Rants and Weekly Raves #263 (RAWR)

kakashi: I'm in Dijon when this posts and I do hope I won't fall into a food coma. OverAndOut (haven't watched a thing but met feather!)
Panda: I have fallen back into drama watching, who woulda thunk? In addition to the 2 recent dramas that I will comment on below, I also started Love and Destiny and I am trying to binge so I can finally start reading recaps on here :)
Trotwood: I'm already enjoying your food pics. I spent half a day driving to another state for a three-day legal conference. Always interesting. Means I'm behind on dramas though. Okay. I'm always behind and watching stuff that half of you don't watch, but I still enjoy the conversations!
JoAnne: Again, I'm not seeing these food pics.
It's Chen Kun, it's not food


Secret Boutique

There was only one episode last week, but wow what an episode. I actually clapped at the twists that occurred. I'm so tired of Ye Nam's shenanigans, but it's almost worth it just to watch Jenny beat her yet again. It's amusing to me to see all these people trying to go against her and making alliances with people who are sooo much worse. Like why does the mayor resent Jenny more than he does the gangster or the rival that organized his own brother's murder? I don't know about you, but I'd pick Jenny over any of them any day of the week. I also find the filming of this show fascinating with the long shots really long and everything so stylized.

The Tale of Nokdu

My favorite airing drama! Nokdu has chemistry with Everybody it's crazy LOL. So he is the long-lost Prince eh. Interesting. What gives me trepidation though is I cannot help feeling that his relatives are somewhat connected to the death of our heroine's parents and that is just going to break my heart. Anyway, we will cross that bridge when we get there. I know those female assassins are deadly, but darn it they are also hilarious. Basically, I like everyone, and I Love our leads including the poor second lead, and that hapless official who is in love with the female Nokdu. And special note, this drama is Laugh out loud funny, but, THAT swing scene is one of the most beautiful, sad, and joyous scenes I have EVER scene in kdrama history. I cried, it was truly something special.
I'm enjoying this show and like everyone so far, too, which is making me feel kind of queezy because someone has to be the bad guy, right? Those female assassins are a  hoot, but cold blooded and I want to be able to hate them because there has got to be a reason behind why they were after Nokdu's family, right. Yes, that swing scene is sooo sad. I hope she tells him the story of the house soon. They really go together well as friends and as mother/daughter. I think once they start working together, it will be even more amazing. 

Extra-Ordinary You

This is still my favorite show so far, not because it's the best show that I'm watching but because it the one that is the most fun, and I'm having very little fun in RL at the moment. I'm very excited that we have more characters starting to figure out that they are characters in a comic, and it is interesting to see how each responds. I think it's interesting that they are not the main characters, especially the new character addition of the extra, Haru, who doesn't speak for so long because he does not have a speaking part in the comic. The snarky comments of the characters as they are forced to do stereotypical dumb things is laugh out loud funny.
I absolutely love when the our two aware friends are forced to do cliche things while they rage inside. LOL. I am really enjoying this show, and I am very curious as to how it is all going to be resolved. Baek Geong though, YIKES. I know his Uncle is scum and physically assaults hims but that does not excuse the fact that he is also extremely abusive. Comic character or not. I don't see how he can be redeemed. Haru is also very intriguing. When did he become aware? Is he the Author (don't think so?). Is the author the blond Chef? (also, please where did Blondie star in previously? tnx)

Our Baseball

I only got to watch two more episodes of this show, but it wasn't a good week to watch. Don't watch this show if you are at a low point at work or are feeling tired of fighting the system. It really is lovely, but painful to watch how jobs break our spirits.


The Blacklist

This show is about Traffic, who has enrolled in a super prestigious high school to look for his sister who disappeared. No one at the school will talk about it, and there seems to be loads of secrets. For example, why was he put into a class of students labeled problems when he scored so high on his entrance exams? Why are there whole sections of the school off limits? Why has the school erased his sister's records? Why does his homeroom teacher sleep in the car? By the end of the first ep, he's been already been kidnapped once and recruited to some secret group, led by the teacher, but can he trust them enough to find his sister or will it be too late?

Dark Blue Kiss

It feels like fans of TayNew have been waiting for this show FOREVER, and the first episode doesn't disappoint. We now have a full-fledged show about the TayNew couple from the Kiss me and Kiss Again series, which was needed since this side couple was so popular that the company made a cut of show with just their scenes and posted it on their official site. Well they are back with some new problems in the mix. Now that Pete is sure of his feeling, it's clear that his new struggle is that he not only has a rival but that Kao is worried about coming out to his mom. In other news, Sun is still struggling with his cafe and with his brother's trouble-making friend. Can this trouble-making friend solve his business problems and heal his heart? (Wow, I'm really starting to sound like those plot synopsis in the books my mom reads. :D)


Sanditon (Finale)

Wrong, I watched something! The finale of Sanditon and... wth. That was a very unexpected final episode and I guess I want to thank Mr. Davies for it because I'm not often surprised like this. Let's just say my favorite character ended up happy, which makes me happy. The Second Lead wasn't happy, far from it, in German we call this "Er hat die Arschkarte gezogen" and I protest his treatment. As for the rest... I'm okay with it. Who would have thought.