Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #344

Trotwood: Evening meetings or events every night last week meant no drama watching during the week. Not a lot of time to catch up on weekends either until June. Giving everyone a head's up that I won't be able to post next week because I am going to surprise my mother for Mother's Day. Both my parents got their second shot on April 7, and I have not seen either of them in over a year. I have talked to my mother on schedule every weekend since I went to uni at 5:30 am on Saturday or Sunday when you used to pick the "cheaper times" to call and we were a 4-hour time difference, so it needed to be scheduled. I plan to show up at 5:30 and call like normal, but this time when she picks up, I'm going to ask her to let me in. She will cry. I will cry. 

At any rate, the subsidized housing in which she lives has really really slow internet, so I won't be able to watch anything next weekend or post, so . . . Means another week where I won't be talking about the ending of Word of Honor. Sorry for drawing out the pain, people. However, did anyone get to watch the Word of Honor live concert/variety show/extravaganza? What was that like? I heard it was hilarious with some touching bits.

Here is another new show that I will also not watch, Bossam: Steal the Fate. I know there are lots of Jung Il Woo fans out there. I like him, but he never seems to be in a drama that I want to watch.


Sell Your Haunted House 

One thing that is really tricky when a show has " a case of the week"  as part of the overall mystery is to make you actually care about characters you know you are only going to know for 2 or 2.5 episodes, and this show really does a good job with this. As annoying as they keep Oh Im Bum, you really feel for his outrage when he retains the memories of what really happened to the people whose spirits possess him. What really surprised me was the fact that Hwa Jung is going to keep the secret of his connection to Ji Ah. Why? Is it to protect her or protect herself? Is that going to be the main conflict, and is that why the big bad developer story arc seems to be reaching a particular climax? I'm enjoying this show partly because of all these questions it is making me ask. And Jang Nara is doing a really good job. 

Dark Hole

Kim Ok Bin is an actress for whom I will try anything. I don't often like the shows or movies she is in (although The Villainess was fantastic!), but I still try them. The fact that Lee Joon-Hyuk is the male lead was just icing on the cake. A thriller on OCN?! I'm in. However, I'm not sure that this show knows what it wants to be. All the advertisements makes it seem like a zombie show akin to Japan's Kimi to Sakai ga Owaru Hi ni, but we see hints at aliens and a confirmed serial killer back to continue her revenge after killing Kim Ok Bin's character's husband. Also, did I say Kim Ok Bin plays a cop? Did I mention that we also have a possessed shaman and cult-like activities? I hope this is all connected to the aliens because otherwise, everything will just be too random. Yes, I just said, "I hope this is all connected to the aliens." That's how crazy these first two episodes have been. It's suspenseful and stressful and too many of the nice people have died already.

Miss Monte Cristo (daily)

I had to put off watching all last week's episodes until Saturday because of work during the week, and I am glad because I wouldn't have wanted to wait and watch each day. In fact, I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to stomach the triumphs of Ha Ra and the fact that she seemed to be getting what she wanted by kidnapping her own son. I actually skipped to Friday's episode to see how it ended, and I five minute foray made me stop immediately and go back to the beginning of the week. Se Rin looked like she as finally getting her dream engagement, but this engagement was worth of a lakorn reveal (without the traditional wedding shooting) and I cheered. I bookmarked Thursday and Friday's episodes to rewatch when I'm sad. It was a delight to see Se Rin so miserable. She is the just the first of the evils to be ruined by our heroine, and if this is what we have to look forward to, this has potential to go down as one of the great dailies.


Word of Honor ep.31-33

 Of course, I was tricked into believing there was a major death in these three episodes, but I also know now that the show was just teasing me with this death/come back to life revenge just so it can break me more in the remaining episodes. But I have more questions than answers. How much of al this was part of a plan? Was Chen Ling's anger just an act? How did Xiao Lian get back? How long did Shen Shen know? Were all those ghosts working with the Scorpion King, WKZ, or both? WHy does this show make me feel sorry for sociopaths with father issues? 

HIStory 4: Close to You
This week's episode made it really, really, really hard for me to ignore the stepbrothers because half of the show was about them and not only their reconciliation but their decision to become a real couple as if I'm supposed to be happy that they are being held up to provide courage to Mu Ren and his comfort level with coming out. I mean if a guy can accept his step-brother who drugged him and raped him with his own mother's consent and boldly expect their father to accept them, then why can't he be brave enough to have his boyfriend kiss him in public, right? I wish I could post of video of me rolling my eyes. I'm only still watching in hopes they actually catch the person who posted videos of our favorite couple OR are we just supposed to assume that now that the creepy guy knows that they are really together and happy, he's going to go away. And, no, show, bringing in the couple that survived HIStory 4: Make Our Days Count as customers for our best friends wedding planner company does not make me forgive that show OR this one. I hate that our friend group is splitting up, though. 


Lovely Writer (episode 10)

I am glad that I made a mistake and thought that this episode was the finale. Since I thought this was the end, I could enjoy the reconciliation with the dads, especially the beautiful moment that Gene shared with his father concerning his own first love who was a man and his subsequent loving Gene's mother. I was just bopping along, enjoying the warm, fun, beach frolic and then . . . dun, dun, duuuun, we see someone taking pictures of them. What?!?! Of course, that wasn't the end, just the episode before the true public angst episode that we have to get before the real happy ending. Sigh.