Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #427

Anne: Hello everyone! It is Tuesday again and I am officially on my vacation. Well...sort of. I swear my vacations have become days when I'm allowed to miss most meetings, but still have to do work stuff. At least I get to sleep late. And in the meantime, the entire state of Texas is seriously hoping that we don't lose power again like LAST year in the next week due to the "cold front" that will drop us down to snow-capable temperatures. Do we really expect anyone to have actually winterize the power grid? 

Since it is the last two weeks of the year, and since I have a bit of time these days, I'm thinking of continuing the tradition of doing a year end review. Now...this year's pickings are pretty slim...and my horrible memory might make this an interesting exercise. But, I will see what I can come up with for the last two weeks of the year.

For this week, I've been jumping around a lot from show to show. I just cannot seem to focus or something. I'm in this state where, even if I'm really interested, I'm more anxious about seeing the plot turn in a direction that I do not like so that I avoid watching it. This is how I always end up starting something that I was excited about, only to never getting to finish it. And this week...do we have one that is making me feel VERY conflicted...

Alchemy of Souls (2)


Let's be honest, how freaking hot is Jang Uk now that he is a tortured soul with all the power promised in his destiny? I do confess that I've only watched episode one, and it did surpass all my expectations. However, the anxiety of not being able to know who came back is killing me! If we go by what we know so far about the rules of this universe, where did Naksu's body come from? Am I mistaken, or didn't we see her body burned in Season 1? Did whatever Lady Jin did to get her "daughter's" soul extracted from the petrified body "change" the body's appearance? Or did the Jin stole Naksu's body in the first place...but at the time, why would they DO that?! And did we ever get an answer as to why Naksu even went into Bu Yeon's body in the first place? Is there a connection between the girls, or is this ALL coincidence? And was there a reason why Jang Uk could break through the Jin's barrier, was it the sword? I figured that all these will be answered at some point...

So...for my peace of mind... I have to wait until all the episodes are released, and I know a clear path to the end. Yes, I am this childish. 

Song of the Moon

No one is surprised that I hit the play button on this one. It's another fantasy drama that returns Zhang Bin Bin to a role that takes advantage of his looks, that hasn't happened since he was the 2nd Demon Prince in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. I really like the way he looks in his costume. Again I've only seen episode 1 (or almost all of episode 1), and it is a very comfortable environment that I know so well... the world where demons and gods run around with mortals, and a girl was born with a ton of power that everyone is after. I don't understand the whole start with the FL who meets a mysterious person and trades her carefree future for a different one in return for 3 days, of what looked to be like, traveling. I'm sure we will figure this out later, but we can already guess who this mysterious person will most likely be right? That shouldn't be a surprise. 

Double Love

Well... this one I started mostly having  due to one of the teaser videos where the FL, obviously in a game, knocks the ML (who is the #1 ranked player) out of the air and out of the game, as he was doing his "grand entrance". This reminds me a bit of Love O2O, except the FL isn't such a wuss. The CP is still in "school", but both wanting to be established in the entertainment business. What everyone doesn't know is that the FL's older brother owns one of the entertainment studios. I found this to be unexpectedly funny. 

There were a bunch of short dramas that are quite funny and engaging. This is it for now. I will drop back later.