Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland ... Day 5

And so it ends, it seems. Another farewell pic this morning, this time from Joongi's own twitter account. This is a rather impressive entourage. And there is product placement! Well done, Joongi.

Helibernina does Helicopter flights for VIPs and other people with money from the heliport in Samedan (a village in the Engadin) to ... anywhere you want to go. They could also have flown Joongi and crew to Mailand for a few hours. No wonder he was so hard to track... I was thinking slow ground-travel with about 3 small buses for all the equipment and staff - but no, this boy was all over this country so quickly, he seemed to have sprouted wings. He probably did.

This morning, another (fan made) pic went viral on the net - it's Joongi playing the Alphorn in Lucerne. At least he had fun in Lucerne. He could have had more fun in Zurich, but he probably did not know that. Or he did and he deliberately did not come to Zurich. Or he probably is here right now. Or he is ... already on his way back, in a private jet. Hallyu star, you are elusive like a dream! It was fun while it lasted, but now, it is time to say goodbye ... 안녕!
I have promised his fanclub not to be angry with him and continue my support. I will. But I'll be a tiny little wee bit angry because I had not even a chance to meet him. For a few hours. And I do plan on fangirling a lot for Park Shi-hoo in the coming days, a bit more than I would have. Joongi, I hope you enjoyed your stay in Switzerland at least a little bit - thanks for your hard work and thanks for promoting my country with these wonderful pictures. Take care!

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