More from Twitterverse ... Kim Ji-hoon and Lee Jun-ki chatting

Kim Ji-hoon asks Twitter (in English, thank you very much!): "Which one is better??"
No 1
No 2
While I, forever the helpful and supportive noona, told him that both are just perfect, Lee Jun-ki thinks No 2 is better.  Yeah. Of course No 2 is better. But don't you think Kim Ji-hoon knows that?!

Kim Ji-hoon then goes "ㅋㅋㅋ 준기님 한가한ㄱㅏ? ㅋㅋㅋ"
which means ... er ... something like "hehehe, Jun-ki-nim (=honorific) for free k.a.? hehehe" --> I'm guessing he means: Is this service of yours for free? 
Wait ... there is another guy joining in, named 유승찬@seungchane (a singer - I have no clue who he is, but that just shows how ignorant I am about the Korean music scene). He thinks No 1 is better, cause it defines KJH better. haha.

And then, Kim Ji-hoon says (again in English) to the Twitterverse: "No.2 definitely defeated :-)" Well done, Kim Ji-hoon. You have humor. I like that.

And then, they decide to ask Lee Jun-ki for advise about @seungchane's new album. And Lee Jun-ki goes all matter of fact: "Follow the sober judgment of the public ㅋ"
 Quite the businessman, are you? ^^