More of Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland

Hello, this is Lee Jun-ki's Swiss sideline stalker, kakashi! The stalker that only stalks virtually, but will probably never ... ah, no, hope dies last, as I said yesterday. The trip has only begun, there is still looooots of time to meet him.
The @JGShock followers had to wait for a long time, but this afternoon at 6pm, the long awaited tweet came. It came with the above picture. God in heaven, the amount of luggage! That's insane!! He seems to have brought at least 50 different sets of clothing for the photo shoot. Well, nothing can come between a Hallyu star and his wardrobe, right?

But ... wait a minute. I know where this is. And it's not in Zurich (=here) but in Chur (1+hour from here). Well, GREAT. If I had known that earlier, I wouldn't have had to stalkingly stalk through Zurich today, following Asian guys until I could be sure it wasn't Joongi! Yes, I was creepy. I even creeped myself out. And I was that close to being arrested!

So he was not in Zurich but in Chur, the hometown of my husband, gateway to the Alps. And to be more precise, it's the ABC Hotel in Chur. The proof? This:
I'm so good at this stalking game, it scares me. Should I have gone for a career in intelligence maybe? Or become a detective? I can totally solve riddles of all kinds. Show me a picture and I'll know immediately where you are, Joongi, there's no escape!

Well. Joongi is a smart guy. Not that I ever doubted it, but Joongi is actually no longer at that hotel. How I know? My husband called them. And asked for an autograph. For me. Awwwww, husband! I love you! I'm guessing that Joongi knows very well that there are people like me that stalk him. So he would never give away his location. He only gives us breadcrumbs, traces, whiffs of where he has been. Why, dear God, did you make him both pretty and smart? 
credit: Bo_1201 (great artwork!)