Rants and Weekly Raves #298 (RAWR)

kakashi: My dear friends, sadly, my mother isn't doing well. I will be around but maybe not so much.
Trotwood: I'm sorry to hear this, Kakashi. Please take care.
Thank you. Some days I'm doing fine, some days less so. But life goes on, doesn't it...
Panda: I am so sorry Kakashi, please do take care. Hugs and Light to everyone. 
I did watch 1 episode of Joy of Life, then got distracted by crime shows on Acorn tv. I binged Queens of Mystery, and then started My Life is Murder which stars the fabulous Lucy Lawless (of Xena and Spartacus fame) and am currently on ep 7 out of 10. I would love if anyone can recommend other fun, not grisly or too dark crime shows. Khamsamida in advance :) 
JoAnne:  I'm so sorry, my friend. If we line up pictures of pretty men would it help to distract when you need that?
How can it not? 
Guess who?


Mystic Pop-Up Bar

I cry in every episode of this show. There. I said it. Right when I think I will have some light-hearted fun because an escaped soul has been reincarnated as a chicken. It switches to a man who finds out that the friend he thought had forsaken him turns out to have saved him time and time again. The misunderstandings and the opportunities to clear things up before saying one's final goodbye are striking a cord with me when so many I know have lost loved ones and because of COVID couldn't be by their sides in the end. And poor Wol-Ju. I don't think she deserved 500 years of punishment; did the prince really forsake her though? I thought she saw him waiting for her when she left in an earlier episode? She's just so lonely. 

Where Your Eyes Linger (Final)

This was a lovely extremely brief show. I was waiting for tragedy, but we got a confession after one of our pair goes through a brutal attack. The time jump made perfect sense, but it doesn't resolve any of the issues they had that forced them to separate years before, but it says something about the chemistry of the couple that people didn't care and were just glad that they are back together. Will they run away together though? There will probably loads of fanfiction written to finish their story, and they deserve it.



This is a show where I squee over the fact that no one is dumb. The good guys are smart and the villains are smart and the minions are smart. I believe this is the reason why I am now resigned to the director's need for slo-mo scenes which continue to fail to be artistic or interesting. I'm so invested in the twists ans turns of finding out more information of the past. I don't even try to guess anymore about whether what I am seeing is the truth or whether it is part of some plan. The friendship between our two male leads is going to be right up there with the Some Day One Day friendship in my end of the year review I bet. I'm behind the romance, but the friendships in this show are the best. 

My Dear Lady

I almost decided to drop this show when our heroine decided to go back to her job working for the ML despite the fact that he tricked her, was mad that she kept to her own morals, and she had a job that was nor nearly as demeaning as working for him. I'm happy that we have another show where the 2nd ML isn't actually a rival but is in love with the FL's best friend, but these two are even more frustrating. They acknowledge that they really like each other and have for years, but they agree not to get together for more because they are both afraid of losing their friendship. GAH! I'm wondering if I should start The Romance of Tiger and Rose a my Girlfriend fluff replacement instead.


Rental nan mo shinai hito/Rent a Person Who Does Nothing

Episode 7 has our do nothing Shota being asked to go with a client to make funeral arrangements. The man is really excited at first.  It makes sense and is usually not as depressing as people might think if you are doing it when still healthy. The problem occurs when he realizes that the only person whic might come to funeral is Shota because he hasn't made good relationships with people because he has spent so much of his life working and making arrangements/deals as part of his job. I'm getting frustrated that Yusaka still gets a scene with him being frustrated reading about Shota doing nothing while he works so hard himself, but he does make us wonder how long Shota can keep this up when they are clearly running out of money.