Flower Boy Next Door ... More Twitter pics!

And so it ends. The last episode of Flower Boy Next Door has aired in Korea. We all know that there will be a happy end, which is well deserved. @tvN_Flower has released a last set of BTS-pictures a while ago. It looks as if Enrique and Dok-mi went on a farewell tour ...
 ... and then met again after a time jump (hint: Enrique's hair):
 And these are some pictures from the last shoot. Lovely.
Ah, despite what I said yesterday (that it is good that this show is ending, as it has now come to the end of its story!), I will miss these guys!

By the way, Kim Seul-gi has released a song for the OST: 너 땜에 잠이 깨 (Feat. Go Kyung Pyo). This pic is from their recording session. My goodness, they are cute together!!!