Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #328

Trotwood: Everyone was so excited to see 2020 go only to have the first week of 2021 seem like a long year already.

kakashi: Maybe humor can save us. 


The Uncanny Counter

It took me so long to finish watching this weekend's episodes because I was crying so much. If you watched, you will know the scene. I love this show and I love this team, but I was also wondering what they were going to do at this point with the evil spirits on the lose and our team one man down. But this weekend's episodes seem to be a turning point with our team getting permission the Counter legislature (I don't remember what they are called) to go after the mayor and his team. However, if anyone thinks this is easy . . . We know now this show isn't afraid of killing people off. I want some time to watch the bad guys fight amongst themselves for awhile first though.

Mr. Queen

I only had time to watch one of the two episodes this week, so maybe my confusion will be cleared up with the second episode. I'm feeling bad that the show has decided to make the 2nd leads bad. Neither of them seem to be bad people, but their love is making them turn to the dark side, which seems a far too easy narrative choice, but which shouldn't surprise in a show with such broad strokes. I do like the queen and king, and it's clear who the main trauma causer is, but I can't figure out what they are going to do with so many more episodes.

Handmade Love (finale?)

Last week's episodes used Sa Rang's conflict with her mother as the main test of the show and a test of Woven's focus to be allowed to go back to be a regular god or remain on Earth. I'm not sure I'm buying his decision (unless, they are using it to make more shows), but I did like the real exploration in such a short amount of time about the relationship between mothers and daughters from both perspectives.

My Wonderful Life (finally the finale)

This was a perfect show to blast away through in my fury over what happened in Washington, DC on January 6. I could ignore a bunch of what was happening while alternating watching news and then coming back to it when I was too fed up, angry, or broken-hearted. Thankfully, Sang Ah stayed in prison, which to be honest is what I was worried about when it was clear that the writers were going to offer her redemption. Being the only match for a bone marrow transplant made everyone go and beg her, but she stayed nasty almost to the end. I think it was really her daughter's letter that finally made her see that Bok Hee was not the enemy she thought she was. But the real winner of this show is Si Kyung, who was the best boyfriend, husband, and now stepdad of the year. I hope to seeChoi Sung Jae in more lead roles.


30sai made Dotei dato Mahoutsukai ni Narerorashii/Cherry Magic! 30 Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard (specials)

There were two brief specials with our favorite couple: one about their first Valentine's Day together and another about their relationship with their junior co-worker, Rokkaku, or rather his relationship with them. Both together are only 20 minutes, but they are just as lovely as the rest of the show. Seriously, its's just the type of show that makes you happy.

Attack on Titan - the Final Season

Yes... if only I'd seen the latest episode, lol. I'm busier than ever, fml. 


Manner of Death

So most of my people are frustrated because I'm a week behind in Manner of Death because I won't pay for the VIP account on WeTV, and when I can watch something on a legit site, I really try to. We get more about Jane's case. There isn't just drugs involved, but it looks like illegal abortion clinics and a powerful man who drugs up women to be his sex toys. It's getting uglier and uglier, so the the happy light love scenes between Dr. Bun and Tan are even more jarring. Fans are fighting between the camp who thinks that everything MaxTul is perfect vs. the group who believes that the show isn't living up to their promise as actors or the quality of the original source. Directing and editing choices are awkward. I'm watching because I never finished the novel and ant to find out what happens. Plus, I really want to see how involved Tutor Tan is with the secrets going on in this town.

Ingredients (series review)

You want a lovely, warm, slow burn, cohabitation drama that is all about food and hand sanitizer? Then this web drama is for you. Tops wants to be a cook and have his own restaurant someday. Win is working hard to become a successful singer songwriter. they end up being roommates. Each episode is from 5-20 minutes long, and since the show is sponsored by CentralFood TV, we should be surprised that we get specific recipes for each episode. The company also comes out with a companion video Gameplay, the actor who plays Tops showing us how to make one of the episode's recipes. I've made a couple myself. The real gem though is the chemistry between the two leads and how they grow to support each other through their struggles. It's a real friend to best friend to lover over 21 episodes (0-20). I also love how they don't ignore that COVID is going on in the background and model the sanitizing that we all want to see. My group chat calls it hand sanitizer porn. I've even joked about using the picture below as next year's Christmas card.