Rants and Weekly Raves #325 (RAWR)

Trotwood: I'm exhausted. I feel like I have a case of senioritis even though it's winter. Senioritis, for those of you who don't know, happens to seniors (in high school or university) when they are close to being done but aren't yet, but their bodies and minds are ready to be done, so they start slacking off from work. It's like they can see the end of the line and their bodies are ready to just be there already--that's how I feel. How can I be in the holiday spirit when I'm in charge of pre-holiday COVID testing logistics and making sure homeless students have places to live (and food) during the break? I've been watching more anime than dramas this week. Finished Given. Started Haikyu again. Didn't realize there were so many seasons. Any anime recommendations? Kakashi is (re)watching Attack on Titan. Any other recommendations? I'm inclined to sports ones or girl power ones. 

Kakashi: It's not a rewatch of Attack on Titan, Trot, it's the final season! Which is sad because there will be no new Titans after this. And I have Seniorits too. I'm leaving for the mountains tomorrow and should have worked on an article these last few days but... how? I can't concentrate on anything. 

JoAnne: I watched Sweet Home. It'll be one of my favorites of the year, not that I watched that much.  I am also exhausted, Trot.  I'm just...done. You know?  I just want to curl up and be left alone for days while I eat scrambled eggs and watch mindless movies.


The Uncanny Counter

Every week, I get more invested in this world. Lieschen Stina, one of our readers, and I were talking last week about how the evil spirit(s) don't scare us as much as the horrible people in this town. It's like Al nasty people are congregated here in this one spot. We knew the mayor's kid was bad and this week that was proven when the 3rd-level evil spirit recognized him as one of them despite the fact that I don't think that kid has been possessed. Ha Na's story is so sad; no wonder she didn't want to share. I was afraid for how Mun would react once he found out about his parents, but he has such a great support network that I'm less afraid than I would be in a different show. I just get the feeling that one of the good guys (or more) will die before this show ends. 

Mr. Queen

Mr. Queen is chomping through the Korean tv ratings like it's at a dollar buffet and it's well deserved. Thankfully, the few netizens that mad a fuss last week because the show was making fun of a real king got ignored by most of the populace who are seeing the show and the performance as great fun. It's really finding a balance between the comedy and the mystery. My favorite this week were the cooking competition scenes. Shin Hye Sun is doing a fantastic job. Everyone else is doing fine, but to be fair, they aren't really given much. It's her role and acting that are really carrying this drama. 

Handmade Love 

If you are a Lee Soo Hyuk fan, and I know there are some of you out there, you have no excuse not to watch this drama. Episode three was only 20 minutes long! He is also very good in this show. It's beautifully shot, and though this week's episode seemed truncated (how did we go from Sa Rang asking for a job to her being a full-fledged part-timer?), it's still was quite good. I have to say that I agreed with his sentiments about ep three's client, but now he's going to feel guilty because he was mean to Sa Rang. However, I don't think the client is going to want Sa Rang's pity either.


30sai made Dotei dato Mahoutsukai ni Narerorashii/Cherry Magic! 30 Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard

Well it looks as though, episode 10 is the last episode of cute before we get angst. Adachi is freaked out a bit by the fast progression of Tsuge and Manato's relationship which only exacerbates his nervousness about whether he can really be what Kurosawa wants. We do get to watch them interact with each other, and it's obvious how smitten Kurosawa is even without being able to read his mind, but Adachi feels guilty for knowing so much about him and wonders if he could be a good boyfriend without being able to read Kurosawa's mind. I think he's on the verge of confessing. I know many of you have access to episode 11 already, but I'm probably not going to watch it until the subs for ep 12 are out. I don't want to wait a week with sad Adachi hanging over my head. So no SPOILERS, please.

Shichinin no Hisho/Seven Secretaries

Shim Eun Kyung plays Park Sa Han, the secretary that works in the hospital who had dreams of becoming a doctor, but her single parent Korean mother could not afford to help her achieve that dream after they were abandoned by her Japanese father. The reason she moved to Japan from Korea was find him. I find it interesting that they went through the effort to hire a Korean actress for this role since she rarely speaks Korean in the show. We find out who her father is in ep 6, and he's as much of an asshole as one might think. It looks like he is part of the bigger story arc, so we do not get the quick justice like we have in the other episodes, but with the show only being 8 eps, it is time for it to start pulling everything else together. We also only have one more secretary back story to get through, too. Show is an easy watch.

Attack on Titan - the Final Season

Will watch later today and update this section.


Manner of Death

So we clearly have an insider job going on here and a bigger reason why everyone is trying to cover up Janejira's death. But the show has really set up well the idea that we do not know who to trust. What did Inspector M do with the rope? Where is Pued? Why is that nice high schooler Nam clearly now being shot up with drugs? Is that what the cover up is about? A drug ring in this sleepy town? How does Tutor Tan afford such a grand house on a teacher's salary? And why isn't Bun more suspicious? I mean, I know he's cute and all, but lots of killers are good looking.


The Mandalorian - the Finale

Will watch later today and update this section.