Why Big Bang makes me sad

Yes, I'm very jealous. For weeks, no, months! the blogosphere has been abuzz with excitement about the upcoming Big Bang concerts in the US.
I, myself, have never even listened to a single Big Bang song. Yeah, sure, I know of TOP (because I saw him in IRIS) and of G-Dragon (because everybody knows him). So I'm obviously not jealous of, you know, people going to their concerts to listen to their music.

Many of my blogo-friends are actually going to meet each other. And I don't mean online. No, in meatspace, real-life, corporeality. There's feasts and noraebang outings set up, and shopping sprees, and ahjumma film nights, whipped cream and soju drinking and ... I feel so left out.

Americans already have Dramabeans and Hulu and access to Viki ETC., while we Europeans constantly need to fight for our daily KDrama fix. And now, the Americans also have Big Bang and will meet other KDrama-addicts - that they have previously known online - in person. While I am struggling, forever alone, to find at least one person in my close vicinity that travels the road of KDrama addiction with me.

Yes, life is that unfair sometimes.