Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #347

Trotwood: I've been reading and writing more than watching lately. Work was sad and exhausting last week with me falling asleep at night in my work clothes more than once. I spent the weekend just catching up on trying to make my apartment remember that a human being lived in it rather than some sort of cave creature. Didn't even watch some of the things I like this weekend, like Dark Hole or the crazy Miss Monte Cristo. Probably should have since I need Kim Ok Bin's beating up alien zombie energy going into this week.

I'm hoping to catch up on a lot next weekend since it is a holiday weekend in the US, but then again, I might just sleep. 

Is anyone watching Use For My Talent? I really like Jasper Lui, but I didn't start it when it first happened, which means I probably won't get to this one either. Sigh. 


Doom at Your Service

If you asked me if I liked this drama, I'm not sure what I would say. I do find it compelling, and I like both lead actors in their roles, I think they have chemistry, but I don't like them together if that makes sense. I did think it was a brilliant idea for Dong Kyung to attempt to fall in love with Doom as a way to protect her brother since Doom threatened to kill the person she loves the most, and he wouldn't try to kill himself. But she is really stuck between a rock and a hard place, particularly when he is justified anger is laced with so much spite. Right when I start feeling a bit of sympathy for him, the show makes him really nasty. I'm glad her brother finally finds out she is dying thought because I've been wanting to punch his little spoiled self in the face since I've met him. I want him to wallow in guilt for the rest of the show to be honest.

Sell Your Haunted House

Well, they still didn't tell us why the secretary doesn't want Ji Ah to know what really happened in the past, but I was surprised to find out that her mother was involved in changing her memory. I'm sad that In Bum's grandmother passed away but happy that he was able to confirm that his uncle didn't commit suicide. But is no one but me worried about where Ji Ah going to move, especially good storage for all those important documents? 



I am desperately looking forward to a light-hearted with a bit of angst drama. What I need is another Mr. HonestyGirlfriend or Parallel Love. That's why I keep trying dramas like last week's My Handsome Roommate, or this week's Moonlight. The premise is interesting. Girl lands dream job in publishing house and ends up working for a prickly writer, and they go from a annoying each other to falling in love while dealing with workplace intrigue. However, can we please stop having 20-something female characters speak with 5-year-old girl voices and bumbling incompetent? This is NOT cute. At this point, and I've watched at least five episodes, I am siding with the bad tempered 2nd FL in hating our heroine. Why must we paint successful, strong women as hateful? I know there is a reason why the 2ndML is avoiding her, and I'm sure I'll be mad at her later, but I'm sure I can stick around for yet another heroine who is so clueless about the world and is just bumbling her way to success through enthusiasm alone and supposed cuteness. Please can somebody recommend a modern C-drama with a light touch where I won't want to smack the heroine as much as the evil rival does? Maybe, I should just put up with the bad collars and rewatch Mr. Honesty.


Song Sanaeha

This show keeps bouncing along with evil twin being evil and good twin starting to borderline on being so good that you want to shake her. I mean how long is Pit going to be manipulated by her sister? She has her own business and her own home? Why does she keep helping out her sister? What I like is that there is an even worse female character than Pit who we get to watch Duen (the evil twin) out in her place even though I know this will backfire soon for Pit. I'm not sure why Pit has to hide he face anymore since everyone knows Duen has a twin. What I want now is for Warit to take a stand before Duen completely gets her clutches into his uncle or at least tell his uncle about the twin sister thing, so his uncle won't start seeing him as a rival for Duen's (albeit scheming) affections.