Paradise is ... Kim Ji-hoon and Lee Jun-ki tweeting each other

It is wonderful to have wonderful friends on Twitter and Facebook. I get back from a meeting, and see that dewaanifordrama has recorded a historical moment of Twitter history for me (because she knows that I admire both Lee Jun-ki and Kim Ji-hoon, though the second more recent than the first). They are talking to each other! And they are really, really funny! PARADISE!
Thank you so much, dewaanifordrama!
But then, my second issue ... what are they saying? Back to Google Translate I go and the outcome was ... yeah, you know ... not so great. But who am I to despair ...

Before I go to the gym over lunch, I quickly check my Facebook feed and ... oh wow! The wonderful JGFamily has provided the translation. Love you, guys! (translation by elly)
1) LJG: Yeah~ 2nd place of Oricon chart, beating out the prominent albums, huhduhduhduh!!!! And three million weibo followers in one year~!!!!!!! Oh My Gosh~!!! Shall we celebrate it ~kk Thank ? you~^^v

2) KJH: You are awesome. Can you lend me 30'000 followers

3) LJG: When you repay it should be total 130'000 followers with interests

4) KJH: As expected, there is a reason for a person to be successful.kkkk Is this some kind of loan shark's interest!! -kk

5) LJG: What are you saying? Mr. customer,

6) KJH: Ok. i give up. then how about just 3'000?

7) LJG: Flower Boy Next Door, have a super hit. fighting~
Buahaha. This is hilarious. I want moooooooore!!! (JG Family, loving Joongi more than Kim Ji-hoon, has stopped at JGShock's last tweet ... arm yourself with Google translate, people, and help me translate Kim Ji-hoon's response!)