Rants and Weekly Raves #327 (RAWR)

Trotwood: Even though I was on vacation, I didn't watch many new dramas. I did a lot of rewatching of old favorites and reading manga that was gifted to me for Christmas. I also got sucked into watching videos about stationery and office supplies, which is a problematic addition of mine. I really don't need more notebooks and pens, but . . . You know you have a problem when you aren't an artist, but seriously consider buying a pencil case that would hold 55 pens! I include a link, but there are over 300 videos, so if you don't have time or have a weakness like mine, be warned!

kakashi: I am back at work and about to going into 5 hours of discussing other people's work. I'm absolutely not motivated.


The Uncanny Counter

The evil that is in this town isn't confined to the demons that the Counters are supposed to be hunting. In fact, as I've said before I think the town is so full of these demons is because there are so many evil humans for them to absorb. It was delicious when our team got to expose some of this, but I knew it would be brief and the punishment would follow. I just didn't realize how painful the punishment would be. It's always worse when someone you look up to shows you your faults, so Wi Gen's admonishment and vote was particularly sad. However, Mun's fight with the mayor's son shows us a new Mun--the Mun he was going to have to be to be successful in the future. I want to give a shout out to Yeon Hye Ran as Mae Ok. Jo Byun Koo has been a revelation as Mun as I've said before, but she, once again is breath such life and tender fierceness into this character. I hope people remember her, too.

Mr. Queen

This show continues to eat up the ratings, but I'm starting to see some cracks. I still love Shin Hye Sun as our Queen; she's hilarious, but I'm not so sure about the story. I also think that the show is becoming a bit self indulgent by having scenes that are purely for laughs without any indication of what they have to do with the plot. For example, why did we have the whole scene with the soldiers training with guns? Maybe this will come up later, but it seemed very random as if they had promised the actor who plays Byul Gam some lines and realized they hadn't given him much to do. I'm also wondering what they are going to do with all the people who are in love or falling for people they shouldn't be. In the original, this could be tied up, but when you are playing with real historical figures . . . ?

Handmade Love 

The show covers the story of a new client every two episodes, so even though four more episodes have come out since I last wrote, I'm only going to cover episodes five and six here--and will cover the story arcs of new clients in each RAWR--to discuss the specifics about what each client says about our characters and show's lessons. This is a life lesson show, and with these two episodes, we get the story of a very popular actress who has clearly been encouraged/forced to give up her dream of really acting because, ironically, she is so pretty. She's just hired to be a pretty face and we see the disappointment she feels in herself. It was a nice touch to see her young self and her best friend. I wonder how many of us would be a disappointment to our teenage or 20something selves?


Attack on Titan - the Final Season

Sadly, no new episode this week. Will Eren behave and just quietly discuss his differing viewpoints next week? Hehehe.


Manner of Death

First, to our reader 3headed, there was no topless scene for Max in episode 5. I am not a VIP member of WeTV, so I am a week behind what is out. However, I hear there are lots in episode 7, so you will have to wait two more weeks to see what you want here. 

Ep 5 gets us deeper into the mystery of Janejira's death, and it looks like it's part of the drug trade going on in this town. I bet she discovered it among the students or something and they had to get rid of her. It was so obvious that young Nam was on drugs that I was getting frustrated that no one suspected until she actually overdosed, but in such a small town, this really couldn't be random. Dr. Bun and Tutor Tan are obviously getting closer, clearly becoming very comfortable domestically, but the tension is still there because to be honest Tan is still doing things that makes us all wonder if he is a good guy or not. 

Sabpaak Jai Nai Jomying/Mr. Arrogant (series review)

It was a cute show with an interesting twist, but really it seemed more a show that was sponsored by a tourist board and to give public thanks to municipal workers trying to follow sustainable practices. It sounds heavy handed when I say it this way, but it really wasn't. If you want people to visit other places or to pay attention to some of the good work going on, this would be a perfect way to do it. I'd like to see Mild and Sun in more roles together, but I'd also like to see her more. She's quite the range and is one of the most natural of the young Thai female actors out there.


Pearl Next Door

The rage over the three part "finale" (only two of the three parts have aired) is all over the internet. I was in the minority of people who wasn't charmed by Alex's charm. I don't find characters who just become super determined to win you and believe they will get you in the end charming. It also encourages the whole idea that if you just work hard enough and be faithful for years, you deserve to get the other person's love like an advertisement for stalkers. Still, even I was surprised at the odd turn the writers gave to her character as if they realized they hadn't made it a fair fight in between her and Karleen for Pearl's affections. Frankly, this is one of those shows where I don't want the heroine to end up with either of her suiters. Pearl was better, stronger, on her own. Let her walk away and find satisfaction in her own fierceness.


Air Fryer Heaven

Ah, no, that's not a show. I didn't watch anything but the display of my air fryer. It makes a sound like a gentle space craft. Beautiful thing. 
My favorite thing from the air fryer so far: Kale chips. Kinda crazy because hello? I hate kale just because the health nuts go crazy about it. Anyway. So - kale into the machine, no oil, no nothing. A few minutes later, they come out incredibly crunchy and tasty! I added a bit of salt but that wasn't even necessary. Heaven! I tell you!