Farewell to ... Jun-ki. 안녕!

Lee Jun-ki is no longer here. It was confirmed by his tweet this morning (after landing): "여러분의 응원덕분에 무사히 촬영잘마치고 막 도착했습니다~ 감사합니다~~~!공항까지 마중나와주신 가족들께도 감사드려요 ~^^" (Thanks to your support, I finished shooting without trouble and have just arrived here. ~Thank you~~! Thank you my fans who came to see me at the airport as well~^^ (trans by Elly)).
Arriving in Seoul

Yeah, sorry Joongi, I would have LOVED to come to see you at the airport but ... you were just a liiiiiittle bit too quiet about when you where actually going back. However, diligent stalker that I am, I did track your potential flight (just a little):
Bye-bye, Joongi!
I may be slightly heart broken - ok, whom am I fooling here! I am devastated! - about not even getting a chance to meet him, but since I am a very optimistic human being, I tend to see the good in everything (or at least try to). Most crucially: I learned a lot and I got to make new friends. Also: I had a lot of fun. And finally, here are my most important Lessons Learned from this 5+ Day intermezzo:

1) My husband is very tolerant and loving. But he threatened to go beat Joongi up if I didn't stop obsessing. I did warn him about the black belt in Taekwondo, but he just scoffed at it. He would have thrown a real KDrama jealousy fit and would have wrist-drag-grabbed me away after kicking Joongi's butt! Hell yeah! Lee Jun-ki: sorry, you're playing second lead in my life!

2) My husband starts buying me very nice things when I talk about another man too much. 

3) I am very good at stalking (and am getting better). Any other Hallyu Stars want to come to Switzerland? Bring it on!!! Lee Min-ho? Song Joong-ki? Park Shi-hoo? Yeon Jung-hoon? This time, I'll catch you for sure!!!

4) Twitter is fun. I've been a Facebook girl all my life, but it was Twitter that made the last five days sizzling with action!

5) Management companies are very mean liars (still not over the "two weeks").

6) When you start stalking Jun-ki virtually, many people from Asia start to read your blog. Cool. 

And in case you were wondering who won the Iljimae OST CD with a Joongi autograph: ME! Hooray!