Rants and Weekly Raves #261 (RAWR)

kakashi: Look at the goddamn dimples.
thank you, CW, for the weekly pictures
Trotwood: Where is everyone? Did you get lost in the dimples?


When the Camellia Blooms

I watched two more episodes because so many people said that the next pair sold them on the show. Yes, the mean women of the neighborhood are not as prevalent as I'd feared. I also like, and thus of course feel sorry for Kim Ji Suk's character because of course he's the 2nd lead. At least he's not 3rd lead since show has shifted Kyu Tae now has turned his focus to the waitress at the bar.It concerns me because the synopsis talks about the conflict our heroine has with a god man, a bad man, and an a mean man. I still like our main heroine and the commentary she makes about things in her head.I like the show's style visually and humor, but I wish there either wasn't a serial killer sub story or the show was fully committed to suspense.

Secret Boutique

Now this show is delicious, and I'm sorry every week for not being patient to wait, so I could marathon it because I already don't like the wait in between weeks. I know EVERYONE is talking about the big twist at the end of this week's episodes. I did NOT see that coming at all, but it does make sense, but I'm going to say that it does not mean that Jenny's marriage is loveless but that it's just a different kind of love. They do genuinely seem fond of each other, and I can see him loving her for being his friend and being supportive of his secret. We are all so tired of Ye Nam nipping about at Jenny's heals in her Hollie hobbie meets Dynasty clothes. She needs to be gone so that Jenny can concentrate on the mom who is the true force to be reckoned with here. 


The Fearless

I watched another three episodes of this show and would have watched the last four if I had time because I'm fairly enchanted. Lego Lee is quite good. I forget how good he is because I haven't liked many of his dramas, but watching his face change in response to the multiple betrayals and the loss and the guilt in episodes 7-9 captures me so I couldn't look away even when I wanted to. The show really asks us about loss and forgiveness but also about to whom we are responsible in the end. The deaths here as painful as they are really do set him free to begin new alliances, but now that his mystery is solved will it be time to go on and find Sheng Yin's stepsister?


Nagi no Oitoma/Nagi's Long Vacation (Finale)

When I went back to episode to find a picture, I started crying again. I'm not going to lie. I started crying pretty much at the going away party and then kept crying off and on until the end of the episode. Not silent tears either but the loud, gasping crying. It was so bittersweet to find out about the apartment building and that everyone's "long vacation" was coming to an end. It was an ending for a female lead that I don't think Korean dramas would have allowed when there were two possible partners, but I'm glad that she was able to understand what she needs now and to focus on herself with no regrets for what she learned from both. I felt worse for PullApartBun because he was so invested and so ready to be different for her, but she was his first love and doesn't have to be his last. I also loved that she was going to clearly still be friends with the women and with Urara who was probably my favorite character. Was the show perfect? No, but it will still probably be in my top list for 2019.



Kakashi: I watched something! Yup, it's Fleabag because all of you kept mentioning it in the comments :) It's obviously fantastic, but I had no idea it was so goddamn sad and emotional, I cried all the time. A comedy?! What a mental health struggle, ode to grieving and portrayal of how love and hate are sometimes so close, you cannot tell the difference. A young woman who defines herself solely through her body/the ability to score sexual intercourse with basically everyone... it's about the saddest thing I can imagine. So broken TT_______TT. And when she is able to move on from this and love comes unexpectedly, it's snatched away from again her even before it can go anywhere. With no hope because if Hot Priest gave in to their attraction, he would cease to be who he is and whom she fell in love with. Besides, he says his life would be utter misery. So really. The saddest thing I've watched in a very long time. I'm going back to Asian drama, bye.