Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland ... Day 4 (no tweet yet)

In the absence of another tweet (but he will not keep us waiting much longer, will he?), I am writing about stalking more generally. That's a topic I've grown very fond of.

There are several levels of proficiency in the ancient trade of stalking. At the beginner's level (the Tin League), the stalker is clumsy, too obvious, and will at the most get to see the object of admiration from a far distance. The results of stalking - I am assuming here that stalking is a means to an end and not an end in itself - get better in the Silver and the Gold League (where you may get an autograph or may be able to even touch the object of admiration).
is this what he saw today? We will soon know. Maybe!
Where you want to get, however, is the Diamond League. This Grade A stalking is no longer reactive - but proactive. The hunter does no longer simply follow her prey, but reads her prey's mind like an open book. Not a step behind, but always already there (You may know this mode from the movies ... it's when brilliant detectives go after brilliant serial killers).

How this applies to this current situation (Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland) is pretty obvious. Lee Jun-ki has been elusive ... he tweets, and then he's gone. He even tweets his pictures in the wrong order, as I was able to prove yesterday, most certainly to confuse the hunters (i.e. me). Knowing where he will go next would be Diamond League but also pretty darn impossible, unless you're a telepath (which I am not).

Knowing when he will fly back, however, is possible.
Zurich Airport. Always a pleasure.
Joongi needs to be in Japan (Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall) on December 4. He will have to be there on December 3 most likely, to rehearse. That means he has to leave Switzerland on December 2 at the latest (you lose a day when flying that far East). Assuming he will be flying back with Korean Air (a pretty safe guess) his flight is most likely KE 934, leaving Zurich ZRH at 9:35pm this Saturday, December 1. He will be able to go back to Seoul, un-pack and re-pack, before leaving for Japan on the 3rd.

Unless he already leaves Switzerland this Thursday... Nooooooo! Saturday is bad enough, because how are 9 days two weeks?! I quote: "Lee will travel in Zürich and Jungfrau for two weeks and introduce the nature and culture of the country". Lies! 거짓말! (thanks, Nice Guy, for teaching me this crucial Korean Word!). 9 days is 5 days short of two weeks!! Whoever wrote and released that statement should be severely punished: In Switzerland, we chocolate-feed people to death.

Will I be at their airport on Saturday?

Well. This is how this story turns into the "How-my-aunt-and-uncle-kept-me-from-meeting-Lee-Jun-ki"-story: This Saturday, it's my uncle's 73rd birthday. There's a large party. I promised to help with the preparations. And it's a temporary farewell, too, because my aunt and uncle will soon thereafter leave for Hawaii for 3 months. It was them that kept me from going to meet him at the airport when he arrived and it is them that keep me from seeing him off when he leaves.
There must be a message. One of these days, I'll understand.