Rants and Weekly Raves #289 (RAWR)

kakashi: Major pet peeve. People pretending they're playing a flute on TV but VERY OBVIOUSLY not even knowing how one plays a flute (Yes, I'm watching The Untamed).
JoAnne:  Mine is having people chew loudly in my ear on the phone. Do not do that.
Panda: I can see Kakashi being so sucked into The Untamed she starts recapping. Hehehehe. I can't concentrate on reading subs, so watched Miss Fisher and the crypt of tears (It fell very flat for me) and then discovered the very entertaining Agatha Raisin. 
Trotwood: I'm not a nice person, so I have far too many pet peeves to list here. I am thankful that I still have power. It went in and out yesterday with the storm. Over 130,000 people still don't, so I'm not complaining about anything at all here. Not even dramas.


I'll Find You on a Beautiful Day/I'll Go to You When the Weather is Fine

I wasn’t expecting it, but I wasn’t surprised to find out what actually happened to Hae Won’s father. We knew he was abusive, but the sisterly love that happens was powerful and watching how Myung-Jeo just sort of crawled into herself and away from everything makes so much sense. It was so hard to watch the abuse of her friend (how can someone abuse someone who’s already dying?!?!) but watching her watch that and wail was heart wrenching. I didn’t mind not spending as much time with our couple. And of course, yet again, Hwi was a delight.

365: Repeat the Year

I thought I was confused by what happens in the second half of the second of last week’s episodes because I was so sleepy while I was watching it, so I rewatched it again while wide awake, and though I did see more details, I still was confounded by the end. Of course more people die, but these deaths make even less sense. And now we know that Shin has a daughter. I also question why Jung Tae gets so violent with Se Rin all of a sudden. He’s a scum bag, but he doesn’t seem to be violent for no reason. And the big reveal our intrepid but surprisingly endearing lead duo figure out was a major surprise to me.

The World of the Married/ A Couple's World

I caught up with all the episodes because of that clip that going around online that contains the scene where Sun Woo confronts her husband and his mistress while at dinner with the mistress’s parents. That was sooo good. I really was afraid that she had lost it when she seemed trapped by the blackmailing abuser and I nearly ground my teeth into nubs when her husband accused her of being crass, but she got her own back and got out of the marriage and even got a restraining order against him. However, I’m not going to keep watching. The time jump reminds me of what happened in the time jump in the finale of Shira. But we have ten more episodes. I’m not watching any of that. I’m going to pretend that my friend is living a happy life now and maybe going to date the psychologist.
I entertained Trot greatly over the weekend (and I think snagged some new viewers) as I live-tweeted while watching all available episodes.  I am up to speed and would be champing at the bit for more except that I think the first six episodes formed a pretty perfect drama and I don't really want what's coming next.  The heroine of our story found out her husband was a lying, cheating bastard, aided and abetted by several of their so-called 'friends.'  Not only did she get her revenge on him and his little chippy, but he had to leave town - and she managed to pay back some others, too.  She got apologies from people who were angry at her, her career recovered, she's got interest in and from a hot new man, and her son is thriving.  It should be a happy ending, right there. Why do we need more?  But no, this is KDrama.  So the LCB and his chippy are married and returning to town with their kid and of course, there's going to be hell to pay.  Probably by our girl, who, quite frankly, tipped dangerously toward the crazy end of the spectrum of scorned women for a while.  I have concerns.

Want a Taste

This daily is now in its final 20 episodes of a 120, so I thought I would check in again. I didn’t have to watch as the terrible spoiled SIL marries the too good for her brother, and she’s been humbled by living with her MIL and really seeing how hard our heroine worked all those years and how terrible her brother was to her. It’s a treat, to be honest, to see said brother living in a rundown apartment and getting fired from job after job basically because he’s horrible at working while Hae Jin is getting famous with her own show and falling in love with the guy she should have been with in the first place. Of course, we have the vixen character, but we need her to take down people because in dailies the good people remain good and only bad people can be as nasty as the villains deserve.



No time to watch this weekend.


Unmei Kara Hajimaru Koi/You are My Destiny

I watched this show over a span of two days because I really wanted to watch something where I kind of knew what was going to happen. It’s only ten episodes, so I thought great, I’ll get this show on speed, hopefully keeping all the parts I liked from the other versions (Father to Love You has the original Taiwanese version but also Korean and Thai version), which I did get. We also get different twists to the second leads. However, the show does stop at ep 10, but the ten episodes only cover around 2/3 of the original story. I’m not sure the show is popular enough to do another season. But I’m wondering if they are going to do a movie. There have been several Jdoramas lately that do a show in the spring and then a “sequel” in a move version over the summer.



The show was back this week for another episode. You can tell that they were really trying to hard to put together and episode from things they had already filmed. We all knew that the lovefest couldn’t last forever, right. Fighter’s father interferes and makes Tutor break up with him. This wasn’t a surprise, but the way it happens and the teary smile of support that Fighter gives Tutor—not even asking for an explanation but just wanting him to stop crying was quite good. Another great surprise was how hard Hwa actually ships them together. I’m looking forward to when Fighter realizes that it was his father that is behind the break up.

2Gether: the Series

This series came out of nowhere in the long list of BL dramas that are or were supposed to be premiering this spring. I think we are seeing a new team of BrightWin to follow in the ranks of MaxTul, KristSingto, and TayNew. It has the best story and the best acting and the best side characters. It's even popular enough to have its own international fan war (Mainland China vs. Hong Kong & Taiwan). The now iconic football jerseys are even for sale now! If it was wonderful watching the confession last week, it was even more squee worthy watching the recognition of feelings and the beginning of the earnest courting in this. 

My Engineer

Remember when I said that this show releases an episode a week with subs for free for but released multiple episodes with subs for VIP members of the Wetv channel? Well since day one, people have been posting copies of these “extra” episodes on Youtube and other places, which really detrimentally affects how they can count viewership. So this past week, the show released three episodes for free on their official channel! I’m glad I never bothered to figure out had to be a VIP member. Show is still fun in a Swet Valley High kind of way.
I love it when a show includes its own supportive fangirls as recurring characters: RamKing fangirls from the bus