Rants and Weekly Raves #320 (RAWR)

kakashi: My mother passed away last week. It was peaceful. I'm grateful she was in no pain until the very end. And now forget I wrote this and enjoy chatting about dramas!

Trotwood: I was so sorry to hear about your mother but happy that she was able to pass peacefully, Kakashi. Don't forget to take some time for yourself and good memories in your time of grief.

I have been swept up in a wave of Japanese dramas with subs. I don't know why this is happening all of a sudden, but I'm not going to question it. I've seen it before--going through a season with a large number and then going another seven months to a year without new Japanese dramas getting subbed. I'm going to appreciate while it lasts knowing that there is always a chance that they won't be completed.  

Also, is anyone watching the Korean drama Kairos? I reviewed first episode when it came out, but I dropped it not because it wasn't good but because it was making my anxiety levels go through the roof. I'm hearing good things. I may marathon over holidays when it's all done.

Panda: May your mum's soul rest in perfect peace. So grateful she was able to pass peacefully. Hugs to all of you. Hope everyone is taking care of themselves physically and mentally. Lots of love.


My Wonderful Life

Our hero continues to be jolly and in love but cool as steel with his horrible mother. Our heroine stays the course and keeps working despite being betrayed several times over. However, last week's highlights have to be the way Sang Ah is starting to unravel. She's having nightmares about the cover up from a decade ago and her hatred for Bok Hee makes her make one nasty dumb mistake after nasty mistake, which now have had her first taken into custody, then kicked out of her CEO position, then homeless partly because she treated the one person really on her side like trash. I hope this show doesn't have a redemption arc because seeing her sleeping in the subway station gave me a lot of satisfaction. I feel badly for her daughter because I think her daughter could turn around if she wasn't being bullied and guided by how horrible Sang Ah is.


Falling Into You

What I don't get about Ting Wei, Zi Tong's ex, is why he feels the needs go out of his way to be mean to her. I mean, he's won. He left her. He has a new girl. He's supposedly happy with new girl. He tries to claim it's to get revenge for Quian Ni, but even she doesn't buy. I've also given up on how horrible her mother is. Why do people put up with coaches who are that mean? I've seen this quite a bit; it's such a toxic relationship. It makes me never want Zi Tong to never go near Taekwondo again. I've only been able to complete through ep 6, Viki only has up thru ep 7 subbed, and I know twice that many eps have aired, so be mindful of not telling spoilers. I'm glad Zhi Sheng has finally embraced his feelings for her. She's going to need the support to get her through the surgery. 


30sai made Dotei dato Mahoutsukai ni Narerorashii/Cherry Magic! 30 Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard

When I first started this show, I was sure that Adachi was the cinnamon roll that needed protecting, but I'm starting to feel the most sorry for the majorly in love Kurosawa. It is delightful to see him so focused on supporting and loving Adachi, but it's painful to see him struggling so to restrain himself while trying not to be pushy or jealous. We knew there was going to be a breaking point where the kindness of Adachi is just too much, and we get that here.  Sometimes it is worse when our one-sided crush is nice to us. It doesn't allow us to move on. Still, the show gives us the warm fuzzies and the longing--such palpable longing. I hope Adachi figures out his feelings soon or cuts Kurosawa loose. 

Kono Koi Atatamemusuka/A Warmed Up Love/Do You Want to Warm Up this Love?

This show had me so stressed out about cream puffs that I almost went and made some  myself! But I swore I wouldn't bake anything else before the holiday season hits. I thought the competition was intense but who knew figuring out the best packaging would be even more so? Now, we have a love square where I would actually be completely fine with the leads pairing up with the 2nd leads. I hope somehow the show doesn't feel the need to make someone become a villain for everyone to figure out who they want to be with in the end. I mean we all know the real problem is the guy who wants the president's spot, right?

Marry Me!

This batch of Japanese dramas are just giving me so many couples to route for and ones that I would like to know and visit for dinner because I'd feel so warm and relaxed that I'd probably fall asleep on their sofa after. It's very clear that our couple is falling for each other--even the brother knows that. Now it's time to really figure out what that means to them, but of course we have a seeming rival appear from her past. But this show has made me not worried because most of these misunderstandings lead them to get to know each other better unlike other shows.

Neechan no Koibito/Our Sister's Soulmate

Japan is just popping out these warm family feel shows left and right. In this one, the heroine has been raising her brothers since her parents died in an accident the day she completed her college applications. Only one is left in high school now, and they all adore her even though she is a bit gruff and a bad soccer mom. She has a great meet cute with the male lead who works as a delivery driver for the home goods store where she works. He is adorable and has a great relationship with his mother with whom he lives, but there is some tragic backstory where he got arrested. We only know that though because his parole officer visits his mom. He seems to feel sorry, too. I really like the OTP together and separately, so this is a keeper, too.

Shichinin no Hisho/Seven Secretaries

Oohoo. Rubbing my hands in delight. You know how I'm always talking about how my fav characters are often the super efficient secretaries in shows? You know they know everything and are just thankful that they are using their powers for good, but I always think their skills are underutilized. Well, here is a show that includes the top current and former secretaries from various big agencies (public and private) clean things up and get justice. I really liked the first episode a LOT. Please don't mess this one up show.



I'm so resentful of the doc/sister/brother plotline of this show now that I'm at the point that the sweetness of the other parts are starting not to make up for it. I know if I hadn't read the book, I'd have dropped the show at this point even with great scenes like the one below. I'm glad that we are at the point where Gui is allowing Solo to take care of him for a change. He'd always been the person taking care of everyone else to the point that his mentor left him a letter for him to read after she died to make sure he did NOT feel the need to give up his dreams to take care of the village school. We all knew he was going there didn't we? Well, we get the arranged marriage fiancé plot now at this week's cliff hanger, but we all know that she is just going to end up pushing out OTP together, so it's not even that much of a cliffhanger. 


Gaya sa Pelikula/Like in the Movies

Many shows in the Philippines delayed events and finales this week because of the severe flooding and damage caused by suffering Typhoons Molave and then Vamco within a week of each other. Gaya was to have a viewing event for the finale this weekend, but have delayed it. Many cast members of this show (and from BL shows in Thailand) worked this weekend to raise money for the victims of the massive flooding. It was heartening to see on twitter international fans help spread the word about fundraisers for victims, too.

Pearl Next Door

From the makers of Gameboys, we get a spin-off when everyone's favorite character from it, Pearl.  This show started airing several weeks ago, but I just started it this weekend. Pearl is as sassy and effervescent as always, but is feeling lonely and isolated like everyone else because of the lockdown and COVID. It's also very lonely watching your friends be as in love as Gav and Kai. She's as open and honest as ever, so it shouldn't surprise us that when she starts having feelings for her confidant Kathleen, she decides to openly confess. Kathleen is a lesbian but is very wary of Pearl's sincerity. She doesn't necessarily think that Pearl is lying and she's clearly attracted, but she doesn't really want to be involved with someone who she sees might be merely experimenting with her sexuality because she's lonely. She might change her mind though now that Alex, Pearl's friend who has had a crush on her since middle school is back from abroad and determined to erase Pearl's loneliness. I'm wondering who the long-haired guy in the poster is going to be and what role he'll play in this love triangle between the there women.



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