"The whole world will be yours" - Or Missing Lee Jun-ki

I really, really, really miss Lee Jun-ki. It is strange, how we miss certain people sometimes, right? I don't know what it is that makes me miss this one more than others that have been absent from my bedroom for a while. Oups, did I just say that??? This could be misunderstood. But I always watch my dramas in my bedroom. Which is actually not the bedroom I sleep in ... but never mind. Oh, and correction: Lee Jun-ki isn't even completely absent from the bedroom-I-don't-sleep-in! I have postcards of his on my bookshelf. And a signed Iljimae CD. So ... he kinda watches over me whenever I watch something. Nice ... but not enough. I want this man back on my screen! Pronto!
To miss him a little less until he gets back on my screen in a few months (hopefully), I sat down to write this post - with lots of pretty Joongi pictures (credit as tagged). Let's start with this recent Twitter and Weibo addition, with the tag line "The whole world will be yours":   
Joongi's adorable dogs, looking out of his adorable window, in a - I am certain - adorable apartment
Aren't his dogs cute? (though I must admit I like them a bit bigger) I bet they miss him too when he is gone! And he is gone a lot. Yes, Lee Jun-ki has been super busy: Fanmeetings, Handshake events, Interviews, Fotoshoots, Album release, ETC. In fact, I'm not sure he ever rests and I would suggest he should talk to his army buddy Kim Ji-hoon more (i.e. on Twitter, where I can see it and spazz about it), who really seems to know how to do that thing called holidays. Actually, Kim Ji-hoon seems to know even better than me how to do that thing called holidays and I am thinking that he should probably show me how to do it?).
One of the many, many, many airport pictures.
So, while Lee Jun-ki is busy, busy, busy and does what any proper Hallyu Star does (be a star in other countries besides Korea, too), I really only care about one thing (quite egoistically): having a drama with Lee Jun-ki in it. Soon. And it could really be more than one per year, thank you! Oh yes, I said this before, but I have also learned that an argument is best made repeatedly if you want it to stick. 

Here you go, some more very recent picture of Joongi at the airport. Not every KEnt-start looks good in fan pictures (have you seen the recent one of Jang Geun-suk? Eeww!), but Joongi always looks fresh and ... really young. How is this guy past 30? 
Hello Kitty was also among the lucky ones that got to see him. Or even touch him??? Get your paws off!!
Before that, he publicly celebrated his birthday. There is about a million tons of pictures of him at his birthday on the net, so I'm guessing that about a million people went to celebrate with him. It looks like a blast! I'm glad, cause he always strikes me as a bit lonely ... (also because he says he is). Yeah, not only do I miss him - I also feel a little protective of him. Like am mom. Yes, he strikes me as someone that needs a lot of motherly protective love (in addition to all the other types of love that are out there)

He is so adorable. And I so want that galaxy-jumpsuit. Wow. I'd wear it every day. And by the way, Joongi: get back on my screen! pronto!! (and tweet more with Kim Ji-hoon, thanks)

And update: A new doggie picture! Doggies dressed up! Omo.