Rants and Weekly Raves #309 (RAWR)

Panda: Hi! I completely forgot to post last week even though I and Trot talked about it. Sigh. My memory and willpower are quite mush these days. Which is a nice segue into : I have a confession- I have only seen 3 episodes of SF2. I am so shocked at myself. And no, it's not the show IN ANY WAY. I just still can't quite get into paying complete attention at TV. I have plans to rectify that soon. My guilty pleasure has been binge-ing Selling Sunset of NF. I don't know if it's because Le Hubs is also inexplicably thoroughly enjoying it, or of  I just want to see unattainable multi million dollar homes and bitchy blondes, but yup. That's where my head is at now. It's doing wonders for my anxiety. Hope everyone is taking care of themselves. And finally, Rest in Peace Chadwick. Gone too soon but never forgotten, you'll always be dear to us.

JoAnne: What a shock to lose Chadwick Boseman, yes? I greatly admired his work and he seemed like such a lovely, kind, deliberate man. 2020 just keeps on screwing with us all, it really does. I have been overwhelmed lately - managing to keep projects moving at work but not with the sort of proactive detail I like, at all. And my new roomies arrive in a couple days, trying to get ready for them. It's a big enough house but it just mentally takes up a lot of space to prepare for two humans and 6 pets when you've just been one human for 9 years! So, not a lot of tv. Lovecraft Country, Flower of Evil. That's about it.

kakashi: You all take care, lovelies. I'm overwhelmed too, by going back to work and it's just like it used to be, far too frigging busy and stressful. If I could, I'd reduce to a 50% job and just chill the rest of the time. Flower of Evil is such an excellent show, I'm really impressed. Less impressed: by Lucifer, Season 5. I ffwarded the first few episodes and I still don't like the show, haha. Why are you watching then, you ask? Well...