Musings on Seungri and the Boys of Big Bang (Guest Post by lafer)

My interest in Big Bang began to develop when I decided to join a group of noonas for their Alive concert in November. Let's face it, Kdrama lover to Kpop lover is a natural progression. My specific interest in Seungri developed quite by accident.
As a gag gift for the five of us who'd be attending, I decided to make Big Bang headbands. Miss Manners had taught me to let others pick first, so as things went, I was left with Seungri. No problem - at least his hair wasn't the color of Kool Aid (even if the cut did have a slightly Frankensteinish feel to it) and I really had no preference because honestly, at that time I could barely tell one from the other.
I form attachments easily. Keeping an eye out for "my boy" at the concert was no easy task, since we were up in the nose bleed section and Seungri didn't get a lot of big screen coverage, nor did he raise the decibel level as high as the others when he walked out on stage. Hmmm....I was starting to feel a little protective of Seungri and slightly curious at the same time. When Seungri later performed at the MAMAs in his white suit and tie and sporting smexy hair, my interest piqued--and yes, you guessed it, it was time for a return visit to my best friend Google.
Seungri did indeed have his fans. I read that he is the maknae of the group, who always has to sit in the way back of the car, is the last one to get to pick out his clothes, and when the group makes an appearance on a show, has to wear what's left over. He does a lot of the choreography and has opened a school for dancers and singers--awhh, what is there not to like about him? I felt like a proud noona.

But wait, what was this? It seemed the word Scandal was Seungri's last name. So is this why the guy's not getting the love, I wondered? Did my concert mates know something about him that I didn't?

Curiosity got the better of me. Pictures of him sleeping in a hotel room were plastered on a tabloid in Japan with a rather unflattering account of his...umm..."performance" the previous night. Now, since I'm from a country where you can't check out at a grocery store without being bombarded with tabloids claiming everything from "woman delivers a 30 pound alien baby" to "secret sex tape of top actress with entire Dallas Cowboys Football Team found," I don't give much credence to such things. First I'd have to ask the accuser two questions--how much did you get paid for the story? And, if true, why wouldn't you document it a little better, like maybe take a few tips from Monica Lewinski?
So should I let that story, and a few others I dug up about Seungri's additional bad boy behavior, influence my opinion? Pfft - no! Even if his preference runs along the lines of 50 Shades of Grey, I figure chances of either me or anyone I know being in that kind of "situation" with Seungri is right around 0%, so I say live and let live.  Given the fact that these idols sleep in beds with their band members for years on end, I'm not gonna lie - I was kind of happy to find out Seungri is into girls. And if you ask me, recruiting idols at such a young age, controlling and monitoring their every move for years, and then presenting them as though they're God's gifts to women is a recipe for disaster. Who wouldn't go a little kinky, once given the chance?
I'll stick with, as the fangirls say, "my bias." Why? Because I'm shallow enough to like my bands for two things - their entertainment value and their appearance. (Hey, I love Maroon 5's music, too, but would I be as anxious to see them in concert if Adam Levine wasn't the lead?) And since ALL the girls swoon over TOP, I feel the need to go against the grain a little. Taeyang's style is just a leetle too edgy for me. While Daesung's vocals are undoubtedly the best of the group, I can't rid myself of that image of him with what looked like fishnet panties over his mouth at the MAMAs. G Dragon certainly won't miss me as a fan--his popularity is off the charts--but since he's had over 130 different hairstyles in recent years I'm afraid I wouldn't recognize him two times in a row.
As for Seungri being a bad boy? Well, did I mention that Que Sera, Sera is my favorite drama ever? As the Kdrama world knows, many woman are drawn to bad boys. Especially if they can be reformed. Seungri's young, he's reckless, he likes the girls. He needs someone to teach him manners and discretion. It sounds like another drama in the making, and one I plan to watch. From afar. Like a good, protective noona.