Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland ... Day 5 (a new lead)

It does help if you have a world-spanning intelligence networks that helps with the stalking (you know who you are!).

It is confirmed that at least Joongi's stylist was in Zurich this morning (10.30am approximately). That is what she posted:
Swarovski Tree with Crystals
It is the Swarovski Xmas Tree at the Zurich Main Station. There is no Joongi there, however. Is he hiding behind the tree perhaps? Seeing they are now in Zurich, I guess they are flying back tonight. For anybody who can go (I can't): The flight leaves at 9.40 pm.

This also shows that it helps to have an iphone (cause it will give you 3G coverage). I hear from well informed sources that Joongi doesn't use an iphone but a Samsung Galaxy. He might have to go find WiFi to check Twitter and post on Twitter.

If you read this, can you wander up the hill to Haldeneggsteig 4, please? My office is there. I'll be content with an autograph, no need to talk to me or anything. I'm in meetings this afternoon anyway. Just leave it at the door to my office. And there's a public WiFi here, by the way for your last tweet from 스위스!

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