Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland ... WHAT?

Okay, I definitely need to go back to stalking school.

At 9pm local time, Lee Jun-ki's photographer Steve Tak tweeted a group picture (thanks, Cheryl, from JGFamily for pointing this out!), announcing the end of the photo shoot. Standing in a snow field. Somewhere in the Bernese alps - or not. 
I am NOT going to identify this mountain for you! I will not! I may be a bit tempted, but I've had it! Yes, I'm going back to loving Park Shi-hoo now, much more than you Joongi! (even though I fear his new drama will be a bit bleh).
Joongi has been here 4 days, they are done shooting, and they promised us TWO WEEKS in Switzerland. Did they put a 1 before the 4 by accident? He may now very well go back tomorrow already or Thursday. Well, I hope he'll enjoy one or two days of holidays here at least. Wherever he may be. DUH!