Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland ... Day 2

I was a slightly less preoccupied with Lee Jun-ki today, which is a healthy and good thing. I feel much more like myself: The healing has set in and I have accepted that he is quite close, and yet so far, and I am now just wishing for him to have good time. Yes, we can just be friends, right? 
After locating him in Chur yesterday, I was pretty sure he would either go to Arosa or to St. Moritz next. At 6.30pm this afternoon, the second was confirmed. Lee Jun-ki tweeted "스위스 생모리츠 코르바치 3305m 대자연의 웅잠함에 안기며 또~ 우리팀의전통 기념사진 ^^". I haven't had much of a chance to boast about my Hangul reading skills on this blog, but now's the time! I totally got the first part immediately (and totally didn't get the second, though Google translate allowed me to understand just now that it is about 'the traditional team picture').
So he's in St. Moritz, more precisely, he went up Piz Corvatsch.

Cool. I really like Piz Corvatsch and I really like the Engadin (the valley where Piz Corvatsch is towering over). I am now very jealous of Lee Jun-ki. I want to go on a holiday, too!

Now, some more analysis of the picture. Taking into account the sun and the length of the shadows, I'd say this picture was taken around 2pm, and they are facing south-east. The blue bit on the right, that's a lake - and it's either Lake Silvaplana (or Lake Sils, though I'm pretty sure it's the first). The peak on the right is Mt. Julier (3380m).
They seem to be up at the mountain (and not the middle) station, though I am not entirely sure what they are sitting on. Is that safe?! 
What I don't quite understand is why he wants to go see Jungfraujoch, too. At least if we are to believe the press release. Which I am not all that ready to believe anymore ... because it first of all said he would be in Zurich (boooooo, he was not!) and they also lied to us about him being here for two weeks (boooooo, he will not be! - more on that tomorrow).

I've never been up to the Jungfraujoch. That's not something many Swiss people do, in fact ... but I do know that it is just ... another high mountain. It's a little tiny weeny bit higher than Piz Corvatsch and the ride on the train must be quite spectacular. But ... more mountains? Are you sure, Joongi? Don't you just want to come to Zurich and hang out a little?