What is a Gumiho/Kumiho/구미호??

aka. Why everybody is afraid of puppy LSG
LSG = Lee Seung Gi
First off, it may seem that this blog community is watching one of two show *cuts eyes at the squeecaps people* but that's not the case! Some of us *cough* me *cough* are watching Gu Family Book (GFB)!

GFB is an epic story of a young gumiho who wants desperately to be human. Why? you ask. What's a gumiho? Why is it bad? Why can't he learn to love himself for who he is!!!
What's not to love?
Well, Gumiho stands for nine tailed fox. A Gumiho is a mythical creature ound in Korean, Japanese and Chinese fables/legend/myths. It's kind of like a bad fairy or a shapeshifter. The Gumiho is a carnivore and traditionally takes on the guise of a woman to trick/lure men to their doom (where have we heard that story before?)

There are multiple stories about the gumiho but most legends maintain that the gumiho always keeps some aspect of its fox-likeness when it's in human form. (That explains the delicious manes of hair we see in GFB)
It's DaddyHo!! aka second lead from Panda and Hedgehog
Most relevant reference in Kdrama land is the classic My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox which also stars LSG.
I see a trend here
GFB is a nice twist on the tale in that the Gumihos are all male and gorgeous and just looking for love. 
The feminist in me must snark at the fact that the male GHos (like that? My fingers are lazy) are all nice and loving and desperate to be human while the female GHos (with the exception of the hong sisters' and one other movie) are all evil and scary.
The general concensus however is that GHo's are bad and have the potential for great evil. But every once in a while they have desire to become human.
Usually coz of this
Legend says the only way a guminho can become human is to refrain from GHo tendencies for 1000 days. Why? I don't really know. With GHo tendencies comes great strength, the ability to control nature and really cool green eyes. Would you want to give that up? 

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