Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland ... Day 4 (after the tweet)

I am very disappointed. I have been honing my human GPS skills all day by looking up random pictures on the internet and then trying to find out where they were taken. And then this? Joongi! Too easy!!!
This is Lucerne, though not at its most scenic. That's more to the left, I'd say. The picture is taken from a boat at the Bahnhofquai. What you see in the background are some of the really nice hotels (the Grand Hotel National is just to the left of Joongi's photographer friend). You also see the Church of St. Leodegar. And the bad weather. Poor swans and ducks on the lake! 
Random info: Whenever I see a cold lake and ducks on it, I have to think of that song "Human?" by Grip Inc. (a groove metal band). There's a line in that song that goes like this: "Only frozen dogs have spent nights cold as mine". Before I looked up the lyrics, I used to understand "only frozen ducks have spent nights cold as mine". I always pitied the poor ducks with their feet and bellies in the ice cold water ... and I was very disappointed to find out that it is not ducks, but dogs. Not that I don't like dogs and don't also pity them being frozen and all, but ducks ... frozen ducks were just so much stronger an image.  

While I wasn't spot on right about him going to Jungfrau next, I was totally right about the route they would take from Chur. They just took a detour to Lucerne. He probably already went to Interlaken tonight. That's an hour's drive.
And then? Will he go to Berne? Will he go further to Geneva? Or will he ... come to Zurich?! (*furiously checks agenda to see when she has time to roam the streets of Zurich*)