Confessions of a Pedonoona (Guest Post)

Some of you may know me as Korazy Lady.  I'm filling in for Kakashi today, so I decided  to tackle a subject that she swears has no relevance to her *wink wink*.  This is my first foray into blogging.
"Pedonoona: A combination of the word pedophile and noona (a Korean word referring to an older girl), a pedonoona is an older woman or girl who is interested in a young male idol in an inappropriate and sexual way." (urban dictionary)

I recently became acquainted with the word “pedonoona” during a lively discussion of Korean dramas among a group of somewhat middle-aged women. The plot - who cares! It was the actor/idol guys getting all the attention. Ha! I scoffed. That word doesn’t apply to me! I am not attracted to underage guys, not ones under 25 anyways (wait, how old is Kim Bum?) And I don’t have pictures of young’uns on my computer (no officer, Song Joong Ki only looks 15 in that shower scene!) And I’m not actually lusting after them, at least not inappropriately, right?

But then it dawned on me. I started to realize, despite my preference for the Bradley Cooper type of actors and my rule about never liking a guy with smaller thighs than mine, I was strangely attracted to these Korean guys. Those skinny, mega makeup-faced, man-boys with the eyeliner, coiffed and lacquered hair, girly shirts and jewelry and scarfs. Guys, who on first sight I thought were so bizarre and baby faced, by episode 6 were making my heart do little flip - flops.

I blame “You’re Beautiful” for heading me down that slippery slope. When I first stumbled on to it, my mind was sent into a dizzying state of turmoil. What is this strange idol world? Who, or what, is Jang Geun Suk? So off to Google I went. Yes, there Sukkie was, in all his adorableness, in a Samsung “CF”, looking about 14. I watched it about 20 times. Every morning. Could I just take a quick trip to Seoul to….ummm…..pinch his cheeks? Could I be 14 again, please, please, please? Even though I wasn’t familiar with the term yet, Pedonoonia was setting in. Fast.

Now the great thing about watching Korean dramas is that you never have to be alone in your craziness. Thanks to blogs such as Thundie’s Prattle and Dramabeans, I learned there were many other “noonas”(and let me tell you, I use this word loosely, as I’m really more along the halmoni lines) who swooned over young Korean actors/idols. I wasn’t so unusual after all! And when a few women from one of the blogs mentioned they were going to see a Big Bang concert not far from where I live, my true pedonoonaness came out. I jumped on board (hey, you only live once!) and immediately started downloading their songs and videos in preparation for the big night. And when T.O.P. walked out in those sunglasses, and Daesung ripped off his shirt, well, let’s say I can outscream those tiny Asian girls who where sitting around me any day! (I must admit, I was afraid they were going to call the Pedonoona police on me, so I did loudly ponder how my “daughters” were liking the concert from the VIP section so they didn’t think I came on my own.)

So yes, I must confess, when all is said and done, I am a pedonoona. I can’t help it if there’s such a big age gap between me and all the actors/idols I’d like to “mine.” My family and friends think I am having some sort of weird mental crisis. My husband still thinks they’re Korean girls, and that I’m googling them for make-up and hairstyle ideas. But all my fellow pedonoonas know and understand. And in our dreams, we are all off in PedoNarnia, with our cute little Korean actors/idols in tow!