Anticipating ... Sageuk Galore! and other stuff

If you are anything like me, you are mightly confused by all the new dramas that are about to start. This post is my way of ensuring I don't miss anything I don't want to miss. So lucky to have a blog for such moments of confusion.
  • Yesterday, I shared my love for Special Affairs Team TEN2, which premiers on April 14, and I guess there will be more about it on this blog very soon. Not sure how many episodes there will be, but I'm guessing 9-10.  
>>Will definitely watch. In fact, cannot wait!  
  • This weekend, on April 6, I Summon You, Gold is starting. Love the title ... NOT. I'll keep an eye on it, though, cause one of my favorite Korean actors is in it. Yes, it's Mr. Vampire Prosecutor, Yeon Jeong-hoon! I'm pretty sure the drama is crap, but I've watched a lot of crap just for some actor I like. And I can be very determined if I want to be. This drama is planned for 50 episodes. WTF, 50??!
>>Will probably watch, but only after a lot of the many episodes 
have aired, and I can ff as many bad scenes as I want.

And then ... sageuk galore!!! Yay. I love me a good sageuk.
  • Starting this Monday (April 8) is, on MBC, Gu Family Book. Lee Seung-gi is in it and that means I'll check it out. I like him. More often than not. And I definitely like his hair! He looks good with a sageuk wig. I'm neutral about Suzy, as I haven't seen her act in anything yet, but she is pretty enough. (Duh, who isn't, kakashi?) The drama is described as "Fantasy, melodrama, historical, romance" (so: kinda everything a drama can be?), and Seung-gi plays a half man-half monster who is searching for a centuries-old book that according to gumiho legend, contains the secret to becoming human. It's planned for 24 episodes, like any decent sageuk usually is, but the 5' teaser that was released earlier this week doesn't overly excite me. At all. It's like ever other sageuk I've ever seen.  
>>Will watch at least the first 4 episodes and will then decide 
whether it is worth my time or not. 

  • Also starting this Monday (April 8), but on SBS, is Jang Ok-Jung, Live for Love. Is it just me or has it been rather quiet around this production? It is starring Rain-stealer Kim Tae-hee as power-hungry and ruthless concubine and hot-hot-hot Yoo Ah-in as the later later King Sukjong. Gods above and below, these are pretty people ... Ever since Sungkyunkwan Scandal, I've had indecent dreams about him. He is legal though, right? Anyways, we know from history that this will not end pretty, the lady will be punished for her misdeeds, so buckets of tears are guaranteed with this one. I really don't like to cry when watching drama, so I will probably not watch this. However, I will have to check it out just for the pretty, and also to check whether Gu Family Book and this should be in a drama battle together. They are an old tradition on this blog and so much fun.
>>Will maybe watch the first few episodes, but certainly not the whole thing. 

  • There are other dramas that are starting next week (or have already started this week), but I am not much interested in them. On April 24, however, Mandate of Heaven (which also goes under the alternative title The Fugitive of Joseon) is starting. Now that one I am a bit excited about. It's a medical sageuk thriller and it stars Lee Dong-wook and Song Ji-hyo. It is about a doctor who becomes falsely accused of treason. The trailer looks interesting and there is something else really good about this show: it succeeds IRIS2. Which means that by the time this airs, the IRIS2 agony will be over. YAY.
>>This looks very promising and I will definitely check it out!
This is it for now - I have marked all the dates in my electronic calender and am ready for a very good drama that blow me away. I'm just asking for ONE. Is that too much to ask??