know what happened in that bathroom in the books. We also have the horrible campus rumor about Yo being a gigilo and gross guys coming up him and propositioning him. Poor thing. Ironically, this isn't the rumor that's going to cause strife between our main couple. Still, I care more about ForthBeam than I do about our main couple.