Rants and Weekly Raves #267 (RAWR)

Trotwood: This week was the final countdown to Until We Meet Again, a drama that a group of us have been waiting for for nearly a year, so I'm completely behind in everything because I had to reread the novel and stock up on quality tissues (the kind with the lotion) (My mind went to a completely different dirty place with this comment...(smh)) in preparation.
kakashi: I'm actually really jealous. If only I had this level of excitement about any kind of drama.
Panda: We need a drama to hook you K!
SakiVI: I have no morning drama since Shady Mom-In-Law ended last week.  I am so sad.


Tale of Nokdu

Okay, I'm going to put it out there. Is there any way that Nokdu can survive this show, especially now that we know who he is in connection to the real historical figures here? I'm hoping for them going somewhere--a different country perhaps--and living a life of quiet and safe exile. Anyway, now that I have gone to the dark place, I want to say that despite given us more and more reasons to be anxious, the show is still able to provide sweet moments and not just for our couple but for lots of other people. There is this warm world in this tale which makes  me want to cherish these moments even more since so many of these relationships started--on purpose or accidentally--on a desire for vengeance and painful truths.
I wrote so many things during these 4 episodes that I remain convinced I am indeed going to recap, even if it is just in my diary or something eventually. I feel and see the oncoming pain and it scares me, but that is just the nature of the beast I guess. I do not know why I keep seeing a situation where our 2 lovebirds sacrifice and die in each other's arms *sobs* Anyway, enough melancholic thoughts. The King killing Yoon in a fit of anger and then breaking to pieces after was so powerful. It made me even sadder when they showed the 20 years before clip, and we saw him so upright and just, vowing to be the leader his country needs. Alas... Nangyeung continues to remain a step ahead of the game, that fucker. I was stunned when I saw the Assassin women help him but then I realized their leader had not gone back to tell them what she discovered, Things are really looking bleak in that aspect. BUT moving on to lighter stuff, OMO KISSES! And not just Kisses, but Kisses with moving mouths, Kisses initiated by Dong Joo, A BACK HUG from our female lead!!!! And we would have had a bed scene? if not for Aeng Du who said what's probably my fav line in episode :"What use is a man (husband) without fidelity?" I love that little minx hehehehe. And wait, might my lovely Administrator also have a HEA of his own? YESSSS! I want that so bad.

Extra-Ordinary You

This is another show that could be all fluff but keeps getting darker. I know there are lots of people getting frustrated with the circling nature of the plot, and I get frustrated, too. But then I remember that part of this frustration in the frustration inherent in characters who are forced to say lines that they don't believe or even repeat them in new scenarios or are forced to say other people's lines when the stages get changed. We were right to know that we have two more characters who are aware of the truth, but I'm not sure how much this is going to really change anything. I'm still enjoying it.
I am still enjoying this too, but yeah I am starting to get bored. I know the show is revealing more things with each episode, but they feel piecemeal at times and I am genuinely tired of the characters having the same conflicts over and over. One thing I will say though is I am still a bit confused as to how it will end and I like that. The female Joo Da is aware right? I want her to have a real conversation with her second lead very soon.


HIStory3: Make Our Days Count

The show this week was very sweet. I've almost forgiven out lumbering lovesick high schoolers for the embarrassment and pain they have caused in the previous episodes, but they are still too immature for the challenges that they are about to face. I've never wanted a time jump more in a show than I want in this one. I know quite a lot of people were angry at the way our resident "uncle" Zhi Gang asked Hao Ting to leave Xi Gu alone despite acknowledging how much he loves him, but I completely get it. Hao Ting is surrounded by a supportive family and has no concept of the struggles that Xi Gu has to face providing for himself as a high schooler, paying for everything himself and working like a dog to get into and get scholarships for university. He doesn't have time for Hao Ting if Hao Ting is not going to be completely invested in him and not interfere with these goals. But the star of the show this past week was the friendships and how they are trying to support each. Their friends reading BL manga to try to "understand" the homosexual lifestyle was hilarious.


Until We Meet Again

It's here!!! It's here!! And boy did it open with a bang, no pun intended. We are pulled in immediately by the tragedy from the past in the first five minutes. If you want to know more about show, please go to my introduction to it here. There is LOT of backstory and not just because the drama is based on a novel, but because of the layers of relationships because it's a story about second chances through reincarnation. I know I'm going to cry a lot because I cried while reading the book, but I want to emphasize that there is much cuteness here as well. I love how they accurately portray how quickly people can become friends that first week of college just depending on who you are standing with in line. I see this happen all the time. And this friendship group is super supportive of each other despite having very different interests: cooking, acting, and swimming. Most people are watching for the love stories but what is going to get me through my tears will be the friendships.

The Blacklist 

Now that Title has withdrawn from the group out of fear that the Hands of God gang knows about him, Jim Bae becomes the center character because he's the one who is hurt the most without Title. Title is his best friend, and it breaks his heart to see him so broken in body and in spirit. Title still helps them out by providing a disguise to help them infiltrate the gang, but the Blacklist group is seeing other fissures because most of the team does not agree with Jim Bae or their teacher about the risks he is taking. I'm starting to wonder about Mr. Wanpadej and his motives and why he getting harsher and harsher. Illegal gambling with board games? I'm surprised that more people don't think of this.But I have to say, these were the scariest board games I've ever seen. So much stress! 

Dark Blue Kiss

I am going to state a very very very unpopular opinion. I think Kao should break up with Pete. I said it. PeteKao is a super popular ship. They were minor characters in one show and a secondary couple in another, but they because so popular that there is even a cut of the show that is just there story plus they got their own special when none of the other couples in the show got one. I have consistently routed for them (okay--I admit, there was a brief moment when I wanted Kao with Sun), but I think Tay is pretty much out of control and now because his temper is not as bad as it used to be and he actually studies, he's acting like he should be getting praised all the time. Still, this is not the problem. The problem is that no one should have a partner who answers for you, tells you not to see people, picks an internship only because that is where you are going to intern, and basically wants to keep you away from everyone except your original friendship circle. Also, before I get "Why do you hate Tay" hate, I think a break up would actually be healthier for Tay. He isn't going to be proud of anything he does if it's only connected to his dad or to Kao. He needs to prove to himself that he is worthy; that would help with his jealousy. I think much of the reason why he is so jealous is because there is a part of him that doesn't think he's good enough for Kao.
You shouldn't be proud of him, Kao, just because he didn't punch him. He was still really rude!


Jack Ryan

I and the Hubby binged the second season this weekend and enjoyed it. Funny enough, while I think in many ways it was superior to season 1 in quality and story, I think I enjoyed season 1 a smidge more. I thoroughly appreciated that they got real Latin Americans to play the Venezuelan people, it was very authentic in its depictions. And it got me googling them especially this guy