Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #413

Anne: Happy Tuesday drama lovers! So...I am actually on vacation this week (more like work and vacation since I'm still working some...just took 6 hrs of meetings today). Rented a place near the river...take a look out the backyard of this place. 

And the backyard leads directly to the river. 

The water is freezing! Yes, it's like 102F or something outside, but the water is probably <80F. I can't tell. It was cold, but not the bone chilling cold that basically paralyzes you. No wonder most people tube down the river. You stay mostly on top where the water is the warmest. Next time, I'll need to bring my dive suit, at least it'll help with keeping me a bit warmer. I do need some swim shoes though...I was NOT liking the "moss" that I sometimes step on underneath the water. You can't see the bottom...so...it makes that whole sensation of "slime" between your toes a bit...shiver...

I was hoping that since I have a LOT of time this week, some new shows would come out...but no luck. I'm now going back 2-3 years to watch the Korean dramas that I saved in my queue but never had time. And now... onto this week's review of what I watched last week.

The Insider

Wow...Kim Yo Han got his goal, he became the General Manager of the Goldman Casino, which is the position that would allowed him control of the money that funded the prosecutors (and technically all the government corruption) who framed him. Actually now the prosecutors who were trying to throw him in prison are obligated to "help" him due to their mutual bosses. He is now also the person who controls the flow of money to the criminal organizations running the country. The last two episodes showed the audience how his plan unfolded as he executed each step to toss out the older Yang brother from the chairman's seat and also to take the younger brother's Skin Nation company. It was insane. 

But...Jang Seon Oh, whom Yo Han wanted to confess for killing his grandmother, never confessed. Instead, we see the events of Seon Oh's participation as it all led up to Yo Han's grandmother's death. In the end, Yo Han couldn't kill him, because he sees himself in Seon Oh. Despite passing out due to loss of blood, Seon Oh, though...ah this boy...didn't die. He regain consciousness while his body was being incinerated. 

I swear this thing can't come to a good ending...

The Alchemy of Souls

So the BLIND girl is the the missing Jin family daughter... And the Jin Mu and the Queen are constipating to find someone to impersonate her so he can control his half sister. I guess if she was THAT young when she "disappeared", it is possible for her own mother not to recognize her. So is the Jin eldest daughter somehow trapping Nasuk's powers? And how can we NOT talk about Maid Kim's second love interest?

Poor Master Lee...temptation is everywhere and the idiot boys finished all his celibate tea.

And how much do we LOVE the fact that these three joined hand together to help Mu Deok cheat in order for her to pass the exam to become a servant of Songrim? Now...let's look at this CLOSELY, this written test where ONE answer will cause you to be eliminated took the combine brain powers of 1 crown prince and 2 mages...I am confused as to how I should feel about this: 1) very impressed with the other 39 people who passed on their own power, 2) there is definitely something fishy going on with everyone who managed to pass, or 3) the three boys and Mu Deok are not smart...at all...

And why is there a Season 2?! Is this NOT going to end? I am NOT liking this at all. It's like Kingdom...I'm still waiting for season 3.

Love Like the Galaxy

The scene when both girls decided that it was better to marry a friend so you can have someone to play with since neither of them know what love is supposed to feel like (I'm not completely disagreeing...but at least have lust in the mix so...you know...there could be more adult themed games to play...). The mixed of love and friendship and regret in this show has infested every region. Even Cheng Shao Shang can see her elder brother's interest in Wan Qi Qi, but Qi Qi finds him a bully.

And I'm liking this Yuan Shen more and more...just for his facial expressions. Look at the resentment when his teacher lectures him on his over-indulgence the previous evening when it was all caused by the said teacher himself talking about his regret for missing out on the love of his life for the millionth time.

And the eye roll when his master asked him for the millionth-and-one time if he should go and confess. There is a LOT of eye rolling in this drama...

And we have just have to giggle at the pettiness of these two when they conspired to keep Shao Shang away from Lou Yao by making him go "study". Shao Shang might considered herself engaged, but these two have plans... And they are much more devious than the innocent Lou Yao. 

And I love the emperor...who is secretly, or not so secretly, rooting for Bu Yi to win in his love contest.

I know I'm skipping over huge portions of the plot, but those are all second in interest to the funny moments that are sprinkled through this drama. I'm seeing angst coming up...so... that second season better follow as soon as the first one completes airing.

And this is yet for this week! I've finished two older dramas The Uncanny Encounter and A Business Proposal. I liked the former more than the latter. Hoping something new catches my interest...