Rants and Weekly Raves #326 (RAWR)

kakashi: I'm sure y'all want to talk about Bridgerton! Well... at least Panda will want to :)

Trotwood: I will make sure I put a spot for it here. I feel like I'm the only one not watching it, and that's merely because of my vow not to get Netflix before I retire.

Sorry, I completely forgot it's Tuesday today!!!!!! I'm frolicking around in the snow.

me, waiting for 2021


The Uncanny Counter

No episodes this weekend. OCN was showing holiday specials instead.

Mr. Queen

I didn't watch this weekend. I just forgot. I know it's still doing gang busters in the ratings, but it isn't the kind of show where I'm dying to see the next episode.

Handmade Love 

I was right last week. The client isn't appreciative of Sa Rang's help, but of course Woven's guilt causes him to rethink what he has said as well. I like that the show makes him apologize for his tone but not for what he said to the client. There is more than one way to help a person and his way actually turns out the best. The lesson about self-pity in relationships works and the assumption that the girlfriend is super happy and successful in her job is just that, an assumption. Show is lovingly shot. Props to cinematographer and lighting director.

My Wonderful Life

I went back to this show, thinking it was a typical 120-episode daily. I was all set for a marathon and a finish, but what did I see? It's now a 128-episode daily. I'm wondering if is really popular or if the daily that is replacing it isn't ready. Either case, I don't believe that it's planned because the story is going crazy with weird add ons making it seem like that did not have it planned. I finally stopped, but the events are starting to get funny. In addition to leukemia, they have added dementia and traumatic mutism. Of course, our heroine is beginning yet a another career and yet getting another set back. Even the people around her are wondering if she is just unlucky. We have the villain released from jail on fake illness report, too, so she's living in hospital like it's a spa. At least her little girl has figured her out. And she is still so hateful even after seeing her own daughter wonder about why she is so hateful and self-righteous. Rumor has it that the writers are going to use the extra space to try to redeem her, but show, and extra twenty episodes is not going to make up for 120 episodes of hatefulness, kidnapping, and attempted murder. I'll go back when it's all over.


30sai made Dotei dato Mahoutsukai ni Narerorashii/Cherry Magic! 30 Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard (Ep 11 and Finale)

Surprise. surprise. My favorite subber of Japanese dramas subbed the last episode, so I was able to watch both ep 11 and 12 together for this week's RAWR. I'm SOOO glad I did because there is no way I'd be happy waiting after the way ep 11 ended. We were all right about Adachi's guilt, but I missed the other part of his reason for not wanting to see Kurosawa anymore: his fear that without his magic, he actually wouldn't be good enough for Kurosawa. I loved K's response to Adachi's truth. He didn't feel betrayed or even embarrassed. He was till all about Adachi. I also liked the way Tsuge and Minato's arc worked to show that even though Minato was the more experienced one of the two, he had his own insecurities as well. I hope IrosukuSubs also does the specials. This was a perfect gem of a show, proving that you don't have to have anything fancy and can have an outlandish premise and with the right sincerity from actors, you get a prize. I will be rewatching often. The cast clearly had fun, too. 

Shichinin no Hisho/Seven Secretaries

They haven't subbed last episode. Another show that I'm going to wait to watch last two eps together

Attack on Titan - the Final Season

I failed. I'm not current!!!! TT______________TT


Manner of Death

I was frustrated with Dr. Bun last week, but I have to say his releasing of the suspicion about Jane's death on social media and the interview with reporter was a master stroke. Now the police can't cover it up or at least they are going to have to pretend to look into it. Still, he's in danger because a) EVERYONE in this small town knows it was him despite the voice disguise and 2) he is falling for Tan's warmth. He is still suspicious and accusatory, but I don't see him leaving that house soon and with Tan visiting Pued who is clearly in hiding . . .

Sabpaak Jai Nai Jomying/Mr. Arrogant

This is another show where the protagonist can hear other people's thoughts, but instead of hearing people only when he touches them (like Adachi in Cherry Magic), Sun hears everyone's thoughts all at the same time to the point that there is a cacophony in his head when he's in crowds giving him severe headaches. Unfortunately, this affects his career aspects because since he wears earplugs all the time, people think he is arrogant. To be fair he's also angry because people's thoughts aren't pleasant most of the time. I tried it because it has Nine and Mild, and I like both actors. I was surprised to find out that not only is it just eight episodes, but that each episode is only fifteen minutes long. I'll definitely finish it for next week's RAWR.



So, who has seen it? I'm not a fan though I think the adaptation from the book is well done. The cast is great, the sets gorgeous, I love the black cast... but I just never liked Simon and Daphne. The Bridgerton series was my gateway drug into historical romance, but book number 1 is by far the worst of them all.