Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 2 (KimJiCap)

Kim Ji-hoon will be in this country in two weeks and I better get some more KimJiCaps done before he gets here. So that I can, uhm, show them to him? No? Episode two of this show continues as zippy and funny as episode 1 was and I am mighty pleased.
Episode 2

Boksu is dragging his Dooly (remember? a new fight with the quarrelsome customers) out of the department store, to give her another scolding. He seems particularly unhappy about the fact that he, the guy, has to clean up the mess his woman has made - instead of the other way round. Haha, those two ... is this subversive gender critique?

He also thinks something is off with her energy, like: she has too much of it, and asks whether she is no longer meditating. But she has had a fight with the owner of the meditation center, so... nope, no meditation. In fact, meditation gone very, very wrong.
The bickering continues along the same lines (one could say it's a tad too long and repetitive if one wanted to be overly critical), until she stops and pulls an unhappy face. When he asks what's up again, she threatens to cause trouble for him - and when he doesn't believe it, she screams for everyone to hear: "You made me pregnant, now you should take care of me!". Yup, that gets his attention pretty quickly. She threatens him with more of where that came from - unless he carries her bag and takes her to the movies. Awesome. Dooly 1: Boksu 0.
Dooly's parents talk about love and marriage. Her mother wants her to marry for love; but she also wants her to go live with a family she, the mother, feels comfortable with. In fact, she has someone very specific in mind. It is a former tutor of Dooly's and his name is Jaehong. Oh, is he going to be someone we can hate? Mijin's father carefully remarks that Dooly seems to have a boyfriend, but her mother dismisses that by saying that Dooly has never brought that supposed boyfriend home - ergo, she considers him non-existent.
The couple in question is at the movies together as promised, when her mother calls. I notice that Kim Ji-hoon also looks really good against dark blue. One of my favorite bedsheets is dark blue.
Boksu tells Dooly to pick up, but she doesn't want to. They end up holding hands instead. And being so darn cute with each other ...will this drama stay light-hearted and funny or will we get angst?! Please, not too much angst! GoM was angst! GEDiL should all be light and love and happy fluff!
Aha! The Tutor-guy makes an appearance - he is arriving at Mijin's parent's restaurant. He is all sleak and sleazy, sucking up to his potential mother-in-law like a vacuum cleaner. She's lovin' it. And she really wants her daughter to come: It's her father's birthday after all! But Mijin, now on the phone with her, says she'll only come after Jaehong has left; because of her boyfriend. The mother: "If it's not serious enough to bring him home, just forget about him." Uh-oh. I'm not getting a good feeling about this ...
When they leave the cinema, Dooly is first going all clucky over a stranger's baby. It's not really working on Boksu. When she asks him whether she should have one just like it, he says "how can you say that as an unmarried woman", hahaha, so not getting it. Kim Ji-hoon with baby alert! Watch your ovaries!!!!
50 meters further, they pass a street vendor with jewelry and she asks him to buy her something. She chooses a red ring for him to buy. But, haha, not getting it, Part 146980. He buys her a hair clip instead.
She says: "It's been three years since we've been dating ... don't you want to say something?". Alright! Go for it, girl! But, alas ... no. He doesn't have anything to say. Sooooo not getting it. And now, of course, she goes on the offensive - and tells him she just knows the perfect place to have dinner at: and it's even free.
Not sure that was such a good idea, girl ... And I'm also not sure who is the most uncomfortable. Or pissed. The top contenders: Her mother, Boksu and Jaehong.
It seems Jaehong is very much into pissing contests - it starts with the exchange of business cards and ends with a quiz about what Lee branch Boksu comes from. Boksu doesn't really know, but Jaehong does - of course. He is from a prestigious line, going right back to Lee Sun-shin. And aren't Mijin's parents also from great lines and so accomplished etc. etc. ... poor Boksu's face just gets longer and longer ... until Mijin, who sees his distress, asks: "Mother, what happened to our youngest uncle who embezzled the company money?", hahaha, you're awesome, girl! But that's not the end of our hero's troubles ... the grilling is about to start (no, not meat, her mother has just asked "what does your father do?"), his phone rings ... It's his mother! and she is in trouble. When he runs out to rescue her, he falls over a chair. Ouch and oh dear. And sexy when angry.
While Boksu is taking his poor mother home (she was chased out of the house without any shoes on), Mijin is scolded by her parents. But they want to see Boksu again - properly, this time. Cause Mijin makes it clear: she is going to marry him.

The Rest

The reason why Boksu's mom had to leave the house in a hurry is the following: Assuming her MIL was going to spend a night at the temple, she held a secret prayer gathering at the evil matriarch's house. They eat and drink at the restaurant. We learn that soju is evil but beer is honest and that Boksu's urine was the exact same color when he was 3 years old. Wild ahjumma karaoke follows. However, when the neighbor-ahjumma prays for grandmother's death, she wakes up in the temple and sees the black pig outside; a kid runs after it. Or maybe it's a dream? Anyway, it makes her return early ... she has something to say to Boksu. Let's just say halmoni is not pleased about the wild ahjumma karaoke.
Dooly's runaway brother gets to the beach where Boksu's sister is wandering around. He is supposed to get her back to the broadcasting station, but she has writer's block. And a bad case of overactitis. Anyway, fate wants it that they pass each other a few times, but do not recognize her. I guess he is too distracted by belly piercings, different cup sizes, and potency enhancing raw seafood. Those two are my least favorite couple at the moment ... the humor is far too plump.

The Sad Cousin of Boksu's (the guy who loves a nurse) is just sad. The stuff this writer lets his father say about the realities of married life sounds just like lines out of GoM - or I guess the other way round. And then, the evil mother wants Sad Doctor's wife to quit her job! Because of her status and their money etc.!! Ah, this writer just self-plagiarizes. Fine, fine.
The MILDragon! When she was young!
Sad Doctor's Wife, who is a Sad Sad Doctor's Wife, returns from her business trip and meets wild, but broody photographer. Two sad people. But with a lot of sexual tension. I guess. I'm pretty sure that's what we are to believe.


These episodes are shorter than your standard 60minutes, which I like. The drama hasn't found its rhythm just yet, though ... the ending was abrupt and totally random. That said, most of the characters are just great. Apart from the main couple, my favorite at the moment is Boksu's mother. Man. Hilarious. And I am curious how this "marriage"-issue is going to continue, because we all know Dooly will eventually marry into the Lee family. And that is what I am really looking forward to.