Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland ... Day 3 (Part 2)

Another tweet! Ah, Joongi, how nice of you ... two tweets in one day? We are so grateful.
This time, he is having lunch in some Grison mountain village. As you may be able to see, there's a "Volg" in the background - that's a type of grocery shop that specializes in providing food in more remote locations (countryside, mountains). This looks like it was taken at noon.

And here is the name of the village: Zuoz. You know who knew? My father. Yes, I even mobilized my father and my father-in-law this time! The "Locate Joongi"-game is becoming quite popular in my family. The one who identifies the location first gets a point. The family member with the most points when Joongi leaves Switzerland will get an Iljimae OST CD with a Joongi autograph. My husband just bought it today on ebay. Probably to finally shut me up about this guy? Not working so far, sorry!
Zuoz in the Summer - same fountain, same yellow house
I was pretty sure Joongi would make his way from Chur to the West (Jungfrau Region) today. But something's not right ... this is in the Engadin, where he was yesterday ... and the picture this morning, that was Chur, which is one valley over (a few hours by car). You know what, boys and girls?! He is totally not tweeting the pics in the right order!!! Cheeky, cheeky Joongi.