G-Dragon and ... his Hair

lafer: So Kakashi. Why do you think your posts about guys' hair get the most hits? It's true that these Korean guys have the thickest heads of hair that can be colored, moussed, permed, teased, gelled and molded into a plethora of styles from flowing manes of glory to tasseled bird's nests. But readers just can't seem to get enough of it.  
kakashi: I have been wondering about the success of the hair posts, too. At first, I thought that people are really shallow. But then I came to realize that hair is just very important to a lot of people. And who can blame them? What would we be without hair?
Dr. Evil and Mini Me, perhaps?
In all seriousness: Combine hair with a pretty Korean actor's name like Lee Min-ho and Park Shi-hoo, then google it - and who's in the top 5? There's your explanation! We rule KDrama hair posts!!!

Well, kakashi, I say, give them more of what they want! Only this time, I think we should switch it up and go from actor to idol. And I think the perfect choice is G-Dragon - the master of hair reinvention, who just coincidentally happens to be from my favorite Kpop group. He's owning the Kpop world these days both in Big Bang and on his own, so an homage is definitely called for. 
Me likey! I have absolutely no clue who this guy is, but he looks good enough. Good looking and hair post = a certain win! But lafer, tell me: Why is he frozen??
I think he was just transported through space in his pod to one of his Alive concerts. He got a little frosty on the way.  Hmmm, it would probably help to have been there....and I was! And it was awesome!......sorry, I digress. 
I have a question before we continue, lafer. It is a very important question: Is he of legal age?
He's an 88er, so very legal. Although I admit - it's a little hard to believe. But focus, kakashi, focus. About his hair.....
Oh right, this is a hair post. I'm a bit distracted by his angelic little face, his cutesy-cheeky smile, his lovely Asian eyes, and his well rounded ears, to be honest. Not sure I will be able to concentrate on the hair.
You can do it! And we owe it to our readers. So here's a little trip through some of G-Dragon's more outrageous hairstyles.
G-Dragon is often seen sporting blond hair, and it does work well on him. This style though - I'm not sure that I like the fact that it looks like someone broke a box of noodles over his head.

I like noodles. He gets 9/10.
This is one of my favorites. Who wouldn't want to be with someone who made you think of yummy cotton candy?

Wow. [....must remember this is a hair post.....]. This is a 10/10. He looks like one of the My Little Ponies my sister had! She is much younger than me and got all the nice stuff I never got. 
Hmmmm.... maybe she was a much better child than you?  Here's another color that G-Dragon seems to choose frequently. I'm guessing your favorite Rainbow Brite character was Tickled Pink, right GD?

Err... lafer? What is Rainbow Brite? Is this the age gap between us? Or the ocean? 

You don't know Rainbow Brite? Maybe your sister hid her Rainbow Brite dolls from you. They only went to very special children, you know. Of course it could have been an American thing.

(I will pretend I did not hear your comment about my sister, lafer, ok?) Because I was so fascinated by this color pink, I did a little research on people with pink hair. And I learned that baristas at Starbucks love pink hair: they give out more compliments to them than anyone else. I didn't make this up. He gets a 8/10.
Well, maybe G-Dragon is hoping for some free coffee. I gotta tell you, with this next picture,  I'm starting to understand why a few outrageous hairstyles may be better than none at all.

Ah. He is practicing for the military shot. All Korean Entertainers have a military shot. They usually look so different! You see who is and who is not so beautiful in the military shot. There is no hair to distract you! I actually like it. 7/10.
Here's an interesting one. Sometimes I think the best way to let your hair recover from excessive coloring is to just start fresh. Seems like G-Dragon agreed, and shaved his head. Then I'm guessing it was a little drafty so he found the nearest piece of roadkill to throw on.

I'm beginning to doubt this is the same guy. Are there several of him? Like an army? An army of clones? 5/10.
hmmmmm......this is just......no
Now you're trying to fool me... that's Jang Geun-suk!! 0/10.
OK, G-Dragon, I'm not sure if you were drinking the Kool-Aid or just dunking your head in it. But looks like you couldn't keep your coat out of it, either.  What say you, kakashi?
He is quite the fashionista, isn't he? Look at his ear piece ... it's color coordinated! 10/10. 
Next - well, I don't even know what to say about  this style. I'm assuming the mini gladiator helmet stuck on the one side is trying to balance out the length of seaweed on the other. But I give props for originality.

I think I'm ready to go into KPop now. This is fabulous! I want more! 10/10.
Wow, kakashi, I think you're really staring to fall under G-Dragon's spell! I guess it's mandatory for all Korean guys to get a perm at one time or another.  I have to say it really shows off his lips.
This is probably right before he had to shave his head, right? 0/10.
I'm really loving this totally bleached out look. It's a 10/10 for me. And it's good to know that if his hair falls out because of it, he can always convert to fur hair.
One of my colleagues used to have white-bleached hair. It's kinda cool. I might do it one day soon - it'll make the pain of slowly going grey go away real fast. The pictures above are fabulous: 10/10.
Why does this remind me of a very bad Halloween costume? With a very bad wig?
Is he supposed to be John Lennon? And I think we had pink hair. Or didn't we? I am confused now. 0/10. 
Hmm...I don't remember ever having pink hair. Maybe a little green from a bad color but... Oh, you mean we discussed it already! Well, it is one of his favorite colors, worn so many ways, like this two tone feather duster look. (And of course I especially like this picture because it has my bad boy Seungri in it)
Ah! Now I know who they are! I am so glad Seungri made an appearance! I've seen them while doing gifs for Flower Boy Next Door! They're in it too, in a way ... I like it so much, I go watch the commercial break over and over.
Now THAT was a colorful hairstyle. But kakashi, G-Dragon still has like 2,000 hairstyles to go!  We will not get anywhere if you don't stop watching that commercial. I say we wrap it up with this last style, which I call "Yeah, my roots are showing - so what!"
Oh, in this picture, he reminds me of the kids who do that water CF ... wait, where is it ... 
hm ... okay. I thought one of them had a crazy hair-do and sunglasses ... never mind. G-Dragon, I like you. 10/10.
Well, kakashi, I think this gave the readers....kakashi...kakashi? Oh dear, I think she's off to add GD to her Twitter account. You've nabbed another fan, G-Dragon!